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indiu is poised to be the Fastest growing eco...
India IS poised to be the fastest growing economy in the

University at Petroleum a Energy studies (UFES],  lndlds
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UPES - Multitude of New Age Careers


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UPES - Multitude of New Age Careers

  1. 1. ii-Mr Ar ~. l_g ilhlkfili V» .4‘ . . u% ‘ Iiilgfiltuatflt indiu is poised to be the Fastest growing economy in the College of Engineering Studies College of Management College at Legal Studies world — - - ~ & Economics Studies - - Unimshy of Pemleum 8‘ Energy smdies (UFESL ‘Ham Prepares you to take advantage at diverse opportunities arising lpr domain oeveippsanewtiectinolegalprowesstogiridecirents Fm Energy & Core Sew" Unwemw offers Wdygmdwe locussed engineering pruiessiorlals inttie care sector. Equypsyog WM 3,, g, yy, E,Sya, ,y, i,, g msnmegyc and corporates. and postgraduate programs in the high growth sectors so B Tech Programs business Issuestacluo the core sector BA LL_B_ WM mums an Emmy Laws that students can become industry ready by taking advantage - oi new career opportunities. Thereby contribute to the - t1PD| i5!W9|i0|Wf| ‘ Erioinssnrio with - Amamniivevesian Eviavieenvia MBA Pm9"3m5 BBA LL. B. witti emprtasis on corporate Laws couniryis growth curve as weii as strengthen its economy. _ WM - Electronics Engineering . g. i g 635 Mayizggmem B T h LLB since >15 inception, UPES has Become the "Institute or spggiaiglationlngassugam - computersciencmoiiiaenno ~ Power Management - 9° ’“ Chaioe" torstudents and corporates in the Energy and Core - ertemicalEngineenrigwtltispeciaiizanon - Mecrtatrenics Engineenng i Energy trading « B Tech Eneroyieclintrinoy + LLB wtttterriizttasis sectors. its unique locused programs have been designed in Relivliiiii *9 PmC'iWW'5 - Power System Engineering - Iniiastriicture Management °” ‘”‘°"e°“‘3‘ "’“"”'V R‘9"“ By ieaaing academicians, with iripuls trorn seasoned industry I . yny, ag. ,gcy. ,,, w,. g,, .,y, . , ty. ,,, ,,y Manzgemem - §mTp= ":: Sgumi; ehiefcLi: vnI: e Eiioineerine t Lwwiiii iuroiess-oriois _ Aemspm Engmmng . Eire satety Engineering - Porl&Sillppirig Management Enrol yourself in any at the UPES programs today and . Aemspace Enamewinu my . Mama. g: ,,, ,M, ,,, m,, ,,g wyy, . Logistics asuppiy ciiain management see your career take a quantum | ump. speciaiization intxvionies speaiaiizatioli in Maria Tecnnaiogy - lntormatipn systems Management Emflmm 0mm_ - lntemational Business ' World-class campus M Tech Programs “"""""" 42"“ 3"| |1Em3 - Pipeiine Engineenng - Rolznlms Engineenng EBA p UFES Campus‘ R0 Emmi‘ Via mm Nana! ‘ 42 Programs - Process Design Erigirlsenrig - structuraiEngirieering mgrams “Wm” 243007 P" m35'21°2AW 55 212+ Fmmy . E: ;|’| :e%: t;ty&Environm2ntal . 'g‘: at'yC/ ¢E‘ii| (Slri{t§rii‘g‘e’iIce&Al| tfii: lai Neural . Sign nzllli: , ' 1stF| nnr. 55 common’ centre, astpt Kailasil. ".2 In“ “mm” , ”,, “v 2500+ Planalnams . Petroieum Exoioratinri - compinationairiuiduynamios - Logistics Management N W D m ‘ mossnyph D‘ ‘ M73400 35.“, Rlnrnner‘ - Energy systems - Bulit Environment - Auto netaiiing 9 9 ' ' Visit us at Flccl Higher Education Summit 2010. Venue: Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi-110001 Date: 11-12 November 2010 Time: 10am - 5pm | ltflil: lH1|' ll" ": tIllll‘—II| |I «'5 3Il'rll! |' ~‘it|1iil: +: ‘___ _ _ Farad_missian1orm, Energy Acres, P. O. Bidholi, Via Prem Nagar, Dehradun - 248007. °"9""'"V °"“"”‘s°'°°"°" P'°°°d"'°‘ E-mail Call zlliitilittizlllsti -wield] r-i| IIt: l:tIIi: '.I1I'Il|7E17H Visit um'. 'lii | gl: ui<l11l Delhi 8i Chandigarh E
  2. 2. India IS poised to be the fastest growing economy in the world University at Petroleum a Energy studies (UFES], lndlds First Energy & Core sector uniyersity otters undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the high growth sectors So that students can become industry ready bytukirrg adyantege of new career opportunities. Thereby contribute to the aauniryis growth curve as well as strengthen its economy. since its irieeptiari, UPES has become the "Institute at Choice" tarstudents and carperates In the Energy and care sectors its unique locused pragrarns haye been designed by leading academicians, with inputs lrom seasoned industry pretessianals. Enrol yaurseit in any attire UPES pragrarns taday and see your career take ta quantum iurnp. UIPIES World-class Campus 4200 Stlldems 42 Programs 21 2 + Faculty 2500+ Placements 35!]-tr Hccruilers College of Engineering Studies PISDJVGS YOU 10 likfi EUVZVIMDE Ol GIVEISG UDDDTIIIIMIES alISltl0 l0f Gflfllalfl luoussed engineering prptessipnais in the care seetpr. B. Tech Programs Anplled Petrpieum Engineenng with - Autdmatiye oesign Engineering specialization in upstream Applied Petroleum Engineenng with specialization in oas stream Electronics Engineering computer science Engineenng chemical Erlotheeillti: wtitl specialization ~ Mechatrttntcs Engineenng in Retinlrtg a Petrochemicals Geo Science Engineering Geo intdrmatcs Engineenng Aerospace Engineering Aerrrspace Engineering with specializatipn in Ayipnics M. Tech Programs Pipeline Engineenng Pidcess Design Engineenng Hezllti, Satety & Environmental Engirieenna Petriileum rxirlpratiiin Energy systems Ilinll-eltnir ti‘ "hlttiil-. liltt if iii-rlltr iltililttiw Energy Acres, P. O. Bidholi, Via Prem Nagar, Dehradun - 248007. Power system Engineenng ~ lntrastructitre Engineenng Eire satety Engineenng ~ Material Science Erlgtrlaanng with specialization in Narlo Tecttrlology - itdtipticsEngineenng - St1uctumlEngirleerlllg - Artiticiai intelligence aArtihcial tteurai New/ ort5lANNl - cdniiztnatianal riutd Dynamics - Built Eniririinment For admission torm, eligibility criteria 8- selection procedure: Iiiitaisiltlyitljfit , 5 , c a ‘ti College of Management & Economics Studies Eguips you with an understanding ol strategic tiusiness issues racing the core sectdr MBA Programs - otlaoasManattemerrt - Pdwermanagement - Energyimalng ‘ Irllrasiructure Manfiflfinlenl - Aytaunnmanagemerit - Port 5 shipping Management - Laglsttcs a supply chain management A inldrmatipn systems Management ' Irlterriatmrial Business BBA Programs - UIl&GiSMaiketlrlg - Ayiattonotieratiuns - Lat1istrcsManatiemerti - Aitig Reiailtnti Visit 'i't'i't'. 'lll tgi: t1ri11i E-mail sic» v~. : itliti| iiii: itist: College ol Legal Studies Develons a new tecilnchleoal nrotvess to oiiitte clienm and coniorales. BA LL. B. with emphasis on Energy Laws BBA LLB. with emphasis on corporate Laws B. Tech + LLB - E Tech Energy Technology + Lta with emphasis on lrteliectuai Prcperty Rlgnts - a tech computer science Engineering + LLB with emphasis on Cyber Laws Enrollment Ullicesz Dultutlllll: UPES Campus. P0.Bil1tluli, fia Prem Nagar. Derlraflurt 2138007 Plt. 0135-2102484/ BE Delhi: 15tFlunli 55 Community Centre, Eastol Kallaslt, New Delhi 110065 Fh. : 01147173400 Call lIllII(: l:tIllZ'. |il'| l|7l-‘WK’ Rest of India Editions