A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 4 Hatches, Matches and Dispatches


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Hatches, matches and dispatches all taking place in Victorian England.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 4 Hatches, Matches and Dispatches

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. As with all the other early chapters I’m converting to this format, I’ve not rewritten it, and it is still a commentary. This is the chapter where I discover cameraman mode though, so the pictures do start to improve from here on out. Just a quick recap of the main points of this legacy: surprisingly given the title my sims are Victorians which means the following handicaps: first born male inherits, the only electronic items allowed are the telephone and the old fashioned till, and last but not least try for a baby only, and no pre or extra marital woohoo. At the end of the last chapter my generation 2 heir George had just graduated from university with a degree in mathematics. Before he returns home, lets have a quick catch up with the rest of the family.
  2. 2. Here we have Elise with Violet. As you can see Elise and Gabe had Violet late in life, mainly because I was hit by the first born glitch with George and Elizabeth, and so I was seeing if I could get a child with a different personality who looked more like her father than her mother. I failed, and Violet has exactly the same genetics and personality as her siblings, that is a joy inducing 5,8,9,3,1. "Hahaha, me finks dat is funny." No Violet, it's really not.
  3. 3. I was really worried when George was born because Elise seemed to have no maternal instinct at all, but she appears to have got better with practise and dotes on Violet, always autonomously snuggling and playing with her. "Wheeee."
  4. 4. She even rolls the want to teach Violet to walk, which I of course indulge. "Come to Mama Violet, you can do it.
  5. 5. "That is it! Who is my clever girl then."
  6. 6. Gabe also dotes on Violet, and loves to pick her up and snuggle her. "Who is Papa's favourite surprise?"
  7. 7. Elizabeth, Gabe and Elise's middle child is a fortune sim, and a recent burglary seems to have affected her deeply. "Whey, bouncy bouncy. Bouncy bouncy." Elizabeth you will break that if you are not careful. "Good, then you can buy us a sofa which costs more." *sigh*
  8. 8. This is what their house now looks like. I have finished all the major building work, and basic decorating, I just need to finish furnishing it. I also plan to build a mausoleum and wedding chapel in the grounds with the money that George brings in to the house, and put in a garden. Here we can see the drawing room or front (good) parlour, the back parlour which as was normally the case also functions as the dining room. The kitchen off of the hall which has a room which will become the pantry leading off on the left (there is no door yet), and the scullery on the right. There is also a WC in the top left corner which can only be reached from outside as was the norm.
  9. 9. Upstairs we have the master bedroom at the front of the house, with the nursery next to it. George's bedroom is in the middle of the house, with the bathroom behind it. Finally the back bedroom belongs to Elizabeth.
  10. 10. Gabe seems happy to have George home. "Welcome home son, it is good to have you back. You are now the head of the family, I trust you to keep our lineage strong." "I will try father. Now if you will excuse me there is something that the voice wants me to do, once I have changed out of these appalling clothes." You want to do it too George.
  11. 11. "Allyn, how are you? I missed you at my graduation party... Yes I understand, outbreaks of powdered mildew at the Sim National Rose Garden must of course mean that the members of the Gardening Club are extremely busy...I was wondering if you would like to dine with me tonight? You would? I will pick you up soon."
  12. 12. "Oh George it is so good to see you! If I never see another rose bush, it will be too soon." "Shall we be seated darling? I am famished."
  13. 13. "This is lovely George darling, we should do this more often." "Yes I agree. Allyn, there is..." "Oh look, desert has arrived."
  14. 14. "You were saying George?" "Oh yes, well, you see..."
  15. 15. "Ermm, Allyn the voice has had us betrothed since I was a small boy, and so I was wondering..."
  16. 16. "Oo George!" "Will you do me the honour of agreeing to become my wife?"
  17. 17. "Yes George, of course I will. The Creator locked the want as soon as it appeared in my want panel. This ring is beautiful." "I am glad you like it, it is my mother's engagement ring. According to her it is a priceless family heirloom." *cough*
  18. 18. "To us, may we have many happy years ahead of us." "To us." *chink chink*
  19. 19. The date ends as a dream date of course, and I quickly send George home because I have plans to make and a wedding chapel to build for the wedding the next day.
  20. 20. First up George has to get his parent's approval. "You wished to speak to us son?" "Yes father, I have something very important to tell the two of you."
  21. 21. "I have asked Allyn to marry me. We plan to wed tomorrow evening."
  22. 22. "You are getting married. Why that is fantastic news. Congratulations son."
  23. 23. "Did you hear that Elise? We will soon have a new member to our family."
  24. 24. "Yes I did hear that. Congratulations my Georgie, I knew the Creator would not let us down. Hmmm Creator does this mean that I can have a new hat? I have worn this bonnet since I married Gabe over thirty years ago." I'll see what I can do Elise.
  25. 25. There do you like it? "Yes Creator I do, thank you." You're welcome. Now you had better get downstairs, the guests will be arriving soon, and I've got to sort out the bride's outfit.
  26. 26. With everyone finally gathered in the chapel, it is soon time for the nuptials. "Can we get on with this voice?" Yes George, off you go.
  27. 27. "I George Albert Legacy do take thee, Allyn Thomason to be my lawful wedded wife . To have and to hold, from this day forward, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part." *sniff,* I always cry at weddings. Your turn Allyn. "I Allyn Thomason, do take thee George Albert Legacy, to be my lawful wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part."
  28. 28. I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride. "About time voice." Be nice George.
  29. 29. The party soon ends up in the kitchen as everyone crowds round the buffet table. No toasting set for this couple, because it drives me nuts with everyone constantly toasting everyone and everything, and then complaining that there are not enough toilets, so George goes straight to cutting the cake. "Would you like some cake darling?" "Oh George, that would be lovely."
  30. 30. "Here you go." "Mmmmmphh." George, I told you to be nice.
  31. 31. "Hahaha, but this is so much more fun voice." *sigh*
  32. 32. Allyn brings to the family a whopping §1. She also has no skill points and no talent badges. Maybe it is just me, but I would expect a member of the gardening club to have at least a bronze badge in gardening, but there you go. She is an Aquarius with a personality of 4,4,4,7,6. Another nice sim, yay. Her aspiration is family, and her LTW is to reach her golden anniversary, easy peasy. "Ahem, excuse me voice."
  33. 33. Yes Elizabeth? "Why am I not in the family picture?" Because I couldn't get the framing to work. "Hmmm." Look, I have included a picture of you anyway. "Good, I want everyone to see my beautiful dress." So I have finally given you a dress that you really like then? "Yes, and about time too."
  34. 34. The wedding party ended up as a good time, and so George and Allyn get to go on a honeymoon, and they both look thrilled about it.
  35. 35. Within a couple of hours they are back. "Oh George, that was a wonderful trip." "Yes darling it was."
  36. 36. "So George, what shall we do now?" "Well, there is this want that the voice has had locked since I was at university ..." Time to give them some privacy me thinks.
  37. 37. Allyn soon settles in to the family, joining everyone else in doting on Violet. Practising for when you have toddlers of your own Allyn? "Yes Creator." Good.
  38. 38. Oh, it looks like you will need that practise sooner rather than later. "Yes Creator, bleugh, I am so happy, bleugh." I'll leave you to it then Allyn.
  39. 39. "Mmm that looks nice voice. What is it?" Cheesecake, Elise has just gained enough skill points to make it, so I thought everyone would enjoy it.
  40. 40. "Are you sure it is alright for me to eat this Creator?" Of course Allyn, why wouldn't it be?
  41. 41. "It is just that I have heard that it can do funny things to pregnant sims." That's just silly rumours, cheesecake is perfectly safe for all sims to eat.
  42. 42. "If you say it is safe, then it must be. Thank you for putting my mind at ease." You're welcome Allyn *uncrosses fingers*
  43. 43. Today is also Violet's birthday, and so, oh what's wrong sweetie? "Have to gwow up now." Yes, that's right, you're platinum at the moment, so you shouldn't be fearing it honey. "I know, but ..." It'll be alright, trust me.
  44. 44. "I will voice." Here goes...
  45. 45. That wasn't so bad was it? "No voice." "Arrghh, she looks just like me voice." I know Elizabeth, it's called the first born glitch.
  46. 46. "At least I do not smell like you though Lizzie." Oh, all these siblings are so nice to each other.
  47. 47. As the end of autumn approaches Elise is still tending her garden. "These peppers look lovely Creator, I am sure that they will fetch a good price." Yup, I'm sure they will. So gardening isn't as bad as you thought it would be then? "No Creator, I actually really enjoy it." Good, I plan to have Allyn start to earn a gardening badge too, but I think she will be a bit busy for the foreseeable future. *smiles*
  48. 48. Violet is such a change from her siblings, even though she has the same personality, for starters she is the first one to run out to hug her father when he returns home. She also takes care of all her needs without fuss, and without me having to worry about micromanaging her. She has fast become my favourite child of this generation. And to think, when she toddlerised I contemplated killing her in order to illustrate the high rate of child mortality in Victorian England.
  49. 49. Are you alright Allyn? You got up rather quickly then. "Yes Creator, I just feel a little ... unusual." Oh?
  50. 50. *Pop* Ah, that explains it. "Wow Creator, that was some kick." It certainly was.
  51. 51. Elise and Gabe have certainly seemed to become a more loving couple as time has gone on. They are now always autonomously flirting and kissing each other. I'm sure that the fact that they can now woohoo without having to try for a baby all the time helps. "Err voice, can we have a little privacy here please?" Yes Gabe, I'm going.
  52. 52. Speaking of try for a baby, Allyn seems to be very happy about her current condition. "What is there not to be happy about Creator? I am a family sim, and so I want lots of children." That's good Allyn, because part of the punishment I have lined up for your husband involves you giving birth multiple times.
  53. 53. Like most pregnant sims, Allyn chooses to pop in the smallest room in the house. "Gosh, that is one powerful kick." Yeah, I'm more concerned about the fact that you have just broken the sink. GEORGE COME HERE PLEASE
  54. 54. "grumble Why do I have to do this voice, can we not just call a repair man?" No George for three reasons: One, you have lots of mechanical points that because you haven't found a job in the gamer career yet are just going to waste. Two, I'm still annoyed at you for the whole university year from hell, and so I am going to make you do DIY around the house as part of your punishment
  55. 55. I have finished, so what was point three?" *Ding-dong* Oh yes, the doorbell ushers in number three...
  56. 56. For the first time in about two years, I'm trying to get a child into private school, and I don't want the headmaster to give a bad score based on a broken sink. Elizabeth's aspiration isn't doing too good, and failing to get in could well tip her over the edge. Well, the tour starts well with headmaster flipping out over the drawing room. "What a fantastic room Mr Legacy, I can see that there is everything here that a child needs to develop lifelong skills. I am particularly impressed by your books first for learning bookshelf."
  57. 57. He also likes the back parlour. "Another amazing room Mr Legacy, you certainly manage to provide for your family." "Yes, the voice may have been a bit slow to start with, but we do now live in comfort."
  58. 58. Unfortunately, he doesn't feel the same way about the master bedroom. "It's alright, but nothing special Mr Legacy." He is almost resistant to smoozing, giving us a minus score at one point. Time for the turkey I think.
  59. 59. Great, Elise, Elizabeth just carry on punching each other whilst the headmaster eats, I'm sure he won't care *shakes head* Thankfully, George for once does something that helps. "I can not help but notice, that you do not seem to have given us full points yet headmaster." "No Mr Legacy, I am afraid that there are some areas of the house and your father's conversation which I find lacking." "Really? You do realise that my father is the current Minister for Education?" "Minister...? I would just like to say Mr Legacy that I think that your family are just the sort of people we need to be associated with our school. I am sure that your sisters will be very happy with us." "I am sure they will be head master."
  60. 60. With Violet and Elizabeth in private school, I have Gabe start to show Violet how to do her homework, but this being the Sims, something has to happen to add drama, in this case, Allyn decides to give birth. "Aargghh Creator, this hurts." I know, and I'm sorry, but at least it doesn't last for long.
  61. 61. "Aarghhhhhhhh!" "Creator can not she have chloroform, surely we can afford it now?" Umm, sorry Elise, but there are no such things as anaesthetics in the Sims. "voice, why is she giving birth here in the drawing room?" Because she was sitting in the armchair Gabe, and I'm not going in for showing a full confinement yet.
  62. 62. Oh, so you weren't finished with one then Allyn? "Aarggh.., what? no Creator aargghhhh."
  63. 63. "Hello little one. Who can believe it Creator, twins! I thought they happened only about ten percent of the time, and haven't you had a run of them recently?" Yeess, I'm sure it is just one of those quirks which occur occasionally and nothing at all to do with the cheesecake I had you eat.
  64. 64. George is just like his mother, and puts his daughter straight down onto the floor, but I did manage to get this photo. Everyone meet Charlotta Marie Legacy. She has either George's custom skin, or Allyn's s3 skin, I won't know which until she is a teen. She also has Allyn's light blue eyes, and blonde hair. Well that genetic experiment lasted long didn't it? Obviously I need to see what hair colour my heir has, but I think I can now forget about restricting myself to just two hair colours for potential spouses.
  65. 65. This is Anne Elise Legacy. As you can see, she has Elise's s1 skin tone, Gabe's grey eyes, and blonde hair. Yay, genetic variety within siblings! I am so happy the clones were starting to make me go mad.
  66. 66. "Oh voice, what am I going to do? Twin girls, two babies to look after." I have no sympathy for you George, and besides which, I still need you to produce me a male heir. Anyway, have you seen your father? "Father? He is right here on the settee." Oh, thanks.
  67. 67. There you are Gabe. How are you feeling? "Fine voice. Why are you asking?" Umm, you can call me Miss Di by the way. It's just that it is 18:45 and you life bar looks rather full. "Really? I feel fine, must still be a slither left voi...Miss Di." 'Kay then.
  68. 68. George, I thought you were just complaining about having two babies? "Hah, you know full well voice that you have just told me to do this in order to get a sweet picture of me with my eldest daughter." True, and it is a sweet picture, but I couldn't resist adding some sarcasm to the caption because of your personality. "hmmph"
  69. 69. "Was George giving you lip about cuddling his daughter earlier Miss Di?" Yes he was, at least I can rely on you Gabe, although not for much longer. I got Gabe out of bed at 4:30 to change Anne's nappy, when Charlotta also started to cry. Gabe put Anne down in her cot, so I thought he might be going to change Charlotta's nappy, but no this happened...
  71. 71. GABE LEGACY. "Yes?"
  72. 72. HERE HAVE A DRINK, YOU HAVE EARNED IT. "Thank you, I think."
  73. 73. COME WE HAVE TO GO NOW. "But what about..." "Ohhh Gabe!" This picture about breaks my heart, the look on Elise's face is so poignant.
  74. 74. "Noooo, Gabe, come back." Oh Elise, I'm so sorry. Their marriage may not have been the most passionate that I have had in this game, but Elise cried and cried and cried until I intervened.
  75. 75. In fact most of the family is devastated. "Papa, nooo."
  76. 76. Even little Anne thinks about Gabe's death, in fact the only family member I don't catch crying is Violet.
  77. 77. Gabriel William Legacy Spouse Elise Children George, Elizabeth, Violet. Grandchildren Charlotta, Anne. Died age 67 days. LTW Reach top of the Education career - achieved. Inheritance Left money to 10 sims including 20000 to Elise; 9800 to Elizabeth; 9800 to Violet; 1200 to Anne. Goodbye Gabe, you were a great founder, maybe a bit grumpy at times, but you got this legacy off to a great start, and for that I will always remember you fondly.
  78. 78. Well time waits for no man in a legacy, and Elizabeth is just three days from becoming an adult, so I start to put my plan for her future into action. First up, I have to make my simself friends with Elizabeth's future spouse. Once that is done, I can introduce him to Elizabeth's family. "So Arthur, now that we are friends, I was wondering if you would like to join me and some other friends at a soiree I am hosting tomorrow evening?" "That sounds delightful Miss Di." Good, that's part of the plan out of the way.
  79. 79. Back at the Legacy house, Allyn and Elise settle down to breakfast. "So Mother, the Creator's simself rang just now, she would like us to attend a soiree this evening."
  80. 80. "This evening, but she is aware that my husband has just died. I really do not feel like socialising, surely we can make an excuse not to go?" "She is well aware of it, but says that she still has someone very important that she would like us all to meet." "Hmm, I suppose we will have to go then."
  81. 81. "You have bought me another new hat Creator." Yes I have, I'm just sorry about the circumstances Elise. "Yet we are still to go out tonight?" Yes, I have to keep things moving because Elizabeth will soon become an adult, and I want her out of the house, not because I don't like her, but because Allyn will soon be having more children, and we need the space.
  82. 82. Elise, let me introduce you to Arthur Skinner. Arthur has just moved into the neighbourhood Elise, and is a fortune sim. I am sure that he will make someone in your family a good husband. Arthur, this is Elise Legacy, widow of my founder Gabe, and mother to George, Elizabeth a fellow fortune sim, and Violet. "Very pleased to meet you Mrs Legacy." "And you Mr Skinner."
  83. 83. "So Mr Skinner, as a popularity sim, there are several things that I need to consider before I decide whether or not you are suitable for me to introduce to my daughter Elizabeth. Firstly, how do you feel about becoming best friends with all members of the family?" "Well Mrs Legacy, since my life-time want is to become a business tycoon, I need plenty of friends for that, so I would be delighted to become best friends with everyone." "That is good to hear. And what about giving me grandchildren?"
  84. 84. "Hmm, well although children are not my top priority as a fortune sim, I would of course like to have some children to carry on the Skinner name, so I am sure that Elizabeth and I would give you grandchildren"
  85. 85. "I like him Creator. I am sure that he and Elizabeth will get on famously. We will have to introduce him to Lizzie as soon as possible." I agree Elise.
  86. 86. By one of those shear flukes that often happen when playing the sims, the very next time I play Arthur's house my simself rings him asking to go on an outing, and who else is there but Elise and Elizabeth? Throughout the evening Arthur and Elizabeth seem to get on very well. "So, you are the man that my mother has been telling me all about." "Yes, I am Arthur, pleased to meet you."
  87. 87. By the time that Arthur invites everyone back to his house, he and Elizabeth are good friends. "So you can play the piano, and paint?" "Yes, I can also speak fluent French and do needlework." "You seem to be a very accomplished young woman Elizabeth." "Why thank you Arthur, and may I say that you seem to have a lovely house full of expensive items?" "Yes you may, I can see that you are a fellow fortune sim."
  88. 88. As you can see, back with the family, Gabe's death is casting a shadow over the whole family, and although I never caught Violet crying, for the first time in her life she gets into bed with her mother rather than going to sleep in her own room.
  89. 89. However, it doesn't seem to be affecting her school work. "Father would be so proud, I have just been given a A+ from the teacher at school." Well done Violet. I can also see that I forgot to change your outerwear. Go inside, and I'll do that, but be quick about it, cos your nieces are growing up today.
  90. 90. Hmm, well I planned on showing well thought out and organised pictures of Charlotta and Anne growing up, but as I've said before, my sim babies rarely grow up when and where I want them to. In Charlotta's case Elise decided to wonder off with Charlotta and give her a bottle just as I was expecting her to grow up. I followed them into the scullery, but was unable to get pictures of the sparklies, so here instead is the picture of Charlotta as a toddler. It's not easy to see from this pic, but looks at lot like her mother, and shows signs of having a lot of character to her face. I can't wait to see what she looks like - I reckon she will either be stunning or startling . By the way, she is another Gemini, but her personality is 5,9,9,3,6. Yay, she may be outgoing and active like her father and aunts, but at least she is also nice. "Did oo eva doubt it Cweata?" A little.
  91. 91. Well Charlotta grew up too soon, and Anne refused to grow up. Honestly, it was a nightmare, I had Elizabeth take her to a cake, but all that happened was Elizabeth blew out the candles, then put Anne on the floor and helped herself to cake. I had Allyn pick her up, but for the next three hours when it rolled round to the hour she would freeze and help with birthday would appear in her action queue, but within a quarter sim hour, it would disappear again. By this time it was eleven at night, and the whole household was tired, so I sent everyone to bed and put Anne in her cot.
  92. 92. Four o'clock in the morning (again) and I have Elise get up to change Anne's nappy. Again as the hour rolled around Elise froze like this. Arghh, I'm now tearing my hair out, screaming at the screen for Anne to just grow up, when Elise goes and puts her back in her cot.
  93. 93. Elise, then does this... Hooray, I knew you wouldn't let me down Elise, I knew you would think of something. "Thank you Creator, your faith in me is touching, so can you please resurrect my husband?" Uhh, no sorry Elise, but I have no plan to resurrect any sims in this legacy. "Oh."
  94. 94. Well, I think I know why Anne refused to grow up. "Hahahah." Yup, Anne like her father and aunts is a Gemini, and has their personality, that is 5,8,9,3,1. *bangs head on desk repeatedly* noooo, not fair *sob* More poking and noogying to look forward to during the teen years, joy. As Charlotta looks like her mother, it is quite fitting that Anne seems to be taking after her father in personality and looks.
  95. 95. Well, maybe this pregnancy will result in a different personality. "This is good news Creator, I am expecting again." Yup, good job you like babies, although would it kill you to roll the want to have a baby? "But, I want to interact with the children I already have first, what is wrong with that?" Nothing, it's just I have never played a family sim who fails to roll that particular want, and here you are seven days into your marriage, part way through your second pregnancy, and no such want. "hmm."
  96. 96. With another grandchild on the way, Elise decides that the family could do with a bit of help keeping the place clean, and so hires a maid. "Yes, I do need some help keeping my house spic and span, I especially need someone to pick up all the baby bottles that are left on the floor...you'll be over today...that is great, thank you very much." Servants were very much a part of everyday life for middle class Victorians, and the most common form of servant for the lower middle class was the maid of all work. As the title suggests a maid of all work did a little bit of everything, often in conjunction with the lady of the house. The hours were long (often 6.00 am till 10.00 pm with two an a half hours for meals) and the pay was poor. If they lived in then they could often expect to have to sleep in the kitchen, or if they were very lucky they had a very small bedroom as their own. History lesson over.
  97. 97. Well that's it for now. I think I'll leave you just I begun, with sickeningly sweet pictures of the two toddlers of the house. First up Charlotta "Ehwo weada."
  98. 98. Secondly Anne. "Mmm nummy." Join me next time for more birthdays, another wedding and all the usual legacy goodness. CC in this chapter can be mainly found at MTS2 (walls, floors, make up) and All-About-Style (clothing). There are some bits from other sites such as Peggy, and vitasims 2 for good measure.
  99. 99. "Ooo drinkie"