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Summer 3 vega


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Summer 3 vega

  1. 1. ~The Tenth Season~ ~Vega~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch! Summer’s here at last! I almost half wish it was really summer. It’s New Year Eve, and cold! Well not really that cold, but cold for Texas.
  3. 3. This first part of the chapter is not a happy one. *sobs* Why Grimmy why are you taking Amber, I thought she had more time????
  4. 4. I though she had at least until tonight. *sniffs* I guess not, and there’s no bone phone yet either, *sobs*
  5. 5. Amber Vega, founder of Arbor Watch, beloved wife of Komei Tellerman Vega, and mother of Abby Vega and Sammie Jitmakusol. She left Komei $10,000, Abby got $4,950, Sammie $5,000. Julien Cooke got $148 and Faith Goodie got $108. Amber you were one of my coolest sims, I’ll miss you a lot.
  6. 6. The dogs howled and howled.
  7. 7. Poor Komei was inconsolable. I felt so bad,, he just kept crying and crying. I wish I could give him a hug.
  8. 8. The whole family rolled wants for a puppy or a kitten or to resurrect Amber. Since I couldn’t bring Amber back I had Komei call the adoption service between sobs.
  9. 9. Meet Gabie. I have a Mia so I must have a Gabie, named after Muffinsgirl14 on Boolprop.
  10. 10. After some hemming and hawing I had Juan quit his job in business to pursue his LTW of being a Captain Hero.
  11. 11. There’s no position in Law Enforcement available today, but there’s an Entertainment spot. So as soon as Abby has her baby she can take it.
  12. 12. Speaking of which.
  13. 13. Elise is born! She has black hair? And blue eyes. Juan is there something you aren’t telling me?
  14. 14. Komei rescues Elise off the floor and is very happy to see his first grandchild…why are the dogs howling again?
  15. 15. Aww, come on Grimmy not Strength too. They just stopped crying.
  16. 16. Strength lived to be 32 days old and was the most like Bane out of all the pups. Him and Faith were extremely close.
  17. 17. Despite the losses, Abby still has to get that spot in Entertainment, who knows when it’ll come again.
  18. 18. And where there is death there is also life. I have Abby and Juan try for another baby. I want to see if they can produce a child with Abby’s eyes. I would hate to lose them in only two generations.
  19. 19. After awhile Juan heads to Vega Tykes for a little bit. To get away from the stillness of the house. He hired William Vijayaker to work the register since Komei didn’t want to come along.
  20. 20. Danielle Lillard gave Vega Tykes, rank 2 and then turned around and got to rank 3. Go Danielle! Juan got his silver sales badge as well.
  21. 21. And Jill Smith gave the store rank 4 just before Juan closed up shop for the night. After restocking the entire store by himself he got his bronze stocking badge.
  22. 22. Komei refuses to leave Elise alone. Everytime I need him to do something he’s upstairs holding her or downstairs giving her a bottle.
  23. 23. The Vegas all wanted another puppy, I’m going to hurt them. But it’s an easy want to fill. So here’s Lady, the only other female puppy. I would’ve gotten her even if there had been others. Look at that curly fur.
  24. 24. Finally a long day is at an end. Abby climbs into bed exhausted.
  25. 25. And as to get right back up again to tend to Elise. Poor Abby, but she was the closest.
  26. 26. Day Two begins with cuteness. Faith has taken a liking to Lady. Who I forgot to mention is named after my beloved sheltie that passed away last spring. But don’t be sad for Lady because she was in a lot of pain, it was her time to go.
  27. 27. Juan checks the computer for jobs. And bingo, there’s a spot in law enforcement. LTWs here we come.
  28. 28. And I found Juan’s dirty little secret. His brown hair is a dye job. Gotta fix that.
  29. 29. Abby managed to pry Elise away from Komei for a little bit. Enough time to bond with her little girl.
  30. 30. The moment I was dreading rolled around. Grimmy came to get Faith. Well at least he won’t be coming back any more this chapter.
  31. 31. I always felt like Faith was Strength twin. They were always very close, even as puppies. She was a good mix of Bane and Cleo. I’m not surprised she only made it a day longer than Strength.
  32. 32. Komei and Juan decide to leave Elise with Abby and get out of the house for a little while. Abby is now the owner of Komei’s Klothes and I decided to remodel it a bit. Since Komei couldn’t really make clothes on the sewing machine efficiently enough for a store.
  33. 33. Komei takes care of selling while Juan mainly runs the register.
  34. 34. Juan and Komei stopped by Goodie Blooms on the way home to get Abby flowers.
  35. 35. Juan takes a turn taking care of Elise. She’s going to be so spoiled. Abby had to leave for her first day of work. Leaving the boys to take care of the girl.
  36. 36. Elise is soon down for a nap and Komei is glued to his sewing machine. He’s been rolling wants to sew a project in between wanting another puppy. No Komei, just no. Two is enough.
  37. 37. Juan doesn’t really have anything to do at home so I send him up to his store. Where William promptly earns a raise.
  38. 38. Gretchen Chin gives Vega Tykes rank 5 yippee! And I really need to put a ceiling on the store. So many sky shots. Sigh.
  39. 39. Juan gets the Best of the Best Award and a good review. Despite not having an open air market like the rest of the winners.
  40. 40. Abby came home with a promotion to Birthday Party Mascot. Moving on up!
  41. 41. She popped on the sidewalk. Being at work delayed the second trimester a few hours. I’m excited Abby’s going to have another baby. And I might have had a liter of Dr. Pepper. Just maybe…I might be hyper because of it, just maybe.
  42. 42. I changed Juan’s hair to its natural black. There will be no dye jobs. You’ll have your natural hair color and like it!
  43. 43. Day Three and Komei is up before the sun as usual. Though it’s actually kind of nice this time because I don’t have to wake up Abby or Juan to take care of Elise.
  44. 44. They still have Abby’s baby swing. Isn’t Elise cute? I love this thing.
  45. 45. It’s Elise’s birthday. So Komei goes to More Than Food to buy a birthday cake.
  46. 46. Juan spends most of the morning talking on the phone to friends to keep relationships up. I’m really bad about neglecting relationships.
  47. 47. I decided to dive in and throw a birthday party for Elise. Phil and Sammie were invited as well as the Smithes and the Goodies. The Plan is in motion :D. Ethan and Lilly brought their older kids with them as well. But Cassie left early.
  48. 48. Of course Faith and Herbert spend the whole time being sappy. I love Faith’s expression in this picture.
  49. 49. Oh I forgot about Ruth, whoops. I purposely held Elise’s birthday party off until Saturday so Ruth could come. Elise could of aged up Day two. I just figured I’d throw the birthday party before six. Anyways cake time!
  50. 50. Aww, I love her dress. I like the way she turned out. While she’s not exactly a favorable mix of her parents genetics, but she’s very unique looking.
  51. 51. Sammie and Phil feel they need to out do Faith and Herbert’s public displays of affection.
  52. 52. And smart milk is yummy. Elise really needs to go potty hopefully Abby can get the smart milk ready in time.
  53. 53. Abby didn’t quite get to Elise in time, but I still made Elise drink the smart milk. Komei changed Elise’s diaper and tucked her into bed while the party continued on downstairs.
  54. 54. Faith immediately fell in love with the puppies. She wouldn’t leave Gabie alone for more than a minute. Once she stopped sucking Herbert’s face off.
  55. 55. Toward the end of the party Abby popped into her third trimester.
  56. 56. Mostly to the sheer number of people invited and cake, the party was a roof raiser. Awesome, I normally don’t make it past Good Time.
  57. 57. It’s finally Juan’s first day of work as a security guard. His hours will bleed over into Sunday a little, but other than making him call in sick on his first day, there’s not really anything I can’t do about it.
  58. 58. Abby’s asleep upstairs, but Elise is wide awake. Thank goodness for Komei still being around to help out. He adores his granddaughter.
  59. 59. For some reason Benedict is still hanging around after the party has been over for several hours. Cleo is up to mischief trying to scare Komei into wetting himself. Not nice Cleo.
  60. 60. Bane is out and about too. Hopefully to keep Cleo from causing too much trouble. There’s been enough of Grimmy in this chapter Cleo!
  61. 61. At midnight on Day Four Komei potty trains Elise and tucks her into bed. He then goes to bed himself, since Cleo scared the living daylights out of him.
  62. 62. At three in the morning Russ Bear decides he needs to be Arbor Watch’s first burglar.
  63. 63. I woke Abby up to stop him and call the cops, but she kept freaking out. Russ ran around the house stealing Komei’s homemade quilts. Because apparently there’s huge black markets for quilts.
  64. 64. See he stole the green quilt in the dining. Russ you jerkface.
  65. 65. Komei finally is able to call the cops. Not sure if using emergency services is allow. But what the hay, Juan’s in the law enforcement career.
  66. 66. Demi shows up to fight! She actually wins the fight, but then the game glitched and Russ got to run away anyways. Girf.
  67. 67. Komei gets to work on replacing the stolen quilts. I still can’t believe that Russ stole quilts. Can you imagine going back to the robber hide out with quilts?
  68. 68. Despite the night’s upset, it’s Family Day. Sammie, Phil and Ben are all invited over for the day.
  69. 69. Genie lamp!!! The Vegas finally got another genie lamp!!! I made sure to save after I got it. I may not have Bella, the dog who liked to shut off my computer, anymore, but I’m not taking any chances. At least Hanna doesn’t really go under my desk. She does other things, like steal my pillow *glares at innocently sleeping dog*
  70. 70. She only looks all cute and innocent. She’s a pillow thief I tell ya! I guess to go with the quilts Russ stole.
  71. 71. Back to the Vegas, Abby commands Hannah to have puppies with Ben. I know I’m just asking to go insane. But I wanted to see what the puppies would look like.
  72. 72. Speaking of looks. Here’s Gabie all grown up, she looks like Hannah turned into a greyhound. Now make best friends with Sumo so there’ll be more puppies!
  73. 73. Just before five, Abby goes into labor.
  74. 74. And Alexander is born just in time to have his first birthday on Day Five. You can’t see them but he has Amber’s eyes. Yay! He has black hair too, but will hopefully have the recessives for red. He’ll be the heir to the Vega house. As much as I love Elise, I want to get the custom genetics in the family. But she’ll get to found her own house like her Aunt Sammie.
  75. 75. Look it’s Strength to turn to haunt! So much sooner than usual. I wish you could interact with the ghost more like in the sims 3. But at least we get to see them.
  76. 76. And Day Five begins with pancakes. Yum! Abby shares her father’s loved for fluffy goodness. Cereal is still much better, if you’re wondering.
  77. 77. Much like how he was with Elise, Komei can’t get enough of Alexander. Put the boy down Komei he needs a nap.
  78. 78. It’s Reno Day at last. I finally replaced the fridge in the kitchen to a better one. I think I’ll leave it the way it is otherwise. It’s a cozy little kitchen.
  79. 79. I redid the upstairs a bit too. We’ll just tactfully ignore the ACR romp going on in the bedroom. How did I not notice that earlier, gross. Anyway the upstairs became a second family room. Full of skilling things and slightly worn furniture. Like what you would find in the attic kind of stuff.
  80. 80. I actually remembered to landscape a little this time too. Not sure if it’s going to stay like this. But I made the porch a little bigger for the dogs and made the swingset bigger for Elise and Alexander.
  81. 81. And Lady grew up into a black and brown poodle. Bawahaha. Poor Lady. I’m sorry I know the functionality of a poodle cut but I find it hilarious. I wasn’t expecting that with the curly fur.
  82. 82. It’s double birthday time for Alexander and Elise. Alexander is first up.
  83. 83. Gosh he is cute. With those big blue eyes and that outfit. He looks a lot like his dad, but enough of Abby to soften the features a little. He’s 6/10/9/4/6.
  84. 84. First things first, fill the child with smart milk!
  85. 85. Next up it’s Elise’s turn.
  86. 86. Aww, I luffs her. She’s definitely not the cutest thing, but she’s very unique. The hair suits her, but I think I’m still going to change it. Ruth has that hair cut. So does Amanda Cooke. And of course I failed to get a picture of it.
  87. 87. Oh hi there Amber. Checking on your grandbabies? I’m sorry you didn’t get to see them first hand. But your looking good for a ghost. That’s a wrap for the Vegas this season. On to the Cookes.
  88. 88. Rotation: Summer 3 Households: 1 of 5 Playable Sims: 31 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 32 Community Lots: 10 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 4 Population: 124 CAS Available: 6 University Funds: $12106(+1300) # of Fires: 9 # of Burglaries: 1 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  89. 89. Businesses: Amber's Tales – Sammie Jitmakusol- 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 2 Komei's Klothes – Abby Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 3 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Lillard – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 5 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 1 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke – 0 Lillard Train&Tone – Brandon Lillard -1 Careers: Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 1 /2 (Juan Vega) Slacker 0/1 (Dagmar Lillard) Entertainment 0/1 (Abby Vega) Architecture 1/1 Criminal 1/1