MBA (aviation management)


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The MBA (Aviation Management) programme by CAS combines thorough training in core business administration skills with in-depth education in aviation-oriented topics, issues and processes.The programme aims at providing a specialist’s perspective that enables the working professionals to integrate their current function with the organization’s objectives and the larger environment.

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MBA (aviation management)

  1. 1. Centre forMBA Aviation Management for Working Professionals AVIATION Studies SKY IS THE LIMIT! Your Gateway to a Bright Future! Centre for Aviation Studies MBA Aviation Management for In 2007, UPES created Centre for Aviation Ÿ Working Professionals Studies (CAS) to match the college/centre Distance Learning Programme directly with the Aviation Industry. The MBA (Aviation Management) programme by CAS-UPES provides professionally recognized Ÿ CAS combines thorough training in core business platform for working and non working administration skills with in-depth education in professionals of aviation industry. aviation-oriented topics, issues and processes. CAS-UPES signed an MOU with Institute of Air Ÿ The programme aims at providing a specialist’s and Space Law, McGill University Montreal, p e rs p e c t i ve t h a t e n a b le s t h e w o r k i n g the premier institute of Aviation Law in the professionals to integrate their current function world to promote studies in Legal and with the organization’s objectives and the larger Regulatory aspects. environment. CAS-UPES programmes are first of their kind Ÿ The programme, introduced for the first time in in India designed with active participation of India, provides a unique opportunity for the the industry, seeking to equip the students working professionals to expand their domain with both academic and application skills. knowledge and add value to their educational qualification and job profile. Ÿ runs a mix of management and technical CAS programmes in aviation industry, both for fresh graduates and working professionals. Ÿ is Authorized Training Centre of IATA to offer CAS IATA Travel and Tourism programmes. Ÿ is also a Certified Training Provider of CAS Authorised UFTTA for Tourism programmes. Training Centre CAS-UPES has evolved into an acclaimed Ÿ IN-UNP-3-09-001 institution creating quality professionals for Accredited by Member O D F IN I AN energy UN IATION I N S T I T U T E UGC I V E R SI T Energy Courses OC IE Accredited by SAP compliant ISO 9001:2000 S Energy Institute, UK AS S DSIR Certified
  2. 2. Centre for AVIATION Studies SKY IS THE LIMIT! Academic Support MBA Aviation Management The students are provided custom designed and need based academic support through Semester I Semester II the following services: 1. Organizational Behavior 1. Airline Economics Instructional Material - A comprehensive, 2. Aviation Industry Accounting 2. Business Communications & customized instructional material is provided to all 3. Economics and Management Negotiation Skill the students. Adequate support in the form of Decision 3. Quantitative Techniques for books, study guides, audio and video material is 4. Fundamentals of Aviation Business Management Applications made available on loan from the central 4. Aviation Marketing Management facility/library created at UPES. Study centre (for contact classes) are located at Dehradun, Gurgaon Semester III Semester IV andMumbai. 1. Customer Relationship Management 1. Aviation Forecasting Techniques Library Services - The students based in 2. Human Resource Management 2. Aviation Law & Insurance Dehradun can access university library by 3. Aviation Financial Management 3. Supply Chain Management & paying an additional library membership fees Logistics in Aviation Industry of Rs. 1000/ and Rs. 5000/ as a refundable 4. Aviation Safety & Security Mgmt. security. Seminars, Conferences and Paper Semester V Semester VI Presentation - The students can benefit from additional exposure by 1. Aviation Enterprise Management 1. Internship* participating in seminars, conferences 2. Regulatory Management (* Students possessing two years experience in Aviation Industry prior to joining the programme and paper presentations organised or 3. Dissertation & Viva Voce will be exempted from the requirement of Internship) Eligibility Ÿ in any discipline (preferably from Economics, Commerce background with Maths.) Graduate Programme Structure Ÿ Minimum 50% marks in 10th, 12th and degree examination The three year MBA programme is divided Ÿ Minimum two years experience in Aviation Industry i n t o 6 s e m e s t e r s . T h e s e m o d u le s Mode of Delivery encompass a total of 18 topics followed by Distance learning mode with a personal contact programme near the end of the each semester dissertation and internship. The topics have been carefully chosen for their Admission Process application relevance and aim at broadly Eligible candidates will be called for interviewed at Marketing office, Delhi. Relative covering the management requirements of ranking of the candidates will then determine the admission to the programme. the Aviation sector. Programme Duration Minimum 3 years & Maximum 5 years (Students with 2 year of Industry experience will be exempted from the requirement of Internship) University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Bidholi, Dehradun Marketing Office: Centre for Aviation Studies, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies,c/o Hydrocarbon Education & Research Society, 3rd Floor, PHD House, 4/2 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Road, New Delhi 110016. Tel.: 011-41730151/52/53 I email: I website: For more details, please contact Prof K C Gandhi at 09818331433 or Mr. Vikas Narula at 09810129071