swcsac swcsac17 1030am #swcsac tuesday wednesday august 2 tuesday july 26 monday monday july 25 water resources monday july 31 130pm conservation models/tools/technologies 830am 1:30pm mccreary room 7/29/14 - 1:30pm #swcs15 tuesday august 1 jones room cover crop practices 7/29/14 - 10:30am #nmefm july 28-10:30am cover crops wednesday july 27 7/29/14 - 3:30pm 330pm 7/28/14 - 10:30am hall of ideas j hall of ideas h coe room july 27-1:30pm 7/28/14 - 1:30pm 7/28/14 - 3:30pm conservation policy and program design hall of ideas e december 2 july 28-1:30pm 8:30am hall of ideas f imperial f stanley room french room july 28-3:30pm july 27-3:30pm auditorium 1 imperial h wednesday hall of ideas i adaptive management outreach/education/community guilford f imperial e hall of ideas g meeting rooms kl imperial g 2/18 - 8am 3:30 pm lake erie case studies july 27-10:30am stopher room december 3 cedar ab oak b/c cedar a/b 10:30am thursday oak bc farmer panel 2/18 - 10:15am wednesday plenary july 27 breakout 1c pritchard lecture plenary breakout 4 soil health agriculture & conservation economics meeting rooms mn fellows forum 6pm sunday july 24 breakout 3b breakout 3a breakout 2b breakout 2a breakout 1b monday july 27 july 26 victoria a leadership development sunday july 28-8:00am guildford f 2/17 2:45pm 2/18 - 1:00pm breakout 9 breakout 7 breakout 2 meeting room kl breakout 2c 7:15am opening keynote plenary session 2/18 -1:00pm breakout 12 breakout 5 breakout 3 breakout 1 conservation in urban settings conservation in nontraditional ag meeting roos mn monday august 2 swcs18ac cig showcase 9am 12pm awards luncheon 8am soil health partnership scwcac 130pm coe room swcsad thursday plenary breakout 1a imperia 7:30am 2/17 1:15pm keynote 2/17 4:15pm breakout 8
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