Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101


Published on - This presentation gives an overview of SEO fundamentals. You'll learn the definition of SEO, crucial factors in SEO, and where to start your SEO project.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization 101 Eric Layland - Point It January 21, 2009
  2. 2. About Point It Presentation Agenda• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• 12 team members, 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. Agenda Presentation Agenda• Search Engine Marketing• An Introduction to SEO• Crucial Factors in SEO• Where to Start your SEO Project• Selected Resources• Q&A
  5. 5. Elements of Search Marketing Presentation Agenda• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)• Social Media Marketing (SMM)• Online Reputation Management (ORM)• Measurement & Analytics
  6. 6. What Does it All Mean?Presentation Agenda ANALYTICSORM
  7. 7. Presentationa SERP*Anatomy of Agenda *SERP: Search Engine Results Page
  8. 8. Organic Listings AgendaAds Presentation & Paid
  9. 9. How Does SEO Work?Presentation Agenda
  10. 10. HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK?
  11. 11. Vital ConsiderationsPresentation Agenda THIS STUFF (e.g. Your Website)
  12. 12. On Page Factors Presentation Agenda• Keyword Targeting• Page Title Tags• Meta Description Tags• Improve URL Structure• Site Navigation/Architecture
  13. 13. Keyword Research Presentation Agenda1. Brainstorm Ask customers & co-workers Visit high ranking competitors2. Take your Marketer hat off Problem your company solves Describe the situation & solution3. Are analytics are available? Review site logs, if not… Google Analytics (free) & collect data
  14. 14. KW Research – Phase 2 Presentation AgendaHelp is Available! Useful low cost tools Tools to Help • Google Keyword Tool – free • WordTracker – small fee, KEI index • – small fee, multiple SEO tools • Live Search (MSN) – multiple free keyword research tools • – helpful for competitive & PPC data • Trellian – a limited free service or subscription options • WebCEO – multiple features, free & pay versions
  15. 15. KW Research - Now What? Presentation Agenda• Organize your list• Narrow your list. Review several times. Think hard about your ideal visitor Use a variety of filters to refine your list KEI values for relative competitiveness Weed out terms that are too broad, off target, etc. Test terms in a pay per click campaign• Zero in on 15-25 keyword phrases that are most relevant.• Ongoing process. Evolves with time & learnings
  16. 16. Page Title Tags Presentation Agenda• Meta Data = Data About Data• Page Title Tag Summarizes the page’s content Appears as the headline in search results From page HTML <title> Keyword Rich w/call to action or brand</title>• Best Practices Create a unique descriptive title for every page Include a keyword or two, no more Avoid vague titles (i.e. Home Page, Products) Recommended 50-60 characters
  17. 17. Meta Description Tag Presentation Agenda• Meta Page Description Summarizes the page with opportunity for more detail Appears as text below Hyper Linked Title Tag on SERP Support the headline & work in 1-3 keywords Google may supply a description for you• Best Practices Craft unique descriptions for every page Support concepts in the Page Title Influence using HTML <meta name="description" content=“A keyword rich description of products available on this page. Write it like an ad and include a call to action." /> Recommended 150 -170 characters DO NOT use keywords excessively
  18. 18. Meta Page Descriptions Presentation Agenda
  19. 19. Example Titles & Agenda Presentation Descriptions “antivirus software” “handcrafted belt buckles”
  20. 20. Improve URL Agenda Presentation StructureURL Structure Tips• Avoid using unintelligible tracking strings URLs Example from HP. Search query: “high end servers“ Preferred:• Work relevant keywords into directory names• Links to your site may be taken from URLs. Improves link anchor text Better for users and search engines• Keywords in URLs are highlighted on SERPs
  21. 21. Improving Site Navigation Presentation Agenda• Include a site map HTML page on site for user navigation Less needed for engines but helpful• Create an XML Sitemap for engines Eases an engine’s crawling of your site Submit to each engine:• Organize site content in a hierarchy• Use text for navigation Engines don’t like Flash/Java heavy navigation Include a breadcrumb navigation option Acme Products › Widgets › Industrial Strength Widgets Keyword rich internal links to assist navigation
  22. 22. Off Page Essentials Presentation Agenda• Link Building & Baiting• High Value Content Distribution• Search Engine/Directory Submissions
  23. 23. Link Building Presentation AgendaLink Building is… Acquiring in-bound link from reputable sites relevant to your target audience Strategies & tactics which entice others to link to your siteWhy is Linking Important? Engines like links. Links drive traffic. Links improve visibility. Engines puts heavy emphasis on quality of inbound linksCreate & Distribute Quality ContentPursue High Value Link Partners as Biz Dev
  24. 24. Link Building Presentation AgendaSources of good links… Look for sites with long established URLs Sites who have credible link networks Sites are related to your site’s content and audience .gov, .mil, .edu high value & seen as unbiased Vendors and partners1,000 links for $29.95 ! If you see these offers….RUN! If you’ve done this…find the links and ask them to be removed
  25. 25. Content Distribution Presentation Agenda• Widgets that cater to your audience Mini-applications delivering value Includes a link back or directs traffic to your site• Press Releases with SEO in mind Submit to news organizations Associations, vertical directories, etc.• Leverage RSS to distribute relevant articles (product/corp news, promotions, events, new resources, etc.)
  26. 26. Engine/Directory Submissions Presentation Agenda• – The Open Directory Project• Yahoo! Directory - $299/year• Others – not all appropriate for every site - $299/year Best of the Web - $249 one time or $99/year StartingPoint ( - $99/year – free Industry Vertical Directories
  28. 28. Starting Your SEO Project Presentation Agenda Options Exist OR It’s your choice.
  29. 29. Launching Your SEO Project Presentation Agenda• Align the Team: Marketing, Dev & IT• Outline Goals and Objectives• Keyword Research• Evaluate Current Site’s Content, Navigation & Structure• Install Website Analytics• Review Recent Traffic Patterns• Link Opportunity Research• Baseline, Benchmark & GO!
  30. 30. Presentation Timeline SEO Project AgendaActivity Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6Project Scoping XResearch & Planning XSite Content Review XSite Technical Review XOptimizationRecommendations X XImplementation ProjectManagement X XLink Building Strategy X XReporting Systems XMonthly Monitoring X X X X
  31. 31. Beyond SEO 101 Presentation AgendaContent Analysis BenchmarkingH1 Tags PageRankRedirects Keyword peformanceURL Structure Inbound linking analysisKeyword & Phrase Use Search engine saturationUser Site Map Social MediaSite Configuration Files • Where to find resources • Best practicesImage Optimization • Tracking activityVideo Optimization • Emerging issuesPDF Optimization
  33. 33. SEO Resources Presentation AgendaSEO News SEO Tools• • Google Keyword Tool•• wordToolExternal /index.asp • WordTracker • SEOMoz - Blogs / Forums • Live Search (MSN)Rand Fishkin: Forecast/default.aspxAaron Wall: • SpyFu – http://www.spyfu.comJohn Battelle: • Trellian -DigitalPoint: • WebCEO -
  34. 34. PresentationA Q & AgendaKeep your eyes on your inbox for an invitation to our next webinar: Integrating Search & Email Marketing Eric Layland Point It – Vice President 206-973-5485
  35. 35. APENDIX
  36. 36. Presentation Paid SEO vs. Agenda Organic Results Element Paid Ads 50-60 recommended Headline 25 max 160-170 recommended Description 2 lines 35 each max• Meta description tag Source of Description Written Advertising Copy• Scraped/cobbled from website• DMOZ directory Actual Page URL Display URL Root domain + customized after Pulled from website “…com/” Like PR Traditional Marketing Like a media buy “My site is cool, like me.. Please!” Analogy Target your audience & make the buy Very good and getting better. Measurability Precise to the penny and keywordArguably better ROI but takes longer Program Returns & Cost Excellent ROI achieved quicker - to realize. Not free traffic. requires significant maintenance
  37. 37. Presentation Pages 404 Error Agenda HELP YOUR VISITORS! Just say “NO” to default error pages.
  38. 38. Useful 404 Ideas Presentation AgendaHelp your visitor get backon track. Be creative and offersuggestions
  39. 39. Today’s Presenter Presentation AgendaPoint It co-founder12 Years Interactive Marketing10 Years Client & Agency SideSearch MarketingResponsible for Client Strategies &Business Development