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Summer 3 cooke
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Summer 3 cooke


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Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. ~The Tenth Season~ ~Cooke~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  • 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch! Where I made Sandy Bruty have a ridiculous amount of kids. She’s holding James or Jason, I can’t remember which.
  • 3. Luckily for Sandy that her four eldest are all teens and help out a bunch. Amanda serves the first breakfast for the family. There’s twelve sims in the house so meals have to be served twice.
  • 4. The school bus arrives to take the kids away for the day. Yippee, the house gets quiet with just the two adults and three toddlers. Well as quiet as you can get with three toddlers.
  • 5. Sandy even finds time to be a tub pirate!
  • 6. After school it’s a rush to get homework finished so Julien can take all the older kids up to More Than Food. J&J Bakery is on the back burner for now, but I have plans, great plans for both stores.
  • 7. Thomas is on sales this round. He’s not having much luck though.
  • 8. Thanks to Julian and Jay working the diner half Ethan Smithe gave the star for Rank 1. Shortly followed by Melissa Fancey with Rank 2.
  • 9. By the end of the work day Thomas did manage to scrape up a silver sales badge. More Than Food is moving back up to it’s former glory.
  • 10. Back home, Amanda invites Sammie over. After some mulling it over, I have Amanda give Briar Rose to Sammie. Briar Rose can breed with Ben when it’s Sammie’s turn in the rotation.
  • 11. Julian adopts Abbey from the animal shelter for Thumper. Because Arbor Watch needs more puppies. The stranger looking the better.
  • 12. Six rolls around and it’s birthday time for Julian and Amanda!
  • 13. Not shabby, not too shabby at all. I’m excited. Amanda will move out on her own at the end of the rotation. Until then she’ll help around the house a bit.
  • 14. It’s the younger set of triplets’ birthday too. No more toddlers or babies for awhile.
  • 15. Going clockwise from the top we have, James, Jason and Jebediah. Poor Jebediah in the pink pjs.
  • 16. I redid the nursery so that there would be enough beds for everyone. The ocean theme is one of my favorites. It’s hard not to use it all the time.
  • 17. Poor James is still up when Day Two begins. He takes it upon himself to clear up the cake left laying around. By eating it of course.
  • 18. I decided to give Julian a bit of a birthday present in garden form. I think I’m going to have More Than Food sell fresh foods instead of baked items. Then J&J Bakery won’t be as redundant.
  • 19. The kids are off to school and it’s time to bake. I love having the dual stoves, Julien and Sandy can work without getting in each others way.
  • 20. It’s really strange having so many adults home for the day, even after playing the Vegas. Julian is busy with his birthday gift while Amanda bathes the dogs. In the middle of the lawn in her pajamas, because they kept glitching when she tried to bathe them in the master bath.
  • 21. Oh Sandy, we don’t need anymore fires. Well the double stoves were working well, I guess this was bound to happen.
  • 22. Despite his mother trying to burn the house down, Julian manages to earn his bronze gardening badge. Of course after he already finish planting all the tomatoes.
  • 23. After Jay and Thomas get home from school, everyone but Sandy head to More Than Food. Julian is on Sales because it’s time to do some serious spouse hunting.
  • 24. I really need to remember to put lights in this place, sheesh, it’s dark. Anyway, Amanda nabbed herself a bronze register badge. She’s always been on the register, her brothers take care of the everything else. I almost feel bad, but it sucks trying to train a new cashier.
  • 25. Well Julian did well on sales. Dorian Kauker here gave rank three, and not pictured Chase Tsang and his tracksuit got More Than Food to rank 4. Just a few more stars and I’ll have Culinary back. Yippee.
  • 26. Once home Julian brushes up on his cooking skills by preparing dinner for his younger siblings. Such a good big brother.
  • 27. Twice in one rotation? Really Russ this is how you’re going to be?
  • 28. At least there are no quilts for him to steal. I’m just surprised that everyone was asleep early enough to cause a burglary.
  • 29. He did take the big painting from upstairs, the jerk.
  • 30. Sandy manages to call the cops, but Russ got away. Oh well at least they have the money to replace both things he stole.
  • 31. Soon after Russ got away I got a little pop with a fight in it. I thought I had Julian and Thomas work out their differences…
  • 32. Oh thank goodness it was just Belle and Thumper. Shame on you two *scolds* Well at least they’ll work it out on their own. Most of the dogs eventually get along.
  • 33. Oh come on Julian. Now everyone will have to have a bath before the school bus comes. With only three bathrooms in the house too.
  • 34. He did eventually get the hang of making pancakes. Hopefully there won’t be anymore fires for a while.
  • 35. While Julian practiced his cooking skills, Amanda took a turn in tending the garden. Doesn’t hurt to help out her twin a bit.
  • 36. Sadly, Fierce passes away to join his parents and siblings across the Rainbow Bridge.
  • 37. It took forever to get you to the Cookes, but they’re happy you were there. We’ll miss ya buddy.
  • 38. After the teens get out of school it’s to More Than Food. Julian is back on sales, spouse hunting. He started rolling wants to be friends with Lyndsay Louie. But upon flirts he only has a single bolt with her. Let’s put her on the backburner for now.
  • 39. Thomas has been serving the past two days, but looks like we might need to switch him to something else. He dumped a tray on Peter Sims twice. Poor Peter.
  • 40. Finally Andrea Hogan appeared, Julian has two bolts with her. Good enough to make me happy. I haven’t married her in a challenge ever before.
  • 41. They stopped by Komei’s Klothes on the way home and I got Julian and Amanda new outfits. Nothing really suited them sadly, oh well.
  • 42. Julian spent some time with Abbey. She’s already friends with Thumper, now she just needs to friends with a human so there can be puppies!
  • 43. Of course Arbor Watch has gone puppy and kitten nuts. There’s not a single sim who hasn’t wanted one. Sigh so here’s Grindall for the Cookes.
  • 44. As the rest of the house settled to their nighttime routine, Julian invited Andrea Hogan. Because at 9 o clock I decide that she would be the next Cooke spouse.
  • 45. As per usual with my teens, Julian didn’t get his first kiss until adult hood. But it’s worth the wait right?
  • 46. Of course then ACR kicks in while I was checking on the other eleven sims in the house.
  • 47. As Day Three became Day Four, Julian proposed to Andrea, who of course accepted.
  • 48. No wedding party for them, just short sweet vows on the front porch. I couldn’t handle managing a party with so many sims in the house. Plus one more now. Thank goodness Amanda is moving out at the end of the rotation.
  • 49. This time it was me, no wasting time getting started on babies. Not that this house needs anymore sims.
  • 50. I do like Andrea. She’s a fortune sim who wants to be Prestidigitator and brought $13,000 to the household. She’s currently a Mail Room Tech in the Business Career. I’ll leave her there, it’s about time we unlocked a Business district.
  • 51. Soon the kids were up. Yay nice to see someone other than lovebirds. I love how the younger ones ended up looking like Sandy. Genetic diversity FTW!
  • 52. The older kids are too cool to watch before school cartoons and hang at the table for breakfast.
  • 53. Julien sets about teach Julian a thing or two about pancakes. And how to get them stuck to the ceiling.
  • 54. After breakfast Julian sits to look for a job in Culinary now that More Than Food is rank 5 again.
  • 55. I cleaned out Andrea’s inventory. She has clearing been shopping around Arbor Watch. Even managed to get a teddy bear that Komei made. He only made a few. Any how, I put the food in Julien’s inventory and kept the groceries and a cactus. I really regret selling the bear now, but oh well.
  • 56. The kids bring home Gabrielle Newson with them. Or is it Gabriella, I don’t remember. I would whine about them not bringing any other kids home, but the Newsons are going to join the neighborhood after the Jitmakusols. Gah I have to look up Phil’s last name every time I type it.
  • 57. After homework was complete, the usual crew went to More Than Food. Jay was a server while it was Thomas’ turn to work on sales. But he kept breaking the sink. Silly.
  • 58. Thomas did well on sales, Nabbing him a gold sales badge. Woot. I made him switch with Jay so they would stop breaking the sink.
  • 59. Amanda got her silver register badge too. And she heart farted Joe Graham….hmm….interesting.
  • 60. Joe then gave us rank 6 and Jay a gold sales badges as well, time to wrap it up and go home.
  • 61. Though Julian is not really close to death yet, thankfully. I have him transfer the deeds to More Than Food and J&J Bakery. Maybe I’ll work on the bakery in the fall. Since I didn’t really get around to it this time.
  • 62. Fierce makes his first appearance! Eww I hate the way his eyes look. Pet ghosts are creepy.
  • 63. Day five comes and I’m ready to delete Fierce’s grave. He hung out in the kitchen all night scaring anyone who dared to move. Julian alone got scared at least three times, it’s a wonder I didn’t lose anyone.
  • 64. He tried to scare Andrea to death too. Fierce lives up to his name after death. Jerk dog.
  • 65. Thomas maxes his logic skill. But I missed the head shot thingy. Finally, as soon as he grows up Herbert Goodie can get a job in the science career.
  • 66. Amanda’s been helping out Julian with his garden. I half wish I could keep them together in the same house, they’re very close. But I have a better plan for Amanda.
  • 67. Julian is working on his silver gardening badge, but he hasn’t got it yet. Summer’s nice because the tomatoes are flourishing. I wish they would get more bugs. But Julian isn’t really the plant sims type.
  • 68. The race to the school bus begins. It’s almost a sims 3 worthy stomping party with so many kids in the house. You know when the neighborhood gets really big and all the kids are trying to get to school on time.
  • 69. I redid Julian’s and Amanda’s room for Reno Day. That’s pretty much it, but I probably should have redid the nursery. Oh well. With Amanda moving out, Julian gets a double bed. That way Andrea and him don’t have to keep borrowing Sandy’s.
  • 70. The whole family’s been wanting a puppy. Abbey and Thumper aren’t anywhere close to having a puppy. So Andrea adopted Daisy.
  • 71. You know, I could be really evil and make Andrea have ten kids too….The Cooke’s have this nice big house with lots of room. Nah, too much too soon. The house drives me crazy enough as it is.
  • 72. Julian’s still trying to get his relationship up enough with Abbey. It’s hard juggling the gardening and baking with the dogs. But Bane’s line is getting a little thin.
  • 73. Yay! The kids brought home Elise Vega and not a sim bin kid for once. Maybe she’ll be a lot closer to the Cooke kids than her mom was with the older ones. Of course Abby’s a good bit older than Julian and Amanda.
  • 74. It’s birthday time again. For Jay, who’s moving out this season too. Also for Jeremiah, Maria, and Sandra.
  • 75. Maria looks a lot like her mom yay. She also got left out of the gothic party. Both Sandra’s and Jeremiah’s everyday outfits are gothic. Maria rolled family and wants to top education. Sandra’s logic with LTW of being Chief of Staff. We’ll work on that one honey. And Jeremiah is Romance and wants to be a Rock God which is doable.
  • 76. Amanda and Jay both move out. Cast drift in the great waters of Arbor Watch. We’ll seen them again both in the Fall rotation. *sniff* They grow up so fast.
  • 77. Aren’t they lovely? They really worked out together. That’s all for the Cookes this time around. On to the Smithes .
  • 78. Rotation: Summer 3 Households: 2 of 5 Playable Sims: 32 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 33 Community Lots: 10 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 4 Population: 128 CAS Available: 6 University Funds: $14106(+2000) # of Fires: 11 # of Burglaries: 2 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  • 79. Businesses: Amber's Tales – Sammie Jitmakusol- 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 6 Komei's Klothes – Abby Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 3 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Lillard – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 5 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 5 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke – 0 Lillard Train&Tone – Brandon Lillard -1 Careers: Business – 0/1 (Andrea Cooke) Law Enforcement 1 /2 (Juan Vega) Slacker 0/1 (Dagmar Lillard) Entertainment 0/1 (Abby Vega) Architecture 1/1 Criminal 1/1 Culinary 1/1