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Mobile Marketing State of the Union

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Mobile Marketing State of the Union

  1. 1. CMA – Mobile Marketing
  3. 3. Evolution of the Phone1900 - innovation 1983 - portability 2009 – smart phone
  4. 4. Mobile User Stats2009 – Users by Gender Average mobile user 52% females is 32 yrs old 48% male Mobile media usage Dominated by males at 65%
  5. 5. Change in Mobile Landscape• Data plans are driving revenue growth• Voice is no longer the killer app – 22% decrease last year in just voice calls• Apps have shifted use patterns
  6. 6. Market Enablers• Just as the Internet took off with broadband the same too will happen with mobile• 3 key market enablers in mobile 1. Smart technology 2. 3G, 4G networks 3. The data plans
  7. 7. Social & Mobile• In UK, is the most popular mobile Internet site• Social networking account for 47% of time spent on the Internet• Facebook users more engaged on their mobile than their PC• usage is almost 2x greater on a mobile device than PC• MySpac e is down 10 million users on PC, but growing users on mobile – its sticky
  8. 8. Mobile Multimedia Stats• 10% of mobile users have a touch screen – These users more likely to use multimedia• Majority of gamers on touch screens – iPhone• 15% increase in photo usage on mobile• Video is low usage but will grow• 42% growth in app usage (33-47 million users in US in 2009 alone) – Games, email, IM, maps, weather – Local based apps most popular - relevant
  9. 9. Key Take Aways• Opportunity in Canada for mobile marketing• Mobile = intense user pattern – could be great for brands• Upscale users on mobile – great advertiser audience
  10. 10. Gadoua MultiGo & Wonder+ Case studyDIGITAL MARKETING MIXPHILOSOPHY
  11. 11. 70/20/10 RuleTraditional Online Emerging Platforms Future Investment Mobile Social Media Website Landing Pages Paid Advertising SEO
  12. 12. Digital Marketing CampaignWebsiteOnline Banners, PPCLanding PagesSocial Media (pages, ads)Mobile (website, ads)
  13. 13. Mobile Campaigns• Mobile website should be at the foundation of your mobile campaign – Should be specific to the campaign• Ads need to have strong call-to-action not just brand promotion• Any messaging should drive audience back to mobile website• As part of the rest of your online channels – complimentary, does not replace
  15. 15. Mobile in the KING23 million mobile users in Canada 4 Billion 1.4 1.5 1.3 BillionBillion Billion
  16. 16. What has changed?• Pace of the innovation is staggering• Location based content & services• Ad serving elements• Mobile has become a marketing extension• Networks are growing and improving• High speed bandwidths are better supported• Mobile users are well ahead of brands
  17. 17. Advantages of Mobile• Mobile brings location and targeting• Customer intelligence• Interactive advertising• Immediate results• Mobile users more willing to “expose” themselves (location details) unlike online
  18. 18. The Potential of Mobile• Mobile ecosystem has to mature a little but it is moving fast• Access through a mobile device to the Internet will surpass online PC access• The market is already here• Mobile is an extension of the digital network• Analytics is instantaneous and powerful
  19. 19. MOBILE APPS
  20. 20. Considerations• Who is your target audience• What is your goal• What is your budget• Which device – Blackberry: less apps, more opportunity – iPhone: easiest for development, great feedback – Android: low usage
  21. 21. Marketing of Apps• Mobile website• Mobile banners• Other online channels• Advertising on app store• Promote to database• “House ads” on own site• PR, blogs
  22. 22. Questions?Jamshaid (Jam) Hashmi1888 678 7588 x 1278 Toll Freejhashmi@wsiworld.com