How to build a successful e-mail marketing campaign - Suzanna Chaplin & Warrick Lambert


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  • eConsultancy Email Marketing Census 2012 - SEO (79%) scored higher
  • iPhone accounts for over ½ of all opens
  • Coding & content of email large factor in delivery : Sending domain/Content/Coding/Subject Line
  • Demographic targeting still really important – especially if you have a tight target market (B2B/POSTCODE/EARNINGS)
  • How to build a successful e-mail marketing campaign - Suzanna Chaplin & Warrick Lambert

    1. 1. A4U EXPO:How to Build aSuccessful EmailMarketing Campaign
    2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Tesco Kitchens – Email & Lead Generation – Creative Design – Importance of Mobile – Sending Strategy – Frequency – Analysing your results• Matalan – Email for Retail – Creating a strong proposition – Testing – Subject Lines – Targeting• Drink Aware – Retargeting & CRM – User journey – Sending Strategy – When to send – Retargeting – Optimisation
    3. 3. Background• Performance emailing for customer acquisition• Working with advertisers on a CPA/CPL/CPC basis but monetize email data on CPM model• Send over 18M emails per day• Run over 120 different advertising campaigns per week in UK, Spain, & Italy• Test up to 40 new campaigns per week• Generate more than 10,000 clicks per day• Work with 100 different lists – with consent to mail third-party offers• Member of the DMA
    4. 4. Introduction 70% of companies surveyed ranked Almost 40% of email marketing companies describe as providing their strategy for "excellent" or optimising email "good" ROI marketing for mobile as “non-existent” 50% of companies don’t know how much email sent is read on mobileeConsultancy Email Marketing Census 2012
    5. 5. Tesco KitchensAim - To promote their kitchen installation service, drivingleads for both brochure requests and design visitsPayment Model - Cost per leadTarget Audience - Homeowners, 30 plus
    6. 6. Tesco Kitchens – Creative Design First Design •50% of your audience will look at the email without images •Knowledge of brand/offering •Call to action above the fold •Clear to the point messaging
    7. 7. Tesco Kitchens – Creative DesignSecond Design• More informative• Choice of brochure/Design visit targets different touch points in the consumer journey• Free must be an image or use complimentary• Call to action stands out• low ratio of text to image area gives you a spam score of 0.9
    8. 8. Tesco Kitchens – Creative Design • Tesco changed their strategy and wanted to focus purely on design visits • Initial creative delivered 50% design visit leads & 50% brochure requests • New designed changed this to a 85% design visit 15% brochure request split
    9. 9. Tesco Kitchens – Importance of MobileOpens by Device - 2011 Opens by Device – 2012 Mobile Mobile PC/Laptop PC/Laptop
    10. 10. Tesco Kitchens – Importance of Mobile• Clicks haven’t seen the same rate of year-on-year growth as opens• Silverpop claimed in their recent white paper that users increasingly appear to open emails on their mobile device & then engage with them again on their desktop/laptop – with each opener viewing a message an av. 1.71 times• In fact very few users open a message on more than one device – Litmus claim as little as 3%• The biggest challenge in driving interaction via mobile is designing creatives make it hard for users to interact with the message• Despite the increasing number of people opening via mobile the recent eConsultancy Email Census shows that almost 40% of companies do not have a mobile optimisation strategy in place
    11. 11. Scale – ideally no more than 320-500 px wide Short, concise messaging Avoid javascript etc which is not supported by mobile devicesLayout – single column templates are more mobile friendly Call to action – large & clearFont Size – should be slightly larger than standard – 14pxbody/22 px headline
    12. 12. Tesco Kitchens – Sending Strategy Sending Strategy Initial Send:With a new brand it essential Homeowners to retarget people who have expressed an interest with a consistent and relevant Retargeting: message Opens/Clicks Retargeting: Inactive users
    13. 13. Tesco Kitchens – Frequency/Reach1000000 3 900000 2.5 800000 700000 2 600000 500000 1.5 Total Sent 400000 eCPM 1 300000 200000 0.5 100000 0 0 Send1 Send2 Send3 Send4
    14. 14. Tesco Kitchens – Analysing ResultsOpen Rate • Indicates the strength of the subject line & data selection Net CTR • Remove variables such as delivery & open rates CTR • Demonstrates the response to messaging & content EPC • Shows the strength of the conversion process, can be skewed by high clicking data eCPM • Key measure for email success – takes into account impact of all factors across the data
    15. 15. Tesco Kitchens – Analysing ResultsResults• In Q1 2012 we delivered: – 23,426 clicks – 1,762 design visits – 1,362 brochure requests• 11% Dupe rate across whole program• 77% of appointments generated via email
    16. 16. MatalanAim - To increase awareness of the brandand drive sales for their 50% off salePayment Model – Hybrid: Cost per Click +Cost Per ActionTarget Audience - Female, 20 to60years, low to mid salary
    17. 17. Matalan – Creating a Strong OfferMerchant View High Volume of Clicks Unique Your Strong Audience Brand Offer Incremental Sales Brand Presence
    18. 18. Matalan – Creating a Strong OfferAffiliate View High Volume Sends Strong Good Premium Offer eCPM Data Highly Active Data
    19. 19. Matalan – The Importance of the Offer Subject Line Open Rate• Irresistible Christmas • 2.36% treats from Monsoon• 25 percent off until • 7.16% Sunday – hurry• Reiss Sale. Up to 50 • 17.73% percent off
    20. 20. Matalan – The Importance of the Offer Strength of the Incentive vs. Exclusive Subject Line Open Rate Click Through Rate Exclusive 10 percent off at Ann 5.33% 18.83% Summers until the 31st May Hurry, Up 80% off in Ann Summers Sale 9.01% 27.46%N.B. – For some verticals such as travel an exclusive voucher is beneficial
    21. 21. Matalan - TestingTest Sends Pure CPA CPA + CPC Send Size: 29,497 Send Size: 29,562 Open Rate: 10.98% Open Rate: 11.09% CTR: 29.19% CTR: 11.39% ECPM Index: 75% above av. ECPM Index: 35% below av. for retail for retail vertical vertical
    22. 22. Matalan – Subject Lines Importance of the subject linePhase 8 – Subject Lines Open RateBecause we missed you! 5.64%A treat for our friends and family 5.17%20 percent off everything 6.17%One week – 20 percent off 3.88% Other factors to test: Brand: Average uplift in ECPM of 34% Time: Average uplift in ECPM of 196% Personalisation: Average uplift in ECPM of 119%
    23. 23. Matalan – Subject Lines• Using the right subject line can have a huge impact on O/R by Subject Line Length performance 16.00%• Mailer Mailer recently 14.00% published a report detailing 12.00% open rates by subject line 10.00%• However, our experience 8.00% Open Rate shows shorter subject lines 6.00% can have a significantly 4.00% lower CTR 2.00%• Ultimately, the best subject 0.00% lines convey the offer in 1-15 16-27 28-39 40-50 51+ concise & compelling manner
    24. 24. Subject Lines to Avoid The obvious... The not so obvious...As Seen on Click hereMulti level marketing Call nowYou’re a winner FreeReverses Aging 50% offOnline pharmacy CompareViagra Act NowCasino Save up toDouble your income DiscountDon’t delete Buy Direct
    25. 25. Subject Lines DO DON’TKeep your subject lines short Overuse exclamation marks!!!Use company or brand names relevant to USE CAPITALS FOR EVERY WORDthe offer Forget to tell the customer the point ofUse features & benefits of the product the email Trick the customer into opening theGive customers a sense of urgency email – subject lines needs to be relevant to the email content
    26. 26. Matalan – Customer Journey •Big call to action • Strong Sales message • Navigation to specific areas of the site •Details of delivery and returns •Indication of prices •Social Media
    27. 27. Matalan – Customer Journey Customer Journey
    28. 28. Matalan - Targeting • SourceData Profile • Demographic Information Past • Analysis of previous opens/clicks/salesBehaviour • Seasonal trends • Test to most suitable data first Testing • Identify similar data & test again
    29. 29. Matalan - TargetingDemographic Targeting• Taking information you know about the data to identify the users most likely to convert• Age/Sex/Location etcBehavioural targeting• Looking at past activity and sending similar/related offers• E.g. sending pet insurance offers to users who responded to a cat food campaign
    30. 30. Matalan - Targeting16.00% 9 814.00% 712.00% 610.00% 5 Opens 8.00% 4 CTR 6.00% Conversions 3 4.00% 2 2.00% 1 0.00% 0 Demographic Behavioural
    31. 31. MatalanResults: Sent Open Rate CTR NCTR 455,546 7.23% 32.44% 1.70%• 125% more clicks than any other publisher during the "mainperiod of promotion".• Same click volume as another top retail best true contentpublisher.•30% of orders came in after a 7 day lag• Latest order came 28.77 days after the first click (cookie onlytracked 30 days)
    32. 32. Drink AwareAim - To raise awareness and encourage people to signup to to monitor their alcohol intakePayment Model – CPMTarget Audience – Over 18’s
    33. 33. Drink Aware – User JourneySubject Line: How many calories are in your drink? Find out with MyDrinkaware• Relevant Incentive• Raising awareness and overall marketing strategy• No CTA above fold = Clickable
    34. 34. Drink Aware – User Journey Landing Page
    35. 35. Drink Aware – Sending Strategy Opens Clicks CTRMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    36. 36. Drink Aware – Sending Strategy Webmail Desktop MobileMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    37. 37. Drink Aware - RetargetingRetargeting the Openers Mail once a week, if you dont get a response keep halving the sends Initial Mailing Capture 2nd Mail – 1 week later the data 3rd Mail – 2 weeks later 4th Mail – 1 month later 5th Mail – 2 months later Maintain 6th Mail – 3 months later Familiarity Do not over mail
    38. 38. Drink Aware - Creative V
    39. 39. Drink AwareResults: Analysis • Stronger open rates for theCreative Open Rate CTR initial send due to frequency of mailingOriginal 36.33% 3.49% • Clearer call to action &Creative layout saw CTR increase byRedesigned 27.95% 5.41% 55%Creative • Overall performance increased by 19%
    40. 40. OptimisationCampaign Analysis • Informs your future activity for each list • Typically 15-20% of your list will respond on a regular basis 80/20 • This group will contribute 80% of your revenue • Maintain a balance between profit & sustaining the offer/dataProfit/Sustainability • Over mailing will increase unsubs, damage deliverability & reduce long-term profit • Create groups based on what users have interacted withBehavioural Groups • This can increase response rates by up to 70%Mailing Strategy by • Tailor your sending strategy based on user behaviour: • New subject lines to non-openers Group • New creative/offer for non-clickers
    41. 41. SummaryTest EverythingAlways consider mobile in your strategyAnalyse performance & consider all metricsSegment & optimise your data as often as possible