A Paradox Legacy - Chapter One

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  • 1. Hi there! I'm Sam, and this is my newest legacy. So, of course, I'd better do the introductory thing: I'm not scoring, this is purely for fun, the legacy is named after the family's surname – why is the family surname “Paradox”? It was the word of the day, and I couldn't think of a better surname. One of the alterations I'm making to the rules...I'll come to that in a moment. First of all, let me introduce our founder...
  • 2. This is Belle Paradox- “Hi! I have a hat!” Right. Belle's a popularity sim, with a lifetime want of becoming a celebrity chef. She's also a Leo, with a randomised personality of 4/8/4/7/2, which makes her outgoing and playful, but not all that nice. As you can see from the background, Belle is lawn-living at the moment. Good times.
  • 3. Soon enough, something (or someone) more interesting than Belle's new field comes along. She was probably planning to walk past, maybe mutter to her crystal ball, but certainly not do anything while she was here. But Belle likes talking, so she greeted the gypsy, and the gypsy's plans soon changed. “Gypsy, I'm lonely. If I pay you, will you find me someone to talk to?” “Sure. I know you won't pay me in money, you're one of them legacy-whatsits.”
  • 4. “Look at the lights! It's so magical and sparkly! I know whoever you choose will be my new best friend, crystal ball!” The gypsy looked closely at the surface of the ball. “Is that...is that a scratch?” “Hey! Pay attention to my destiny!” “Oh, right, um...magical word rubbish...I've got your date....whatever.”
  • 5. “There ya go. I'm leaving now.” “But Gypsy, I can't go on a date with him, he's not...legacy legal!” Belle whined as Julien Cooke tried to regain his thoughts. How the hell had he ended up here? “Um...I think you'll find he is legal.” My alteration to the rules comes into play here – instead of marrying in townies and dormies, we're going to marry in bin sims! Isn't that exciting?! Belle, try and show some excitement. Help me out here. “But he has a goatee!”
  • 6. “Alright, maybe we can be friends. But only because my creator is threatening to marry me to Peter Ottomas if I don't at least try to get along with you.” “Friends? Us? Are you insane? You'll try to touch the goatee.” “No fear, I'm not going near your face fuzz.”
  • 7. “I know you don't want to be here, but it's not my fault – it's hers.” “Young lady, how are you going to blame my presence on the gypsy woman?” “She pulls people out of the sky so they can go on dates with people.” “You paid her to do it!” “Paid her? With what? The fluff that lines my pockets?”
  • 8. Following their discussion about the gypsy, Belle tickled Julien while he squealed, a high pitch sound that could mean others mistake him for a woman. Because the best way to make friends is to tickle them!
  • 9. “Okay, I'll admit it, I actually love the goatee.” “You...you do?” “We should go on another date sometime.” “I wholeheartedly agree!”
  • 10. So they started a second date right after the first. This one involved dancing. “I am famous for my moves!” Belle raised an eyebrow at Julien's odd dance. “You don't say.” For some reason, the song “Safety Dance” comes into my head when I see him dancing like that. Weird.
  • 11. Belle and Julien get along so well, that they share a kiss over lunchmeat sandwiches. Can you feel the love?
  • 12. Wow, Belle, you move fast. At this rate, Julien will be living with us by night fall. Quickest spouse-search ever. “If I move in, do I have to lose the goatee?” “Shh. Don't spoil the moment.”
  • 13. “Ah, there is nothing so satisfying as leaving roses at one's own doorstep.” Yep, Julien had moved in with Belle by night fall, and brought with him almost 30,000 simoleans. Yeah, I was stunned too. So I managed to build them a nice little house. So Belle met her future husband this morning, and was lawn-living for twelve hours at the most. How time flies!
  • 14. And here is Julien, post-makeover! I decided to let him keep the goatee, as Belle loves it so much. Julien is a popularity sim, with a lifetime want of having twenty simultaneous best friends. He's also an Aries, with a personality of 7/6/4/4/4.
  • 15. “Hey, do you know what could be fun, Julien?” “Playing a nice, relaxing board game?” “Well, that would be kind of fun, but I have a different idea...”
  • 16. Due to the quick-nature of their courtship, Belle was pregnant in practically no time at all. They are a really sweet couple, even if their entire relationship seems to be a wee bit rushed. Even I can't keep up.
  • 17. Belle and Julien waste no time at all. It's the evening of the day after Belle moved in, and rings are already in sight. “Belle, while I realise this is your legacy, I wanted to propose to you, as a display of my love.” “I'm so surprised! I didn't suspect a thing!” “Marry me?”
  • 18. The couple threw a wedding in their living room,with the furniture being the only guests present to their union. Legacy Founder weddings are so beautiful!
  • 19. “Look at me, I'm pregnant!” I already knew you were, but okay. Belle feels the need to share the fact she's pregnant with a fair number of people, including the guys Julien brings home from work.
  • 20. “Hey, pregnant lady! High Five!” “Oh, yeah! I feel so cool right now!” The gestures that came with Apartment Life have always, and will always, make me giggle. Troy Go here starting stalking Belle for high fives.
  • 21. One night during the pregnancy, Belle sat down with Julien at the chess board, because Julien spends most of his time at the chess board. “Have you had any ideas for names?” She asked, concentrating on the chess pieces. “How about Eva, for a girl? I like that name.” Julien smiled, encouragingly, and moved a piece. “Boy?” “Julien Junior?”
  • 22. “No son of mine is going to be called Julien Junior.” “Why not? It makes us sound like a rich, powerful family with a long line of heirs...” “Which..ow...is what we will be in ten generation's time. Ow. Why is the baby kicking now?” “It's about time it was born...isn't it? Have I calculated wrong?”
  • 23. Julien had not calculated the pregnancy wrong. The first member of generation two was ready to make its appearance. “I'm going to explode!” Calm down, you're not going to explode.
  • 24. “Oh, what do I if she does explode? It'll make such a mess...” “Julien, that's not very reassuring!” “Sorry, darling, um...remember to breathe?”
  • 25. “Yay, all the pain is gone!” Was it worth it? “Have you seen my baby? Of course it was worth it!”
  • 26. Belle has given birth to a baby girl, who at this point, looks a lot like her daddy. Genetics wise, anyway. Her name is Eva.
  • 27. “I'm a father! That's great!” Julien takes being a parent quite well, the good points and the bad points. Like midnight feedings and so on.
  • 28. Julien decided he would celebrate his daughter's birth by dancing the night away. “Behold my furious dance face!”
  • 29. “No one saw me fall down...” You're right. I missed it, but your face says it all, Mr Paradox.
  • 30. And soon, Eva grows into an adorable little girl. “Who looks just like Daddy?” “ME!” Eva let out a little giggle.
  • 31. Eva Paradox looks a lot like her Daddy by this point, maybe she'll look more like Belle when she gets a bit older. As for her personality, Eva is an Aquarius (like me!) with a personality of 4/6/4/8/8. So Eva is fairly loud, playful and extremely nice, but not so neat. Speaking of nice points, where on earth did Eva get all those nice points?!
  • 32. “She doesn't look much like me...are you sure she's mine?” Um...Belle...you gave birth to her. How can she not be yours? “Mummy silly!” “Yes, Mummy can be very silly at times!”
  • 33. On the far side of Paradox Bay, someone was losing her patience. “Come on, Matthew, tell me what are ratings are like!” Patience had never been one of Charlie's strong points, but she was always impatient with Matthew. He had gotten used to it. “One second, please, Charlie, the server is loading.”
  • 34. “Charlie, the server is showing that the Paradox Reality Show has drawn a relatively small audience.” Matthew summarised, “It would save more money if the show was cancelled now.” “Matthew, you know that is not an option. Why is it so unpopular? We've provided well-known names, a small amount of cute...” “I haven't a clue...the family is happy...” “Happy.”
  • 35. “Happy families do not attract viewers! Have you never seen a soap?” Charlie let out a sound similar to a growl, “Call the board officials. We need to do something to save the show, and fast. --------------------- And here is where I leave you! What is Charlie planning? Will the Paradox family lead unhappy lives? Will there be more kids? I'm sorry the chapter was so short, join me and the Paradox family next time!