How to do SEO like a super affiliate


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How to do SEO like a super affiliate

  1. 1. How to do SEO like aSuper AffiliatePatrick AltoftDirector of Search
  2. 2. My definition of a super affiliate• An affiliate business that has made the transition into being one of the following: o A well known brand o A business driving substantial revenue & profits o A business with perhaps 20+ employees o A business with real offices
  3. 3. EXAMPLES
  4. 4. Finance
  5. 5. Travel
  6. 6. Voucher Sites
  8. 8. Become a great business• Google wants to rank the best sites at the top• What can you be the best in the world at?
  9. 9. Superaffiliates are great at 2 things Digital Sector Marketing Expertise Superaffiliates are generally very knowledgeable about their sector & products but so are a lot of brands. Digital marketing expertise is what makes them stand out – need to beat merchants & all the other affiliates.
  10. 10. Some thoughts• Affiliates are always competing against other affiliates as well as merchants• Barriers to entry are low – markets are competitive• SEO campaigns need to be very aggressive but in a natural & controlled way• You need to show Google you are a trusted brand before you get aggressive with SEO
  11. 11. SEO is not your marketing strategySuperaffiliates do everything
  12. 12. High level SEO is about rankingsTrue high level SEO is not about conversions, brandawareness, sales, leads, revenue or profits.Separate your SEO team from your commercial teamsand let each one focus on what they do best.Select a keyword, rank for it & move on to the next.
  13. 13. Strategy• Regular keyword selection based on extensive opportunity analysis• Do this over lots (100,000+) of keywordsOpportunity = Search Vol. * Max CTR * Conversion Rate * Revenue Per Sale
  14. 14. TEAMS
  15. 15. Structure Designers Content Developers Writers Marketing Department Analytics SEO Conversion Rate PPC Optimisation
  16. 16. Ideal SEO Team Structure Head of Search Strategist Strategist Content Manger Agency Linkbuilders Linkbuilders Content writers Agency team
  17. 17. Talent
  18. 18. Research• To SEO like a superaffiliate you have to learn what they do & how they do it• Year end financial reports• Investor calls• Press releases• Events• Google Alerts• Twitter/Facebook
  20. 20. Searchmetrics
  21. 21. Searchmetrics
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Google Trends
  24. 24. Open Site Explorer
  25. 25. Open Site Explorer
  26. 26. Majestic SEO
  28. 28. Competitor analysis• Identify 20 target keywords• Record domains ranking in top 20 search results for each keyword• Remove duplicate sites
  29. 29. Competitor analysis• Export all links to Excel
  30. 30. Competitor analysis• Repeat for all competitors to create one giant Excel document• Remove duplicate linking domains• Sort by Domain Authority or Page Authority
  31. 31. Competitor analysis• Use filters to find valuable links o URL contains , .edu , .gov , .nhs o Anchor text contains target keyword
  32. 32. Anchor text visualisation•
  33. 33.
  34. 34.• Pivot table• Find top 10 anchor texts by count
  35. 35. Brand link authority• Add up Domain Authority of all brand links – 125518• Add up Domain Authority of non-brand links - 26757
  36. 36. Link Profile
  37. 37. Building links• Press release every week• Pitch to bloggers, give quotes etc• Write guest content for blogs & news sites• Pay for links if you can make them look 100% natural• Become an authority by being a voice in your sector
  38. 38. Systems & Processes
  39. 39. Linkbuilding processCompetitor Search Shortlist QA Analysis Google sites process Content PitchPlace links Story ideas production stories QA Promote Track links process links
  40. 40. Content syndicationWhen looking for brand anchor text this is highly effective• MarketWire• PRweb• PR News Wire• Etc• Article syndication systems• Blog networks that syndicate content
  41. 41. Questions?••••