Winter 2 smithe


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Winter 2 smithe

  1. 1. ArborWatch~The Eighth Season~~Smithe~By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch! It’s finally the Smithes’turn. Last season Dagmar walked out on Ethan andher three kids, Benedict, Leon and Cassie. Poor Ethanhas to figure out how to raise three kids on his own.
  3. 3. Day One begins in the middle of the night, like allgood days do. All the Smithes are up and Ethan istrying to teach all three how to do their homework.With Soda supervision of course.
  4. 4. The family hangs out a bit before the schoolbus arrives. Ethan is a pretty good dad, hesends most of his free time interacting withthe kids.
  5. 5. The bus arrives at last and the kids are off.Ethan has the whole day to himself.
  6. 6. Not to himself no long at least. Ethan did afew chores so his house didn’t look like apigsty and phone Lilly Do over.
  7. 7. Needless to say, she was more than willing to comeover.
  8. 8. Ethan proposed and of course Lilly accepted. He’smoving a little quick after Dagmar leaving, but I’m eagerto get Lilly and Ethan together. They are a much betterfit than him and Daggie dearest.
  9. 9. And of course she moves in too and they take advantageof some alone time.And of course that’s is been so long since I played I can’tremember how much funds Lilly brought in. But she didbring in a good bit. She’s a knowledge sim that wants tomax all 7 skills.
  10. 10. Lilly falls asleep and Ethan gets up to makea quick lunch before he heads off to work.Classy Ethan just leave Lilly home alone justafter she moves in.
  11. 11. So much snow ^.^. If you can’t tell I love snow,especially Arbor Watch covered in snow.
  12. 12. I went ahead and replaced the mic with a guitar sinceLilly brought in some money. No one would go up onstage and play with the mic. Hopefully the guitar will beirresistible.
  13. 13. The customers soon start piling in. Thankfullysims don’t have to worry about the meltingsnow ruining the hardwood floors. SmitheUnderground is one of my favorite businessesbut despite the good customer flow it takesforever to get any stars.
  14. 14. As I expected the guitar is an instant hit.
  15. 15. Ethan works in the back making toys, leavinghis patrons to their own devices.
  16. 16. The club is still a favorite of the oldertownies of Arbor Watch. I swear a thirdof the customers are elders. I’m going tohave to make a bingo room or something.
  17. 17. Back home the kids are home from school. AndBenedict is not to thrilled with Leon from somereason. Benedict looks just like my little brotherwhen he gets frustrated.
  18. 18. And Lilly is…crying? Oh she got fired from a job she couldn’t keepanyways. Poor Lilly. I just realized too that she’s my first brownhaired sim in Arbor Watch. Genetic diversity FTW. OF course allof her kids will probably end up with black hair now that I’ve saidthat.
  19. 19. Lilly sits down with Benedict in order totry to get to know Ethan’s kids.
  20. 20. And of course she forgets that she putdinner in the oven. But yay another fire!That brings the count up to six and anotherspot in law enforcement is open!
  21. 21. Umm, Lilly you aren’t suppose to let them get so outof hand.
  22. 22. Nothing a fire to bring couples closer together,worried about almost losing Lilly. I have Ethanpropose, though she looks less than less. Maybehe should of showered first.
  23. 23. Yep, shoulda showered first.
  24. 24. Well, Ethan takes a shower, but we’llhave to wait until they’re done beingfurious with each other to try again.
  25. 25. Lilly slept on the couch since they’rerelationship was no longer high enough tosleep together.
  26. 26. Ethan got up on Day Two and as quietlyas possible taught Benedict to do hishomework.
  27. 27. The kids are off to school, and as soon as Lillygets her neat points together it’s time towork on her and Ethan’s relationship. Andshe refused because he was stinky, sigh.
  28. 28. They ended up allover the house, Ethanapologizing over andover on his laxpersonal hygienehabits.
  29. 29. The flour baby makes its first appearance in ArborWatch. Ethan is working hard but that stupidfurious meter is taking forever to go down.
  30. 30. Luckily by bedtime Lilly does agree tosleep in the same bed as Ethan.
  31. 31. Day Three begins with morehomework for Leon. He was the mostattached to Dagmar and is strugglingto learn to study.
  32. 32. Grrr, I really don’t like that furious meterso close to getting back together but so faraway. I have to live with them just beingnice to each other at breakfast.
  33. 33. Leon finally got an A+. Yay goLeon!
  34. 34. I didn’t take enough pictures for this chapter,regretfully. So you’ll have to enjoy Ethan reading abook because that’s about all I have for Day Three.
  35. 35. And Lilly started another fire. If thiswasn’t a BACC she wouldn’t be allowedto cook.
  36. 36. Though it seems Ethan shouldn’t becooking either on Day Four. Thankfullyhe only burnt the pop tarts. Doesn’tLeon look thrilled?
  37. 37. After the kids catch the bus, Ethan and Lillyhead up to The Toy Chest to actually makesome money this rotation.
  38. 38. Thanks to the money Lilly brought TheToy Chest actually has walls now.
  39. 39. A quick date and the furious meter is gone Lillyfinally accepts getting engaged.
  40. 40. Not to tempt fate again, I go ahead andhave them tie the knot.
  41. 41. They take turns on the energizer beforeheading home. Man I love that thing.
  42. 42. Back home they have some time beforethe kids get home and spend somequality time together.
  43. 43. Somewhere in their quality time, Iheard a lullaby. Moar babies!!!!!
  44. 44. The kids come home exhausted. Soafter quick naps it’s homework time.
  45. 45. Day Five is RENO DAY!!!!!!!!! I redid the kidsbedrooms so they actually have decent bedsare arent so tired all the time.
  46. 46. Cassie isn’t sure what to do with her newtoy. This is only the second time I’ve hadone of these for my sims.
  47. 47. Dagnabit Ethan!!! That’s it I’m deleting thestove.
  48. 48. That’s it for the Smithe, thankfully despiteeverything, no one died and a new memberis on the way. Lilly popped, but I didn’t get apicture of it. Up next is the Bertinohousehold.
  49. 49. Rotation: Winter 2Households: 3 of 4Playable Sims: 18# Of TotalResidents(PS +Gravestones): 18Community Lots: 5Business Districts: 0Universities: 0Downtown: NoSM: 3Population: 54CAS Available: 3/5University Funds:$6357# of Fires: 8# of Burglaries: 0# of Electrocutions: 0# of Graves: 0Businesses:Ambers Tales - AmberVega - 10More than Food - JulienCooke – 7Komeis Klothes –Komei Vega – 3Smithes Underground –Ethan Smithe – 2The Toy Chest- EthanSmithe- 2Careers:Business – 1/1Law Enforcement 2/2Slacker 1/1Entertainment 1/1Culinary 1/1*Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211