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The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers


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Learn the important role that cadre members play in
advising grant applicants, ensuring proper stewardship
of Foundation funds, and promoting practices that lead to
stronger, more sustainable grant projects.

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The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers

  1. 1. The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers 13 June 2017
  2. 2. Philip J. Silvers RC Valle Verde-Green Valley, AZ – D-5500 RI Director 2008-10 hair, TRF Cadre of Technical Advisers 2014-18
  3. 3. Core Effects: Sustainable Change/ Lasting Results Process Results (‘Doing Good’) Training Cultural Experiences Adventure Travel Friendships Humanitarian Supplies Equipment Externalities (The ‘Sizzle’) Challenges Rotary “Credits”
  4. 4. Quality Assurance in Rotary Foundation Programs Stewardship Programmatic Quality Cadre Tools— • AoF Expertise • Project Design Skills • Program Evaluation • Technical Assistance/Coaching • Technical and Onsite Reviews • Financial Audit Community Assessment Sustainability M&E Grant Application/ Screening Process
  5. 5. • Professional program evaluator (M&E) 45 years • Some expertise in all Areas of Focus, except WASH • Vocational Training Teams (VTT) • Evaluating Peace and Conflict Programs • IT Administrator, 85,000-student college district • M&E for Rotary Family Health Days • Proposal writing My Background
  6. 6. Meredith Burlew Stewardship Manager Rotary International
  7. 7. Who are the Cadre? A group of volunteer Rotarians who possess professional expertise in Rotary’s six areas of focus.
  8. 8. The Purpose of the Cadre Provide technical expertise and support to Rotarians planning and implementing TRF grant projects around the world •Ensure stewardship of grant funds •Assist the Trustees •Advise Rotarians
  9. 9. Cadre Activities •Grant application and project advising •Site Visits, Audits and Project Evaluation
  10. 10. Grant Application and Project Advising Cadre members offer grant application guidance and assistance with: • Community Assessments • Monitoring and Evaluation • Rotary Grant model • Sustainable project planning
  11. 11. At the Project Site Cadre members spend about 3 days on site meeting with: • Rotarian grant sponsors • Project beneficiaries • Partnering organizations • Observing project implementation • Sharing knowledge, best practices, and providing feedback
  12. 12. Cadre Members in Action: Dr. Dennis Addo Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment Expertise and Background: Community health, epidemiological research, disease surveillance
  13. 13. Recruitment Needs • Central America & Southeast Asia • Health professionals • Education and Literacy • Water and Sanitation experts • Community development professionals • Monitoring and Evaluation • Community Assessment
  14. 14. Want to Learn More? Need advice or guidance on a project? Interested in joining the cadre or want to learn more? Visit E-mail
  15. 15. Project Advising Moses Musiitwa Rotary Club of Kyambogo-Kampala, District 9211, Uganda
  16. 16. Why I Joined the Cadre • To keep abreast with local content in all groups I serve / work with • To support the processes of TRF, ensuring professional work . • To support Rotary clubs doing projects, which fosters the sustainability principles .
  17. 17. Professional Skills • Bsc- Chemical , MBA- Projects Mgt, Msc -Quality Mgt • PG-Diploma – IWRM, PG-Certficate in Internal Auditing • Writing of Project Documents and Technical / business Proposals • Development and implementation of baseline studies, surveys, assessments and evaluations. • Water and sanitation projects and WASH- programming
  18. 18. Professional Experience • Supported over 28 Rotary Clubs in Projects development-WASH projects (Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania). • Conducted Cadre visits on 6 WASH projects in Districts 9211 & 9212 • Supported the process of Wash-in-Schools (WinS) manuals development • Cadre group moderator on WASH in 2016-17.
  19. 19. The Role of the Cadre in Global Grant Advising • It is the responsibility of cadre members to be knowledgeable of the Rotary Grants program • Cadre members are in a unique position to guide Rotarians in areas of focus or financial management • Cadre members can recommend further resources and expertise
  20. 20. My Global Grant Advising Experiences - Issues Problem of Ownership & Management of institutional latrines (the schools do not have a budget for operation and maintenance) Abuse and vandalism of water points & latrines (e.g. stealing of vent pipes & taps on hand washing facility) Inadequate hygiene promotion materials in communities & schools Lack of coordination among the stakeholders involved in water, sanitation and hygiene provision Some SMCs are not committed to school sanitation and hygiene education activities Absence or dormant WASH committees Limited investments in WASH capex.
  21. 21. My Global Grant Advising Experiences - Processes • The Needs assessment done with community • The feasibility study needs to examine different options towards making recommendations in terms of: Technical options Level of service options (Demand) Water services provider option Financial arrangements Training and capacity building support required to ensure sustainable water and sanitation services
  22. 22. My Global Grant Advising Experiences – Processes Planning Phase Design Phase Implementation Phase Operations, and Mentoring Phase Project Approved Project Cycle Commissioning Evaluation Ongoing service provision
  23. 23. Infrastructure life cycle Planned life span of the infrastructure Extension and upgrading Decommissioning Commissioning On-going life of the water and sanitation services Project cycle Rehabilitation Decommissioning My Global Grant Advising Experiences – Processes
  24. 24. My Global Grant Advising Experiences - Systems Inputs Systems  Baseline/Needs assessment  MOU’s /Stakeholder engagement  Procurement Implementation  Inventory & Logistics  Financial systems  Capacity building system  Monitoring/progress report Output Systems  Final reports  Project Audits  Impact Evaluation
  25. 25. My Global Grant Advising Experiences - Systems
  26. 26. Coordination of Rotary Projects
  27. 27. My Global Grant Advising -Stakeholders Engagement • Due diligence process for corporate(s) / NGOs • Stake holders Mapping for the project • Stake holders dialogue • Roles and Responsibilities for each group • Project milestones and scorecard
  28. 28. Cadre Site Visits PDG Carolyn Johnson Rotary Club of Yarmouth, District 7780, Maine
  29. 29. Why I Joined the Cadre • Stewardship of Foundation funds - reinforce quality of TRF • Vocational service: using my professional expertise, experiences • Opportunities to learn, develop connections & relationships • Opportunities to support Rotarians, clubs for success
  30. 30. Professional Skills and Experience • 30 years as an educator • Developed, implemented, managed Culture of Reading Program (CORP), Guatemala • Literacy Chair for my district
  31. 31. The Role of the Cadre Site Visitor • Studying the Project Documentation • Meeting with the project stakeholders • Rotarian sponsors • Beneficiaries • Cooperating Organizations • Providing Feedback and Recommendations • Site Visit Feedback Meeting • Reporting back to TRF
  32. 32. My Cadre Site Visit Experiences • Why are Cadre Visits important? • Establish personal connections between TRF and Rotarians • Professional Expertise • Pose objective questions • Assist Rotarians to develop projects for the long term (how Rotarians might be actively involved)
  33. 33. My Cadre Site Visit Experiences
  34. 34. My Cadre Site Visit Experiences
  35. 35. Basic Education & Literacy (BEL) Projects • Plan for lasting change - knowledge, skills and attitudes • Identify success: change in practice, achievement levels, attendance, promotion rates, • Partnering (Ministry, school, and community) • Training and support for teachers (long term) • Scale up (start small: add grade levels, technology) • Recognition & Certification • Involve Host and International Partners
  36. 36. Financial Auditing PDG Sanjay Khanna Rotary Club of Delhi South East District 3011, India RIPSR FOR RID 58 (3100)
  37. 37. The Rotary Foundation (A) DISTRICT GRANTS  Support clubs to do any worthwhile projects for benefit of community. (B) GLOBAL GRANTS  Align with one or more of Rotary’s "Area of Focus".  Should be sustainable & measurable.  Should be host community driven.  Responsible for reporting to TRF on the use of Grant funds periodically.  Foundation reserves right to review, conduct an audit, send a monitor to ensure transparency.
  38. 38. Protecting TRF’s Grant Investments Relevance of Cadre members  Application & Project Adviser  Technical Reviewer  Site Visitor  Auditor
  39. 39. Professional Skills and Experience  Bachelor’s Degree in Law – Delhi University - 1980  Chartered Accountant (CPA) - 1982  Senior Partner of M/S Ghosh Kanna & Co (GKC)  30 years of financial and management review experience  World Bank, USAID, and other NGOs  Cadre membership provides opportunity to utilize professional skills and expertise to strengthen TRF and promote stewardship
  40. 40. Professional Skills and Experience  Why audits are important ?  Financial management advice.  Address common errors committed.  Personal experience comes into play.
  41. 41. The Role of the Cadre Auditor  Host Rotarians manage grant funds transparently.  Ensure separate low/no-interest bearing account opened for grant funds.  MOU completed if working with a Cooperative agency.  Host sponsor has a financial management plan that includes keeping receipts & records of financial documents, communications and inventory.  Assess if any income accrued to the project and its treatment.  For every planned purchase, price quotations from three different vendors.  Ensure project is free of conflict of interest.  Preferably accounts should be audited annually.
  42. 42. My Cadre Audit Experiences TRF CADRE SITE VISIT TO CONDUCT A FINANCIAL AUDIT  Provision of medicines/supplements to children and lactating mothers.  Provision of a Van for transporting doctors and medicines to the villages.
  44. 44. My Cadre Audit Experiences TRAINING OF VILLAGE CORPS
  45. 45. My Cadre Audit Experiences MOBILE CLINIC AT A VILLAGE
  47. 47. My Cadre Audit Experiences PHARMACY AT HOSPITAL
  48. 48. My Cadre Audit Experiences Wear your smile and take pride in being a Rotarian……....
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  52. 52. CADRE: WHO WE ARE (October 2015) 1 THE ROTARY FOUNDATION CADRE OF TECHNICAL ADVISERS Who we are and what we do The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers provides assistance and technical expertise to Rotarians planning and implementing projects, ensures the proper stewardship of Foundation grant funds, and assists Foundation trustees in the funding process. The cadre is composed of volunteer Rotarians from around the world who are familiar with the grant program and who also have technical and professional expertise in one or more of Rotary’s six areas of focus. THE ROLE OF THE CADRE__________________________________________________ Cadre members are involved in planning, monitoring, and evaluating humanitarian grant projects in the following ways: • Application and project adviser assists with global grant applications and the implementation of projects. • Technical reviewer assists Foundation staff by evaluating the technical feasibility of grant applications. These are desk reviews that do not involve travel. • Site visitor evaluates the technical feasibility of a proposed project (advance site visitor) or the implementation of an ongoing project (interim monitor). These assignments involve travel to the project site and meetings with the sponsors, residents of the benefiting community, and representatives of any cooperating organizations. • Auditor evaluates the financial management and oversight of grant funds. These assignments, which include random, routine, targeted, and operational audits, involve travel to the project site as well as meetings with the relevant stakeholders. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ENGLISH (EN)
  53. 53. CADRE: WHO WE ARE (October 2015) 2 WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR________________________________________________ The cadre assignment process involves multiple factors, with preference given to members who best meet the following criteria: • Experience – Appropriate technical expertise and familiarity with Foundation grant programs • Language skills – Ability to communicate in the language spoken at the project site • Cost-effectiveness – Proximity to the project site • Quality of evaluations – For members who have completed cadre assignments, a history of submitting high-quality evaluations within the requested time frame • Cultural familiarity – Understanding of the culture of the project site and benefiting community HOW YOU CAN HELP_______________________________________________________ We need Rotarians in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia in all areas of focus, particularly experts in the following areas: • Agriculture, small enterprise development, vocational training, or adopt-a-village projects • Medicine and health care, including doctors, nurses, midwives, and public health workers (especially women) • Water and sanitation in schools, hygiene education, or water and sanitation advocacy • Community health care training, mobile health care technology, or infectious disease control • Teacher training or curriculum development that incorporates technology Want to join us? Email for more information.