Maryland World Class Consortia Overview Feb 2014


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  • Lean can be understood on multiple levels or layersWe understand in a progression – levels of mastery, like in karateStart by acting (imperfectly and with little true understanding), then building on basics and connecting concepts, finally developing a new way of thinking.History, Tools, Systems, Philosophy
  • WWII: H. Ford + Quality + TWI -> Early TPS1980’s: Toyota + GM -> NUMMI Admin functions of manufacturing businesses1990’s: Toyota “Lean”Ford, Boeing, Dell, Starbucks, Capital One, Cleveland ClinicLean Government
  • Deepest level: ThinkingHow you see the world, behave, achieve resultsPhilosophy: The thinking behind actions. Why we use tools. The rationale behind the design of systems.How you see your business profoundly affects how you run your business and, therefore, the results you achieve.Lean Thinking is a continuous improvement philosophy of satisfying customers better, using fewer resources, engaging everyone in eliminating process waste.
  • The other mantra that we stress in the MWCC:“Lean is Systematically Solving Problems; Everybody, Every Day.”
  • Japanese industrial engineerAdministered nationally out of the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, regionally through the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, and for those of you participating today in the state of Maryland, through the Maryland World Class Consortia.Dr. Shingo was a prolific author, and through his teachings, a holistic lean business management philosophy emerged. The Shingo Prize aligns with this way of thinking, and one of those philosophical underpinnings is that sustainable results…Shingo Prize itself, Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion
  • @ 5 minutesThrough the guidance of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors and many, many users and winners, the Shingo Prize has been continuously improved over the past 22 years. The current version, Version 4, was just released at the national Shingo Prize Conference in May of 2010.By the way, if you have never gone to a national or regional Shingo Prize Conference….One of the most substantial changes in the latest version is the focus on guiding principles
  • Maryland World Class Consortia Overview Feb 2014

    1. 1. The Maryland World Class Consortia (MWCC) Organizational Overview
    2. 2. The Maryland World Class Consortia • Enhance the competitive capacity of Maryland organizations • Expand and grow businesses, preserve and grow jobs, strengthen the economy, improve society • Provided through: – Diagnostics – Education – Networking and Shared Learning – Implementation Support • Products/Services center on Lean Thinking (aka, The Toyota Production System)
    3. 3. What Is “Lean”?
    4. 4. A Brief History of Lean Early TPS Toyota Production System Lean Supply Chain Lean Development Lean Lean Accounting Service Lean Thinking
    5. 5. Lean Thinking is a philosophy. Neovista Consulting, LLC © 2010 5
    6. 6. What lean is: Total Everybody Culture Change The Every Day Way You Work Cycles of PDCA Systematically Solving Problems Customer Value, Less Waste
    7. 7. Toyota Meals per Hour
    8. 8. Diagnostic Tools • The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence • Named for Shigeo Shingo, who created/described many aspects of the Toyota Production System • Established in 1988 to educate, assess, and recognize world class operational excellence • Philosophy: That sustainable results come from: – Universal, self-evident principles – Organization-wide alignment of management systems, improvement techniques • Shingo Prize and Research Prize
    9. 9. The Shingo Prize • Version 7.1, May 2012 • Refined by Shingo Board of Governors • Guiding Principles: – Away from deployment of tools, techniques – Bedrock of org. mindset – Drives systems design – Drives use of tools
    10. 10. Education • Nearly 2 Dozen Workshops: – – – – – – – – – – – One-Day Lean Overview Setup Reduction 5S and Visual Management Value Stream Mapping Lean Office Lean Product Development Lean Accounting Identifying Customer Value Creative Problem-Solving Policy Deployment Team-Based Management • Leadership Skills and Styles Development Program • Lean Facilitator Certification Program • Lean Certification Exam and Prep Workshops …And More
    11. 11. Lean Facilitator Certification Program 2014 • Our Eighth Class Year • January 2014 Kickoff, Five Month Program • Aligned with SME/AME/Shingo/ASQ Lean Certification
    12. 12. Lean Certification Partnership • A universally recognized professional credential that: • Differentiates levels of Lean knowledge and competency • Provides a standard approach for measuring Lean knowledge and accomplishment • Develops the next generation of Lean professionals • Facilitates the development of programs to align lean practices
    13. 13. Networking and Shared Learning • Member Company Tours • Guest Speakers • Quarterly Meetings – 11 Feb, 20 May, 7 Aug • Lean Peer Groups – Regional peer cooperatives supporting shared learning and development • Lean Leadership Tours – 12-13 May to Detroit/Ann Arbor Michigan – Fall TBD
    14. 14. 2014 Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference • 22-23 October • 3rd Annual Event • Space Available: Volunteers, Presenters, Sp onsors • • • • • 4 Keynotes 32 Presenters Exhibitors Optional Workshops Awards
    15. 15. Lean Govt. Presentations 2011-13 • FL Dept. of Environmental Protection • City of Grand Rapids, MI • Livonia (MI) Public Schools • MN Office of Continuous Improvement • IA Dept. of Economic Development • NH Dept. of Environmental Services • Howard County (MD) Public Schools
    16. 16. Implementation Support • Applying lean tools and techniques – – – – Performance Improvement Front-line learns by doing under an experienced coach Leaders learn coaching, mentoring, leadership skills Build self-sustaining cultures of continuous improvement • Local and Nationally-Recognized Consultants • All scales: – Turnkey lean transformation projects – Multi-day improvement events – Daily continuous improvement skills
    17. 17. Just do it. © copyright 2008 Neovista Consulting, LLC 17
    18. 18. Jeff Fuchs, Director, jbfuchs100@g Cell: 443.865.2198 Twitter: @JBFuchs