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Maximizing ROI from Sales and Marketing Vistage 3866 Austin


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Maximizing ROI from Sales and Marketing Vistage 3866 Austin

  1. 1. Maximizing ROIfrom Sales andMarketingVistage Group 3866
  2. 2. Who is Face Forward Media?A seasoned team of 100+ professional business consultants:•Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Specialists•Web Designers and Developers•Social Media Campaign Specialists•Blog, Article, and Content Developers•Video Marketing Specialists•Pay-Per-Click Campaign Specialists•Reputation Management Professionals•Sales and Conversion Consultants
  3. 3. What do we do?We help firms make money.•We perform an exhaustive analysis of current sales andmarketing challenges.•We find out who your competitors are and how they arebeating you online.•We build a customized, solution-oriented plan. •We understand YOUR business, YOUR unique market,and YOUR competition before suggesting a single service.
  4. 4. How are we different?Accountability is Key•Our team is 100% accountable for services agreed delivered.•We track ongoing success, report activities, and planmonthly action items, ensuring organized strategy andmaintaining flexibility.•We are custom in our approach, understanding theunique needs of each individual client.•We are built to be dynamic and proactive against yourcompetition.•Our retention rate of 90% is among the highest in theindustry.
  5. 5. What is our process?Why is this relevant?As a courtesy to all participants in this room, we will provide a FREEAssessment, valued at $750 – no obligation.
  6. 6. In 2007, 1.15 billion people were using the Internet.Today, a whopping 2.27 billion people are using the net at an accelerated rate.How many of them can find your business online? (
  7. 7. Number of years to reach50 million users (Source – Morgan Stanley)
  8. 8. "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying"- Andy Dufresne, from “The Shawshank Redemption”
  9. 9. "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying"The # 1 activity on the Internet today is consumersgathering purchase information.Your competition is currently working to take your marketshare, including competitors you never knew existed.Your competition is looking for everycreative angle to direct traffic from you tothem.
  10. 10. Questions to Ask Yourself:•Are you getting the most from your website?•Can your target market find you? Are theybuying from you or “bouncing” off to look atyour competitors?•How are you keeping track of your competitiononline?•How does a prospective client see your firmon the Internet?
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization and Your Company’s Online Presence
  12. 12. Search Engine OptimizationWhy is Search Engine Optimization important?Help the right customers find your website, yourproducts and servicesMaximize ROI from Internet marketingPromote brand awarenessCreate keyword association with what you have to offerImprove credibility and authority as a firmRank higher in the SERPS (Google, Yahoo, Bing)Drive relevant website traffic with commercial contentConvert browsers into buyers
  13. 13. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOSearch Engine Marketing encompasses a variety of online marketing techniques, but the differentiator, the “money makers” are:Tip #1 – Know what keywords are important to YOUR client Do Keyword Research using Google keyword tool and Wordtracker
  14. 14. Keyword ResearchA balanced strategy with SEO and PPC requires the followingkeyword research:1. Informed Keyword Discovery – Google keyword tool or wordtracker2. Enough information from the client to accurately determine ROI – What is a sale, conversion or new client worth to the business?3. Competitive ad analysis – See what ads are doing best and use as a starting point, and make more compelling4. Testing, testing and more testing – run more than one ad group, test new keyword variations, test different ad positions
  15. 15. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #2 – Pay attention to conversions and adjust• As time goes on, make adjustments to the keyword strategy as you uncover which keywords are creating the most conversions, and then reshape the strategy to go after the best producers.• ADAPT to what your target market is revealing to you.• Give your customers the website they’re looking for.
  16. 16. Conversion OptimizationConversions can be many different things,depending on what type of website you have:•a click to a particular page,•a form that is filled out on your website, or•an online purchase directly from your website.Tracking conversions using analytic software is a majorpart of measuring your success as well as using thatanalytic data to make adjustments to keywords, site layout,and other factors to optimize your conversion ratios.
  17. 17. “The Elephant in the Room”
  18. 18. “The Elephant in the Room”Conversion optimization is the process of ensuring thatyour web site and overall SEM strategy is fundamentallysound, and consistently generating increased targeted trafficto your website, resulting in best chance for a qualified salesor leads. This is accomplished by the following: 1. SEM Best Practices 2. Clear Call to Action (CTA) 3. Always offer an incentive 4. Test and adjust
  19. 19. Conversion OptimizationYour website needs to work 24/7, educating, qualifying, and filteringprospects so the lead that arrives is the RIGHT lead for your business.Implement sound Search Engine Optimization and Marketing tacticsand a strong Call-To-Action.Make sure the user experience is convenient and maximizes visitorengagement and participation.What happens after a visitor fills out a form on your site?What is the follow up process to secure the sale of that prospect?
  20. 20. Conversion OptimizationThere should be a direct correlation between your onlinemarketing strategy and your sales team.The sales force is an organization’s most valuablemarketing resource.Implementing the right sales process, carefully adjusting itas market conditions change, requires a thoroughunderstanding of customer needs and potential.In order to take full advantage of your online marketingefforts and convert traffic into sales, your team must bearmed with the proper tools and structure to get the sale.
  21. 21. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #3 – Make sure your call-to-action is highly visible on your website – without scrolling!
  22. 22. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #3 – Make sure your call-to-action is highly visible on your website – without scrolling. ?
  23. 23. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #4 – Leverage social media and video to drive traffic to your site
  24. 24. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #5 – Create Backlinks with optimized anchor textBacklinks are links that are directed towards your website and can indicate the popularity or importance of that website.Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink and can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.
  25. 25. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #5 – Create Backlinks with optimized anchor textThere is no anchor text on!Keywords like “process equipment installation” should link to a page that talks about those services.
  26. 26. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #6 – Optimize your heading tags and image alt tags.H1 or Heading Tag – Improve Search Engine Placement by putting keywords in your H-tags and image Alt tags. It is usually a good practice to make sure the words in your tags also appear several times on the page, in your meta descriptions, and somewhere in the Title.
  27. 27. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #7 – Optimize meta descriptions.A Meta Description is intended to be a brief and concise summary of each pages content. = No meta description =
  28. 28. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #8 – Optimize page title descriptions with keywords;make sure they are not company-centric, i.e. “CompanyHomepage,” “Company Products”NO.Yes.
  29. 29. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #9 – Start blogging! Create original content that can beoptimized for search engines.If you can optimize a document and that document gets indexed, categorized, and ranked by a search engine, it’s part of SEM.
  30. 30. Arm Yourself with the Basics of SEOTip #10 – Optimize and integrate your content!
  31. 31. Blogging and SEO 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews Websites with blogs attract 55% more visitors 97% more inbound links 434% more indexed pages
  32. 32. Optimizing Blogs4 Keys to Good Content:1. Provide original content or information, original reporting, research oranalysis.2. Content needs quality control.3. Content should provide complete and comprehensive coverage of the topic.4. The content should be something youd want to share, recommend orbookmark.Search engines are starting to factor in social signals like Googles "+1" andFacebook likes for Bing. Only 1% of B2B marketing folks say that the impactof social signals has been negative, whereas 44% say its positive.The effect on sales is impressive, with 60% of business decision makers citedas making product decisions based on "branded content."57% of marketers say that new customers have come in via company blogs.Source:
  33. 33. Blogging and SEO Best Practices  Post regularly  Optimal length, at least 250 words  Specific, relevant, targeted topics; one topic per post  Compelling content; engage readers  Use keywords, key phrases  Avoid duplicate content  Link from homepage  Give your company a face – post image of blog author  Clean formatting, images; easy to read  Integrate with social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  34. 34. Engage Your Target Market with anOptimized Social Media Marketing Campaign
  35. 35. Why is Social Mediaimportant?- Connect with and engage target audience- Build company credibility & personality- Company updates, news, reviews, experiences- Maximize online presence; unlimited exposurepotential- Interact with your customers; receive feedback- Enjoy boosted Search Engine rankings fromstrong social signals and increased activity
  36. 36. Facebook Optimization Tips Optimizing your company Facebook page is just as important as optimizing your website. Ensure your company is represented professionally and be sure to monitor your reputation online. 56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook 51% of consumers said they are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan on Facebook Make sure your customers can find you!
  37. 37. Tip #1: Optimize your Cover Photoand Profile PictureYour company’s cover photo takes up the most real estate on theFacebook timeline. It should tell your fans who you are and whatyou do, without any call-to-action, contact information, or marketinglingo. Best practice is to use your company Logo as your ProfilePicture to promote brand recognition.
  38. 38. Tip #2: Optimize the “About” pageBe sure to completely and accurately fill out ALL Basic informationand Contact information in the “About” page. Use keywords andphrases and links to your website and other social media accounts.
  39. 39. Tip #3: Customize TabsIt is against Facebook rules and regulations to put any sort ofmarketing or call-to-action in the Cover Photo, but you can load upyour Tabs with anything you want. Engage your fans with an eye-catching assortment of customized tabs. Each tab should lead to acustomized landing page, which should link back to your companywebsite. Yes.No.
  40. 40. Tip #4: Use Pins, Highlights, and PhotosFacebook users are very visual. The social network knows this andhas made adjustments to the interface accordingly. Since Timelinerolled out, photos, Pins, and Highlights take up the most space on newsfeeds and pages. Use this to your advantage!
  41. 41. Tip #5: Engage your fans!With any social media platform, the goal is CUSTOMERENGAGEMENT. Encourage your fans to interact with your companyby Liking, Commenting, and Sharing your brand. Ask questions, holdcontests, share customer photos.Keep your Facebook page up-to-date and monitor it closely for customerfeedback.Post regularly, with relevant material that your fans are interested in.Promote special offers, company events, testimonials, contests, and more!Integrate Facebook with your website and other social networks formaximum exposure.Enjoy boosted search rankings due to active social signals to Google,Yahoo, and Bing.Embed the Facebook “Like” button on your company website and blogs
  42. 42. Twitter 500 million active usersSocial networking and 175 million Tweets per daymicroblogging 460,000 new Twitter accounts created everydayStay in touch and get live 33% of users follow a brandupdates 67% of brand followers will140-character posts, “tweets” purchase that specific brand Dell reported over $3M in revenue in 2007 due to Twitter posts
  43. 43. Twitter Optimization Your Twitter profile, though brief, should be optimized with keywords and branded with your company color scheme and logo. Contact information or promotions may be included in the background image, but must be left-justified in order to be seen on most computer screens. Make sure your location and company website are included in the profile description.
  44. 44. Twitter#hash tags  #’s are used before relevant keywords in a Tweet to categorize them for Twitter Search – use Hashtags with keywords in your Tweets and Profile Description to be found for specific terms @mentions and @replies  A @ comes before any username on Twitter, use it to target certain users by adding @theirusername to a Tweet; they will get a notification with your Tweet
  45. 45. TwitterReTweets  RT helps you and others quickly share a Tweet with your followersVerified Accounts  Any account with a Verified Badge is authentically established by Twitter so users can trust that well-known accounts are legitimatePromoted Tweets  Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from existing followersIntegrate Facebook, Linkedin, and other social applications, but DONOT rely on them for automated posts – vary your Tweets for optimalengagementEmbed the button on your website and blogs
  46. 46. Google+ Having a Google+ company page is necessary for improved rankings on the Google search engine. Google ranks its own content higher; this includes pages in their social network. Having an updated, optimized Google+ page can help increase your search engine rank up to 14 positions. Generate “+1”s on your website to build credibility and boost rankings further. (+1 is like a vote for your website) Get found locally with the Google+ Local search engine, which is directly tied to verified Google Local listings, another credibility factor.
  47. 47. Google+ OptimizationLike Facebook, your Google+ cover photo and profile pictureshould accurately depict who you are and what you do.
  48. 48. Google+ OptimizationOptimize your “About” tabwith anchor text andkeywords, links back to yourwebsite, completed &verified contact information,and recommended links toother social networks.
  49. 49. Google+ OptimizationUpload photos and videos to your page, and optimizethem with keywords and links.
  50. 50. Google+ Best Practices Post regularly to keep your profile up-to-date. Add people and similar companies to your Circles to build your network. +1 and Comment on others’ posts to expand your brand into their networks and improve exposure Optimize posts by sharing them in Google+ keyword streams Embed the +1 button on your company website and blogs
  51. 51. LinkedIn  Largest professional network on the Internet  161 million professional members  50% of LinkedIn users have a Bachelor’s degree or higher  2 million companies on LinkedIn  Most represented industries are hi-tech, finance, and manufacturing  View users visiting your company profile, who is following your page, the industry, careers, promotions, etc. with analytics.
  52. 52. LinkedIn OptimizationEnsure your Company Overview is optimized with keywords, especially inthe “Specialties” section. Also, be sure your company logo is clear andrecognizable. Fill in your contact information and company location tomake sure your customers can find you.
  53. 53. LinkedIn OptimizationIf you do not have a Products or Services page – GET ONE. This iswhere you showcase your company’s offerings. Enhance productlistings with photos, videos, promotions, and recommendations.Promote your brand with eye-catching Spotlight photo sliders.
  54. 54. LinkedIn Best Practices
  55. 55. The Power ofOnline Video Marketing
  56. 56. Online Video Marketing  3 billion videos viewed online everyday  By 2013, 90% of web traffic will be video  A website with video is 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than a website without video  60% of Senior Executives prefer to view video over text  Over 40% of consumers watch online videos on at least a weekly basis; over 70% at least monthly  Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than those who do not
  57. 57. Online Video MarketingHaving a professional spokes person welcoming visitors to yourwebsite not only promotes credibility and a professionalimage, but it also gives you the opportunity to educate andguide potential customers to your desired call-to-action.This is a great way to increase conversions, all whileproviding your visitors with a warm and friendly human touch;something that is lacking in many websites today.Online video promotes increased visitor activity, engagementand page views. These are all healthy user behaviors thatproduce higher conversion ratios and ultimately more salesand increased lead generation.
  58. 58. Online Video MarketingCombat short attention spans and the desire for instantgratification in this high-speed world with a short,impactful message that is visually and emotionallystimulating enough to drive your consumer to act in aslittle as 60 seconds or less.Video is a “must-have” if you are looking to generatemore traffic, increase time spent on your website, andimprove conversion rates.
  59. 59. Why is video so effective?
  60. 60. Why is video so effective?
  61. 61. Online Video SEOVideo marketing is one of the strongest contributing factorsto your online presence.Make sure your company videos are achieving maximumvisibility with proper optimization.EVERY business should apply SEO tactics to their videomarketing strategy, just as they would to their website. - 39% of consumers find online video via search engines like Google - They often search for the same keywords, but add “video” to the query - YouTube is the second largest search engine, (owned by the largest, Google)
  62. 62. Online Video SEOSEO Effect of Video on your website  In 2013 over 90% of Internet traffic will be video based  Another source for inbound links and traffic  Sharing through social media and blogs  Improved page ranking  53xmore likely to show up on first page of search engine results  Improvedoverall web presence  What does this mean?  Your customers will be able to find you!
  63. 63. Types of Online VideoSizzle Reel  30-60 seconds  Motion Graphics, highlight keywords/phrases/concepts  Similar to a PowerPoint presentation  Example:  30-60 seconds  Optional Voice-over  Example: Promotional product/service video;   Video  1-2 minutes  “Talking Head,” or visual spokesperson  Example: Homepage/Welcome video; 
  64. 64. Cardinal Sins of Bad SEO Firms…1. If your SEO firm is ignoring the basics, and it is exposed in the reports I am handing out…Get Out Fast!2. If an SEO firm promises "guaranteed #1 results on Google”…Be Wary of Black Hat Tactics3. If the SEO firm does not explain the analytics on a monthly basis…Go to a firm that makes this a priority4. If the SEO firm is not accountable to your strategic goals and ROI…Make a Change5. If the SEO firm uses “black hat” tactics, that can get you banned…Go to a “white hat” firm
  65. 65. Select a firm that: Gives an exhaustive business analysis Performs advanced keyword research Provides a review of your site content/structure Offers SEO training Has expertise in specific markets and geographies Offers technical advice on website development Develops content Has expertise in Sales and Conversion consulting Manages online business development campaigns GUARANTEES ACCOUNTABILITY!