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Winter 2 cooke


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Winter 2 cooke

  1. 1. ArborWatch ~The Eighth Season~ ~Cooke~By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch. It is the Cookes’turn in the rotation as you can see. Is it Cooke’s orCookes’ if I’m talking about the family as a whole. I don’t know, who cares on with the show!
  3. 3. After the morning cuddle, Julien’s sent to the daily grind of baking enough food for the store while Sandylounges around. She’s looks so bored. You know you do have kids to take care of. I guess they’re at school right now since it’s after 9. But you could still help Julien. Lazy sims.
  4. 4. Puppy birthday time. Briar Rose is one with the goatee andThumper is the clean shaven one. Poor Briar Rose, it’s a very nice goatee at least.
  5. 5. Sandy finally gets up and decides to help, thankfully gettingdressed before hand. She’s taking forever to get to cooking level 10 even though she’s baking a good forth of the goods.
  6. 6. Soon the kids are home from school. And since it’sbeen so long since I’ve updated the front boy is Jay and the background boy is Thomas. Thomas is jealousbecause today is Jay’s birthday and poor Thomas will be the only kid in the house for awhile.
  7. 7. Jay rolled romance and wants to have 20 lovers, Ishould make him have children with all of them just forbeing annoying. Maybe not.. That’s a bigger population boom than I want to have all at once.
  8. 8. Fierce is still kicking around. Living the good life. He ended up looking so cool and feature wise the most like Cleo. Though all of Bane’s kiddos had Cleo head shape.
  9. 9. I love this shot, don’t really have a caption for it. But Ilove Amanda’s expression, my what big eyes you have!
  10. 10. Day Two begins with babies!!!! Yep as some of youhave guess Sandy did indeed get pregnant in the car last chapter. Because I want if I can get her kids to look like her a little more. They all look like Julien.
  11. 11. Julien and Julian are both up early making things for More Than Food. I think I’ve said before, butJulian will be taking over the family business after Julien goes to the great neighborhood in the sky.
  12. 12. The boys head off to work. The Cookes finally haveenough funds to get the diner part up and running. I went ahead and hired another person so there would be two waiters. Foolishly I forgot to take pictures of the entire layout. I’m now counting one spot of culinary unlocked.
  13. 13. After the boys closed up shop at More Than Food, Julien wants to go to Sue’s kitchen. He hasn’t been in a cooking contest in awhile. Hopefully he’ll win this time.
  14. 14. Sammie and Komei are both here too. I didn’t think theyhad memberships….can you get cooking enthusiasm from drinking Simfast? Komei of course does most of the cooking at the Vegas. Needless to say the chef won of course. Baked Alaska is addictive.
  15. 15. *whispers* Back home it’s naptime for everyone….actually thatseems like a good idea at the moment.
  16. 16. I love the Cookes somehow they all managed tosit down for dinner together. Well most of them, Julian must still be sleeping.
  17. 17. Day Three begins with another baby bump. I loves babies.
  18. 18. Julian is starting to spend more and more time in thekitchen, though he’s not having much luck in the poptart sense. I never mad pop tarts in the oven before I usually just eat them cold.
  19. 19. No sneaky ninja birthdays this time. Fierceages up to elder hood. *sniffles* Simdogs shouldn’t grow old.
  20. 20. The kitchen is the place to be if you’re at the Cookes. Though is doesn’t seem to wise to be playing with the dogs whileJulien is trying to bake stuff for the shop.
  21. 21. Six rolls around and it’s time for Julien’s birthday! Don’t catch the house on fire there Julien.
  22. 22. Aw him and Sandy don’t have matching pjs anymore. It’s kinda sad seeing him grow old. But it happens.
  23. 23. Winter is apparently dog training seasonfor the family. Everybody’s taking theirturn teaching one of the pups something.
  24. 24. See Sandy is a great pregnant sim despite herself. I love this picture of her rubbing her belly.
  25. 25. Day Four and true to Arbor Watch elders he’s upbefore the sun, already working away in the kitchen.
  26. 26. As soon as the sun comes up it’s time forbabies!!! Yes babies because kids are best in threes!
  27. 27. Sandy gave birth to triplets, Jeremiah, Maria andSandra. As for which baby is which, I have no earthly idea, they all look alike at the moment.
  28. 28. I assure you, I am not up to something.
  29. 29. When the kids come from school the boys trooped up to the store.The new waiter is having a bit of trouble getting used to the job. Poor Armando is unwares. Despite that, the bakery part of More than Food is doing well.
  30. 30. Back at home, Sandy hands off one of the triplets toAmanda. She’s gonna be a mom one day so she’ll need some parenting skills. Poor Amanda she doesn’t look exactly thrilled, does she.
  31. 31. Outside Thomas spends more time with the girl his older brothers brought home than the do.Briar Rose is of course out there to chaperone.
  32. 32. Amanda gets used to the idea of having babies in thehouse again. She’s now starting to pick up the triplets onher own. There are kinda cute once you get used to them Amanda.
  33. 33. Of course Day Five begins with everyone doingtheir share to take care of crying infants. Poor Jay is so awkward.
  34. 34. Day Five is RENO DAY!!!!! I finally finished the kitchenand redid the master bathroom since it was pretty much just a toilet. Six sims sharing one bathroom is just too much.
  35. 35. The Cooke kids are horrible about keeping up with their homework so they get to try to catch up before going to school.
  36. 36. Yay Arbor Watch has it’s first genie lamp!
  37. 37. Julien and Sandy head up to Amber’s Tales for some time away from the kids.
  38. 38. Beat it you two, you’ve seen sims in love before no need to oogle.
  39. 39. Told you Goopy. You think he’s justdepressed because he didn’t get a chance with Sandy?
  40. 40. Still not doing nothing.Julien certainly looks happy about nothing doesn’t he?
  41. 41. Yep nothing right there.
  42. 42. Julien uses the genie to wish for somemoney. Maybe next rotation they will have enough to finish the house completely.
  43. 43. Six o’clock and it’s birthday time for the triplets! Jay looks so disgusted. You’re holding a girl so she gets pink candles.
  44. 44. Clockwise it’s Maria 10/3/10/4/8, Jeremiah 5/5/10/8/4, and Sandra5/6/4/4/4. Maria actually looks like her mom. YAY!!!!
  45. 45. That’s it for the Cookes. Nextup is the Smithes because extra Es are spiffy.
  46. 46. Rotation: Winter 2 CAS Available: 3/5 Businesses: Households: 2 of 3 Ambers Tales - Amber Playable Sims: 17 University Funds: Vega - 10 # Of Total $3735 More than Food - Julien Residents(PS + Cooke – 7 Gravestones): 17 # of Fires: 5 Komeis Klothes – # of Burglaries: 0 Komei Vega – 3 Community Lots: 5 # of Electrocutions: 0 Smithes Underground – Business Districts: 0 # of Graves: 0 Ethan Smithe – 2 Universities: 0 The Toy Chest- Ethan Downtown: No Smithe- 2 Careers: SM: 3 Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 1/1 Population: 51 Slacker 1/1 Entertainment 1/1*Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 Culinary 1/1