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Mba (oil & gas)

  1. 1. CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIESWhy should you join the MBA MBA (Oil & Gas Management) for working(Oil & Gas Management) program? professionalsOil & Gas Sector in India is witnessing an unprecedented MBA (Oil & Gas Management) program for workingdynamism today. The pricing, exploration and production, professionals offered by the University of Petroleum & Energyimport of crude oil and LNG, acquisition of oil equity, Studies (UPES) is a direct fall out of interaction with industryrefining and export of petroproducts, regulations, captains who expressed the need of a focused and specializeddistribution of oil & gas and petro research etc. are some of course that would provide an understanding of the changingthe areas that continue to make headlines. business environment across the entire hydrocarbon value chain.The economys appetite for fuel is growing like never before.Recent successes in discovery of hydrocarbons; growing The MBA (Oil & Gas Management) program provides a uniquerefining margins; growing demand for automobiles; opportunity for practicing Oil & Gas professionals who aspire toenvironmental concerns and the ongoing retail revolution – move up their career ladder by acquiring a right mix ofall of these are set to change the environment of the technology and managerial skill and knowledge sets to tap thepetroleum business in India. This change needs to be fast emerging opportunities on the one hand and lurking threatsmanaged to realize the best benefits. on the other.The Energy sector is witnessing a paradigm shift due to: How can you enroll into the program even• Transiting from administered prices to market driven while working? pricing mechanism The MBA (Oil & Gas Management) program for working• From being a specialist company to an professionals offered by UPES is designed to provide learning integrated concern through the most flexible learning mode i.e. the distance learning mode, with support of personal contact programs at the university campus in Dehradun near the end of the each semester.There is a strong requirement in the industry for managerswho would comprehend the entire spectrum of coreactivities that influence and govern the business in a holisticmanner, and take charge of complex and hitherto undealtscenarios that are evolving continuously in the sector.About Centre for Continuing Education@UPESMarket dynamism makes it imperative for the business executives to frequently re-organize and upgrade their skill and knowledge setsto tap the emerging opportunities on the one hand and lurking threats on the other. Considering the opportunity cost of leaving workand joining a full time program, it is not always possible for the working professionals to take up education as a full-time activity.Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun offers itself as a centre of excellencefor accessing quality education through “Distance Learning Mode”. The centre welcomes all those professionals who are eager topursue further education, enhance their skills and deploy the enhanced skills to execute challenging professional tasks.
  2. 2. Program StructureThe 3 years MBA (Oil & Gas) program for working profes-sionals is divided into 6 semesters. These modulesencompass a total of 18 subjects followed by dissertation.The topics have been carefully chosen for their applicationand relevance perspectives and aim at broadly covering themanagement requirements of the Oil & Gas sector. Understanding of Oil & Gas Business Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration Semester IISemester I Financial Management Understanding Petrochemical Business Marketing Management Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining Managing Individuals & Organizations Operations & Materials Management Understanding Natural Gas Business Business Policy & StrategySemester III Semester IV Petro Retailing Business Petroleum Law & Policy Petro Economics Project Management & Its Application Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation Semester VISemester V Negotiating Skills Dissertation Research MethodologyAcademic Support Eligibility CriteriaThe students are provided custom-designed and need Graduation with minimum 50% marks in any disciplinebased academic support through the following (preferably with science, technology and commercestudents services: background) along with minimum two years of work experience in Logistics & Supply Chain or related sector.Instructional Material – Comprehensive customizedinstructional material is provided. Adequate support Admission Procedurein the form of books, study guides, audio and videomaterial are made available on loan from the central Eligible candidates may be called for personal interviewlibrary facility created at the UPES. (telephone/video based interviews may also be arranged) at New Delhi. Relative ranking of the candidate will thenLibrary Services – The students can access Univer- determine the admission to the program.sitys library at Dehradun by paying an additionallibrary membership fee of `1,000/- p.a. and `5,000/- Durationone time refundable security. The minimum and maximum duration of the program is 3Seminars, Conferences & Paper Presentations - The and 5 years respectively. Semester Examinations will bestudents can avail of the support of participating in conducted in the months of January and July. The candi-seminars, conferences and paper presentations from dates will be to pay `1,000/- per subject fees for availing ofthe UPES platform. the supplementary exam facility.Centre for Continuing Education FeesUniversity of Petroleum & Energy Studies Category Definition AmountFor further information on the programs and enrollmentdetails, please contact: Distance Students enrolled in `25,000/- perNew Delhi: Mr. Vikas Narula, 09810129071, learning distance learning mode, semesterMumbai: Mr. Raman Kumar, 09867944493, mode with support of personal (` 30,000/- perAhmedabad: Mr. A.L. Jose, 09825098827, contact program near semester in caseKolkata: Mr. Suvro S. Bakshi, 09331840892, the end of the each of international semester. candidates).You can also download the admission form and other relevantinformation from: Campus:Energy Acres, P.O. BidholiVia Prem NagarDehradun – 248 007 (Uttarakhand)Tel: +91-135-2102600-91, 2694201/2031208Fax: +91-135-2694204Marketing & Communication Office:Hydrocarbons Education & Research SocietyPHDCCI, 3rd Floor, PHD House, 4/2 Siri Institutional AreaAugust Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110 016.Tel: +91-11-41730151-53Fax: +91-11-41730154