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LinkedIn Ads Master Session - AJ Wilcox


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LinkedIn Ads Master Session, presented at HeroConf LA by AJ Wilcox on 4/17/17

Published in: Marketing
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LinkedIn Ads Master Session - AJ Wilcox

  1. 1. LinkedIn Ads: Scalable B2B Social AJ Wilcox Founder
  2. 2. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf KEYWORD TARGETING How do you ensure your dollars are spent on someone with B.A.N.T.? Paid Search (AdWords) keyword-based targeting Intent-based CEOs type the same keywords as janitors Budget Authority Need Timing
  3. 3. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf ABOUT AJ WILCOX 10+ Years of PPC and SEO experience Began heavy B2B focus 5 years ago Live in Utah with my wife and 4 kids Triathlete, exotic car lover, soulless ginger Just last month!
  4. 4. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf B2B CHALLENGES B2B Marketers have to be more sophisticated Inherent Obstacles with B2B: Delayed Sales Cycles Offline Conversion Events It’s worth it, though! Fortune 1000 72%
  5. 5. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf #PipelineMarketing All leads != equal Make optimization decisions based on real results Return On Ad Spend is the real metric Visits Leads Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Accepted Leads Opportunities Customers
  6. 6. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf B2B TARGETING PERSONAL FOCUS BUSINESS FOCUS LOW COST HIGH COST B2B AD OPTIONS Industry Publications Advertise in industry rags (ChiefExecutive magazine) AdTech Vendors Precise Decent Weak
  7. 7. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf LINKEDIN ADVERTISING - PROS Up-To-Date (Self Selected) Robust Targeting Business Mentality No Gatekeeper Larger Deal Sizes
  8. 8. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf LINKEDIN ADVERTISING - PITFALLS The platform is far from perfect: Conversion Tracking (Finally!) Dayparting Hourly Reporting Device-level Bidding Retargeting Opaque Relevancy Score Ignored by LinkedIn (Changing!)
  9. 9. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf WHO’S A FIT? LTV >$15K is a no-brainer Recruiting Education Subscription Software (SaaS) Company Verticals: Who’s an ideal fit for LinkedIn Advertising?
  10. 10. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf AD UNITS – TEXT ADS 50x50px image .03% CTR is good 25 char headline 75 char adline Desktop ONLY
  11. 11. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf AD UNITS – SPONSORED CONTENT 1200x627px image .4% CTR is good 128 char intro 38 char title 65%+ mobile users
  12. 12. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf AD UNITS – SPONSORED INMAIL Personal Invitation Pay Per Send ($0.65-$0.85) 2 Month Frequency Cap Sent from personal LinkedIn profile Free 300x250px ad No email notification!
  13. 13. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf B2B TARGETING Professional Job Title (Project Manager) Profile Completeness Dependent Job Function (Marketing) Seniority (Manager) Skills (Nunchuck, MySQL)Group (Project Management R Us) Company Category/Industry (Hi-tech, Consumer Goods)Company Size (51 - 2000) Company Name (Microsoft) Education School Name (Stanford) Degree/Field of Study Demographics Gender (M/F/Both) Age (55+) Geography (San Francisco Bay Area) Combinations & Exclusions
  14. 14. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf TARGETING PERSONALITIES CMO Titles Groups Job Function Skills Titles Groups (+ Seniority) Job Function + Seniority Skills + Seniority
  15. 15. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf CONTENT MARKETING FUNNEL Trial/ Demo Blog Post/Infographic Ebook Webinar Retargeting Email Nurture Low Friction High Friction Guide / Whitepaper
  16. 16. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf NEW FEATURES SOON • Account-based Marketing • Matched Audiences • Retargeting
  17. 17. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING Who are your dream logos? Create campaigns to target only your target customer at those companies: Up to 100 companies per campaign OR up to 36k list upload Manually type in, no limit LinkedIn Ads Facebook Ads
  18. 18. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf Cost Strategies Dipping your Toe in • Bid low (minimum or slightly above) • Clicks will be cheap • You’ll still fill a small budget Volume & Scale • Bid up slowly until you’re naturally spending your budget each day • Raise as you need more scale • Traffic will come at the increased cost of more clicks *Both dependent on decent engagement rate performance!
  19. 19. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf Q&A @WilcoxAJ
  20. 20. @wilcoxaj #HeroConf@wilcoxaj #HeroConf GLORIOUS RETARGETING LinkedIn retargeting = Building persona! Facebook Custom Audiences Twitter Tailored Audiences Paid Search retargeting = Building audience around keyword Recommended Retargeting Mix: AdWords ReMarketing Tag Manager Containing: