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Uo W B Sc B A Programme Sheet E S E I


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Uo W B Sc B A Programme Sheet E S E I

  1. 1. DEGREEBSc (Hons) in Business Administration, delivered online by NCCEducation,Validated and Awarded by the University of Wales*HE Level H (Honours), National Qualifications Framework(NQF) Level: 6Overview satisfaction, services marketing, consumer and industrial buyerThe BSc (Hons) in Business Administration, delivered online by NCC behaviour, personal selling and ethical marketing conduct.Education and validated and awarded by the University of Wales • Business Systems Analysis and Decision Support - aims to extendcovers the scope of international business. It includes modules the students’ skills in the analysis of a business from qualitative andpreparing the students for work or postgraduate study in the areas of quantitative perspectives.Management, Accounting, Marketing and Finance. • International Marketing Strategy - compares and contrastsOn completion of the degree, students will have the knowledge and export, international and multinational marketing. Upon completionunderstanding required at various levels in an international working students will be able to differentiate between the marketing policiesenvironment, as well as the skills required to research, analyse and appropriate to industrialised, developing and underdevelopedmanage business relationships. Alternatively students may develop economies. This module also aims to identify the sources offurther through postgraduate study. The programme is delivered using information, methods of information collection and of informationonline technologies. analysis suitable for international marketing planning. • Management of Financial Control - aims to enable students toThe final year online top-up programme is a natural progression further develop the key skills necessary for use in the financialfrom the NCC Education International Advanced Diploma in management of organisations and builds upon the learning outcomesBusiness, currently offered by NCC Education as part of the of finance modules studied on the IDB and IADB programmes.International Degree Journey. This module emphasises the acquisition and application of skillsEntry Requirements and knowledge for planning, decision making and control within an organisation. It provides the underpinning skills and knowledge forOn entry a student will have at least one of the following: postgraduate and professional studies.• The NCC Education International Advanced Diploma in Business • Management and Organisations - covers the analysis of effective(IADB) with the following conditions: management in organisations with emphasis on the functions of management and the behavioural processes of change, conflict,Students must have obtained a mark of at least 50% at first attempt in leadership, motivation, communication, innovation, and grouphalf the credits of the programme and a mark of 40% in the remaining dynamics.credits. • Research Methods - aims to introduce students to the methods andProgramme Structure techniques used in business research, with particular reference to the use of academic literature. The skills learned here will be used acrossThe programme is made up of eight 15-credit modules, each of which all modules in the programme.requires an average of 150 hours of study. Modules consist of weeklyvideo lectures, tutorial exercises and live chat sessions with subject • Strategic Management - focuses upon strategic analysis by usingexperts. Students also interact with other students from around the techniques to analyse the position of a company in both its actualworld and with subject experts through discussion forums. and potential marketplaces. The approach adopted encourages students to question and evaluate different perspectives of strategicIn normal full-time delivery, the programme is delivered in two 15- management.week semesters (12 teaching weeks) in which four modules are • Strategic Operations Management - gives students an insight intostudied. Part-time students study two modules per semester over four the importance and management of the production process withinsemesters. companies. The module will consider the elements required for• Business-to-Business Marketing – focuses on the scope and nature successful strategic operations management and achieving efficient of marketing to businesses, with particular focus on the development production. of business marketing strategy and the analysis of issues that face business marketeers. Students will study areas such as developing and maintaining customer relations, relationship marketing, customer ESEI International Business School Plaza Adriano, nº1bis 08021 Barcelona, Spain T: + 34(0) 93 417 46 77 F: + 34 (0) 93 241 87 91 E: W:
  2. 2. DEGREEAssessment ProgressionAssessment for each module includes a mid-semester coursework On completion of the degree, students will have the knowledgeassignment, an end-of-semester examination and participation in and understanding required at various levels in an internationalonline discussion forums. business work environment as well as the skills required toAward Conditions research, analyse and manage business relationships.A BSc (Hons) in Business Administration will be awarded when Graduates will be qualified to apply for entry to a wide rangea student has successfully passed all modules. The degree will be of postgraduate programmes with universities around theclassified into one of four honours categories (first, upper second, world, including the NCC Education Postgraduate Diploma inlower second and third) based on the average mark awarded across all Business Management from which students may complete anmodules. A module is passed when an overall module mark of 40% or MBA or MSc top-up.more is attained. Where a student needs to resit an assessment, he/shemust do so within the three-year eligibility period of the programme. Further InformationDuration More detailed programme information is available from yourOne year full-time or two years part-time. Accredited Partner Centre.Delivery Method *This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and itsThe programme is delivered online via the NCC Education Campus. validation services, please log on to Status or email BSc (Hons) in Business Administration is a final year top-up © NCC Education 2010/11, all rights reservedprogramme validated and awarded by the University of Wales. The The information in this factsheet is correct at the time offirst and second year of the degree journey are awarded by NCCEducation. publication. However, NCC Education reserves the right to make alterations to the programme at any time. Full-Time Part-Time Online To learn more about NCC Education, its programmes, affiliations and partnerships, please visit the NCC Education website For programme enquiries, please contact your Accredited Partner Centre MKT_09_BSc BA Programme Sheet