The White Legacy--Generation 2, College (Part 1)


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Toro and Arie White arrive at Sim State, and Toro tries to find love.

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The White Legacy--Generation 2, College (Part 1)

  1. 1. STRAIGHTEN UP The White Legacy: Generation Two, College (Part One)
  2. 2. Welcome to college, Toro! How does it feel to be almost an adult? Toro: “Like I still need a girlfriend.” Yes, yes, we‟ll get to that. I‟m sure we can find you one here. Nice fashion choices, by the way. It suits you.
  3. 3. Notoro “Toro” White is the Generation Two Legacy Heir. He is a 2/7/10/2/8 Pleasure sim, which means he‟s not really interested in being at college. Too bad, so sad. His lifetime dream is to have 50 dream dates. Notoro Lake is a lake in Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan‟s four main islands. In 2012, enough shellfish gathered there to make the national news. Other than that, it‟s not that exciting. Toro: “Hey!”
  4. 4. Since Bal is missing and won‟t be attending college with his siblings, I‟ll put his stats up here, too. Consistency is a good thing. Bal is one of the Generation Two Legacy Spares. His personality is 1/7/6/4/9. He went missing as a child, and we have seen neither hide nor hair of him since. Much sadness has gone all around. The Baltic Sea is a brackish Mediterranean sea between Central and Northern Europe. It is bordered by such countries as Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Poland. It is the youngest sea on the planet.
  5. 5. This here‟s the house. Toro had just enough scholarship money to buy it and cash in on some basic furniture that was still missing from the default setting. This place is only temporary, though. In true early-legacy fashion, once Toro and Arie build up enough funds, they‟re going to move onto a larger, empty lot and begin their own White Family Greek House. For now, they have this dump.
  6. 6. The porch is in fact so small that Mr. Humble had to reach through the wall to drop off his computer. Toro: “There‟s a computer in that thing!? Let me at it!”
  7. 7. Toro: “What is this thing?” That? That‟s a TV. Toro: “…and what is it for?” That‟s right, you never actually had one growing up, did you? Haha, pleasure sim doesn‟t know what a TV is!
  8. 8. So? How was your first day of class? Toro: “Meh. It‟ll be better once I figure out what my major‟s going to—” Wait. Wait a minute. I‟ve seen this before!
  9. 9. You‟re making the same face that you were that one day as a kid! Toro: “…you remember one particular picture you took well enough to come to that conclusion?” Hey, don‟t give me no flak. This was your profile picture as a child. I saw it often enough. Toro: “I just don‟t know why you‟re surprised. I obviously still have the same face as I did when I was a kid, it‟s just all matured and dashing now.” I‟ll give you that.
  10. 10. Toro: “Hey. The name‟s Toro—Notoro. I‟m a legacy heir.” Random Walk-by: “Well hey there, Toro-Notoro. My name‟s Hurt. June Hurt.” You can‟t have her, Toro. She‟s off-limits. Not an NPC, you see. You can go on one date with her, though, just to keep you happy. Hurt, June: “Oh, great. You‟re part of one of those legacies. The ones that come with disembodied narrators. Thanks, but no thanks. I‟ll pass.”
  11. 11. Toro: “Thanks a lot, Author. Now I know what Mom and Pops were talking about when they said you like to „ruin the moment.‟ I didn‟t have a chance the minute you opened your great big mouth.” I‟m awfully sorry, Toro. From the way she acted, she definitely sounded like a winner. I really messed up your future. Now go pick up the phone.
  12. 12. Toro: “Why am I picking up the phone.” Have I ever told you that you remind me of your mother sometimes? We‟re feeling out potential spouses, Toro. This one may not be The One, but it‟s worth a shot. Toro: “As long as I get a date out of it, I‟m good.”
  13. 13. Toro: “So… what‟s this mystery girl like? And why won‟t you tell me anything about her?” Her name is Aubrey Cho. That‟s something right there. And she‟s also here, so straighten up.
  14. 14. Toro: “…you‟re kidding me, right?” Nope. Now don‟t insult her. I want to see what her face is like. And admit it, it‟s a unique idea. Toro: “It‟s a stupid idea. There‟s a reason no other legacies are marrying in cow mascots.” Aubrey: “Something wrong?”
  15. 15. I had Toro influence her to bathe before we tried anything romantic so I could see her face, and it looks like it‟s bad news for Toro. Aubrey isn‟t too bad looking. And, I see some recessive blonde hair that would go very well indeed with Toro‟s recessive red hair. Aubrey: “…um…”
  16. 16. Toro: “…a cow mascot…” Cheer up, Toro. You‟ll warm up to her by the time college is over. I‟m not asking you to get engaged right at this very moment. Toro: “Cow mascot.”
  17. 17. Aubrey: “Whoa there, buster! I am not going to take that from you! I have standards!” Toro: “It was just a wolf whistle!” What kind of cow mascot doesn‟t accept flirts!?
  18. 18. First time I‟ve seen this. Toro wants EITHER psychology or political science, and fears BOTH biology and economics. There have been college years where I‟ve sat and waited for my sims to roll a want for majors until the last minute, and there are those sims who know what they want on the first re-roll, but I‟ve never seen one give me two options before. Toro: “What can I say? I‟m a legacy heir. I‟m awesome.” Anyway, we went with political science. I figured it could lead into a whole lot more interesting Pleasure Sim-style careers than psychology.
  19. 19. Nice job, Toro. I see it only took five or six attempts to get her to go out on a date with you. Toro: “Shush up, Author! I don‟t need you scaring this one off too!” Ah, so you‟ve decided to like her enough to not want me pushing her away? Toro: “I haven‟t decided yet. So shush up!”
  20. 20. Okay! Ready for the magic?
  21. 21. Awww, it‟s Toro‟s first kiss! How sweet! …no? Not sweet? What ruined the moment—that his head seems to be impaled on the snout, or the fact that he‟s kissing a cow mascot?
  22. 22. Heh heh… heh heh heh heh… “holy cow”… heh heh heh…
  23. 23. Bwahahahahaha! Aubrey: “Why you keep laughing at meeeee!?”
  24. 24. Okay, okay, seriou- Aubrey: “EW! Why can you see my face!? Where‟s my costume!?”
  25. 25. Okay, seriously, this is Aubrey Cho, post-makeover. I decided it would be safer to move her in with Toro early on, rather than let her run around with her cow mascot habits, pranking people and causing jealousy every which way. Aubrey: “You got a problem with me, Author? I don‟t like it when people laugh at me!” But you have no problem laughing at others, I‟ve noticed. Aubrey: “Hey now, there‟s nothing wrong with a little joy buzzer now and then!”
  26. 26. In that vein… Aubrey: “Hey, Toro. I just wanted to say I was sorry for how many times I shrunk away from you and how disgusted I was by your face. Forgive me?” Toro: “Uh… I guess…”
  27. 27. Aubrey: “HA! Gotcha!” Toro: {Whoa, I think I‟m in love…}
  28. 28. Toro: “Hey Aubrey, can I borrow that joy buzzer for a sec?” Aubrey: “Why? What are you—”
  29. 29. Toro: “HA! Gotcha back!” Aubrey: “YEEK! My foot just went THROUGH the stairs!”
  30. 30. Toro: “Haha… haha…” Aubrey: “Meeheehee… heehee…”
  31. 31. Toro: *humming* So, what do you think of Aubrey, Toro? Toro: “She‟s cool. She and I have been working on my lifetime want—that‟s „have fifty dream dates‟ by the way, I know how much you love that one—and she‟s a good date.” Do you like her? Toro: “Sure. She‟s cool.”
  32. 32. Toro: “Hey, Aubrey! I made some cheesecake!” Aubrey: “Did you know that if cheesecake is eaten by a pregnant sim, it forces her to have twins?” Toro: “Oh, really? That makes no sense at all. You‟re not pregnant, are you?” Aubrey: “You‟re kidding, right? The most intimate we‟ve ever gotten was that first kiss.”
  33. 33. So, Aubrey, what do you think of Toro? Aubrey: “Toro?”
  34. 34. Aubrey: “I want to marry him.” R-really? Already? Aubrey: “When was the last time you saw a cow mascot get married, Author?” Um… Aubrey: “Precisely. And, as he repeatedly reminds us, Toro is a legacy heir. This is my big chance. I am not screwing this up.”
  35. 35. Something the matter, Toro? Toro: “Yeah, what happened to my skin?” Um, what do you mean? Toro: “I swear it was slightly darker, and shinier. Now it looks smoother.” Hmmm… nope, I don‟t see it. You‟re seeing things, Toro.
  36. 36. Toro: “Hey, Ar… can I—hello? …you still there?”
  37. 37. Aubrey: “So who was it this time, Toro?” Toro: “My baby sister. I think. Remember how I said she‟d be coming to live with us? Sounds like she‟ll be here tomorrow morning. Hold on, let me see if I can redial the number.” Aubrey: “Cool. Interested in some KidzTube?”
  38. 38. The next morning dawned…
  39. 39. Toro: “Arie! Welcome to Sim State, sis!” Arie: “Tory! Never knew a week could be so dull without my big bro to torture! Did you know we have a big brother?” Toro: “It‟s Toro.”
  40. 40. Arie: “You didn‟t say you‟d have a friend over.” Toro: “This is actually my… our… roommate. Aubrey. Aubrey, Arie.” Arie: “Roommate… as in roommate roommate?” Toro: “We‟re dating. Yeah.”
  41. 41. So, have I ever mentioned that Sim State seems to be in the middle of nowhere? Aral “Arie” White is a 1/10/2/10/10 Fortune Sim Legacy Spare with the lifetime want of owning 5 top level businesses. *snort* Yeah, like that‟s going to happen. The Aral Sea was once an inland sea settled between Kazakhstan and Karakalpakstan in Central Asia. Its name refers to the many islands it had—all 1,534 of them. In more recent times, it has split into the North and South Aral Seas due to the overtaxing of its incoming rivers.
  42. 42. Um… uh… Toro, what are you doing with that…? I don‟t really want to activate Arie as an heir, you know… I‟m happy with her as a spare… I know you like to bake. Just don‟t… kill yourself or anything.
  43. 43. Toro: “And that‟s how it‟s done, folks! The perfect baked Alaska! Hah, and the Author was worried…” *phew*
  44. 44. Arie: “Hey, thanks, bro. This is pretty good.” Aubrey: *glare* “Oh em gee, Toro! This is the greatest thing I‟ve ever tasted! I just want to gobble it up with my hands! It‟s that good! I‟m not even going to use a fork! I am so glad you‟re here to bake things like this! You‟re amazing!” Toro: “Uh… thanks, Aubrey.” Arie: *eyebrow raise*
  45. 45. Arie: “Aubrey.” Aubrey: “Aral.”
  46. 46. Arie: “Look, bro. All I‟m trying to say is, she‟s a cow mascot. And she acts like it.” Toro: “I‟m not denying that, sis. I‟m just saying that I like her, so lay off a little.” Arie: “I will if she does. I hate this passive-aggressive stuff. I‟d much rather lay a real punch on her and see how she takes it.”
  47. 47. So Toro, I‟m curious. Toro: “Yeah?” What‟s it like being the only male in a three person household? Toro: “It‟s kind of awkward sometimes.”
  48. 48. Toro: “I can‟t wait until we have a bigger house, and I have my own room. And possibly my own suite.”
  49. 49. Toro: “YES! Llamas FOR THE WIN!!” Arie: “So, Toro? Got any tips for me for my upcoming choice of majors?” Toro: “What about literature?”
  50. 50. Arie: “Ugh, no. Anything but literature.” Seriously, she‟s been holding onto that fear for days. I wish she‟d just roll a major want so I could get this settled once and for all.
  51. 51. Arie: “Meh, whatever. My money‟s on the Piranhas.” Toro: “What!? Arie, the Llamas are ahead! Besides, they‟re your team!” Arie: “They suck. Number 86 is only on the team because he‟s hot. The Piranhas are a whole lot better.”
  52. 52. Aubrey: “Hey, Toro. I‟m home. I got an A in my class.” Toro: “Cool, Aubrey. Way to go. That‟s awesome.” Arie: “Why are they just standing around!? Throw a punch!”
  53. 53. Decided on a major then, Arie? Arie: “Sure. Biology‟s where it‟s at.” I guess I really shouldn‟t be complaining, since you only just finished your first semester as a freshman. It‟s not like you kept me waiting forever. But you know, Toro spoiled me a little by picking his so soon. And giving me choices.
  54. 54. Aubrey: “Whoa, look at that! A streaker‟s infiltrated the house!” Arie: “What!? Oh, no! Where is he!?”
  55. 55. Aubrey: “HA! Gotcha!”
  56. 56. Arie: “What the crap, Aubrey!?” Aubrey: “Haha, that one‟s a classic!”
  57. 57. Toro: “So, uh, how‟s your class going? And, um, about Aubrey—” Arie: “Can‟t talk. Must eat cake.”
  58. 58. Aubrey: “That looks terrible. Seriously, it‟s like a blob with big, red, malformed lips.”
  59. 59. Arie: “That‟s it! I don‟t care about what you think, and I care about you even less! You are selfish, rude, and sadistic, with no grasp of reality or remotest thought that you just might not be the only person who exists in the world. I don‟t know what my brother even sees in you! Stay out of our lives!”
  60. 60. Aubrey: “Oh, yeah? Well, you want to know what I think? I think you‟re a stuck-up attention hog! „Me, me, me, me!‟ I‟m sick of you talking behind my back, and I‟m sick of you!”
  61. 61. Toro: “What‟s going on up here? I can hear the two of you all the way downstairs!”
  62. 62. Arie: “Huh!? What the crap, Aubrey!?”
  63. 63. Aubrey: “Can‟t help but notice that you can‟t seem to get anyone to love you enough to commit to being your boyfriend. So quit being jealous and crabby and stay out of our lives, Aral.” Arie: “Fine. You got it. I‟m out of here. I‟m not going to sit around here and watch you destroy yourself. Toro, since I know you don‟t even like her, you can come over and live at my place when you dump her.”
  64. 64. Toro: “Wh-what? Arie!”
  65. 65. Aubrey: “Finally. She‟s gone. Now we can get back to—”
  66. 66. Toro: “Get away from me, Aubrey!” Aubrey: “B-but… Toro…”
  67. 67. Toro: “ARIE!! Wait!! Come back!!”
  68. 68. Toro: “Arie! Hold up!”
  69. 69. Arie: “I can‟t believe you stuck with her all this time! You knew what she was like! You knew what she does! She‟s a cow mascot, Toro!!”
  70. 70. Toro: “Shut up! She may not be Little Miss Perfect like you, but Aubrey has some pretty good traits herself! I‟ve stuck with her because I like her, and I don‟t appreciate you shouting at me to dump her while she‟s standing right there like that!”
  71. 71. Toro: “What!? Why are you just standing there!? Say something!” Arie: “…you just stood up to me.” Toro: “Yeah, well, maybe I‟m tired of being the one noogied and pranked and insulted! Maybe I want to be the dominant personality for once! I‟m the big brother, and the legacy heir, I should be the one doing all that!”
  72. 72. Arie: “…okay.” Toro: “Okay!?” Arie: “Yeah. O-kay. I‟ll stick around. I‟m not going to be friends with Aubrey, but if she doesn‟t ruffle my feathers, I won‟t ruffle hers. Just so you know that I think you deserve better.”
  73. 73. Toro: “Aubrey? What are you doing?” Aubrey: “Packing. What does it look like?” Arie: “Listen, I‟ve got a final exam to get to. You take care of all this stuff, Toro. You‟re the boyfriend, after all.”
  74. 74. Toro: “Listen, Aubrey. I‟m not going to sugarcoat it. You‟ve been a real jerk to my sister.” Aubrey: “And we‟ve seen exactly where your loyalties lie, so why don‟t we just cut to the chase so I can get back to packing?”
  75. 75. Toro: “Arie is my sister. She‟s been my best friend since she was born. I care a lot about you, but I‟m not going to choose you over her.” Aubrey: “This is the worst break-up speech I‟ve ever heard. And I‟ve overheard a lot of them.” Toro: “Aubrey, I‟m not breaking up with you.”
  76. 76. Aubrey: “Yeah, well, good riddance! I don‟t need y—wait, what did you say?” Toro: “Aubrey, I think you‟re pretty cool, and I want to keep going out with you. But you‟ve got to stop attacking Arie. She‟s agreed to stay here living with us, but only on the condition that you not „ruffle her feathers.‟ Stop being a cow mascot for once.” Aubrey: “…I don‟t know. Maybe. Being a cow mascot is kind of written permanently into my personality. But I‟ll try.”
  77. 77. Listen, not to ruin the moment or anything, guys, but Toro kind of has a final exam, too… Um, okay, you can just ignore me… I don‟t mind… Just wrap this up fast, okay?
  78. 78. Toro finally leaves for his exam, and Aubrey changes out of her cow mascot suit the moment he‟s down the stairs.
  79. 79. And then she heads outside. Aubrey: “Listen up, you heiffer. There‟s only room for one moody cow mascot in this household, and that‟s me!” Cow Mascot: “Rats, foiled again!”
  80. 80. Cheering the cow mascot, Aubrey? I thought you just told him off for existing. Aubrey: “Old habits die hard. Besides, I wouldn‟t mind a member of the Cow Club coming up on top of one of these cheerleader fights just once. Serves those stinking cheerleaders and llama mascots right.”
  81. 81. So, you do realize that you‟re about to default into the philosophy major, right? Aubrey: “That‟s what my counselor says.” Any thoughts on what major you might like to declare? Aubrey: “Meh, I don‟t really care. School sucks. I‟m really more interested in Toro than grades.” This commentary on the focus of this “college” chapter brought to you by Aubrey Cho.
  82. 82. The cheerleader won. Surprised? Anyone? Alright then, moving on.
  83. 83. Aubrey: “…” Arie: “…” Aubrey: “So… you like cake?” Arie: “Mmmmff.”
  84. 84. Toro: “So, can‟t help but notice there haven‟t been any dust clouds up in here. How‟re things going with you and Aubrey?‟ Arie: “Meh. It‟s still pretty awkward. Now shush up! I‟m trying to hear—”
  85. 85. Arie: “Oh… oh no…” Toro: “YEAH!!”
  86. 86. Toro: “GO 86!! Smash them Piranhas!!”
  87. 87. Arie: “PASS IT!! PASS IT!! COME ON, YOU MORON!!” Aubrey: “Hey, Toro, what‟s going on?” Toro: “Arie‟s losing money.” Aubrey: “Oh. Cool. I‟ll just go—” Toro: *elbow nudge to the ribs* Arie: “OW! What was that—oh. Um, come join us, Aubrey.”
  88. 88. Aubrey: “Hey, #86 isn‟t bad. And he‟s hot, too.” Arie: “Funny coincidence.” Aubrey: “Not as hot as Toro, though!” Toro: “Thanks, Brie… Oh man, come on 42, don‟t fumble every time you catch the ball…”
  89. 89. Brie: “Was I… just given a nickname?” You better believe it. Welcome to the family, Brie.
  90. 90. Toro: “…you gonna let me sit down?” Brie: “Hmm… nope.”
  91. 91. Brie: “Hey, Arie. I‟m awfully sorry about everything I put you through for your first couple years of college. Let‟s let bygones be bygones, huh? Forgive me?” Arie: “Uh, sure…”
  92. 92. Bzzt! Please tell me you saw that one coming!
  93. 93. Brie: “Bwahaha… sorry „bout that, Arie! Cow mascot!”
  94. 94. Arie: “Hey, no worries, Brie, everyone makes mistakes. In fact, just the other—whoa! Is that Toro coming down the stairs in his underwear!?” Brie: “What!? Where!?”
  95. 95. Sploosh! Right in the face!
  96. 96. Arie: “Hahaha…” Brie: “Bwahahaha!”
  97. 97. Brie: “I‟ll get you back for that prank, Arie!! Prepare yourself!!” Arie: “I hope you can throw and dodge at the same time, Brie!!”
  98. 98. Toro: “…why is there a puddle in the middle of the living room floor?” And that brings us to the end of this first part of college. Join us next time in Part Two!