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Spring 2 vega

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Spring 2 vega

  1. 1. The Fifth Season: Spring By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC!
  2. 2. Spring is in the air for Arbor Watch. The little fledgling town has had a rough first year, but there's only going up.
  3. 3. Day One begins with Abby and Sammie. They're two of my favorite kids in the game, or at least in my game. I have lots of favorites....I digress.
  4. 4. The season's barely begun and Bane's up to his usual cuteness, begging belly rubs. He was suppose to be a big scary guard dog.
  5. 5. Fierce helps Komei make breakfast. I love having all the dogs underfoot. But the house is so crowded, hopefully Fierce and Joy will be able to switch over to the Cooke house this rotation.
  6. 6. Day One is Sunday, meaning no school or work. The family gets to enjoy a nice breakfast together.
  7. 7. I gave the girls a swing to play on since both of their fun bars were in the red and I didn't want to get them a TV just yet. I love the push interaction. I rarely get to see it; I sat there for several minutes watching the girls play,
  8. 8. Komei heads up to More than Food to try to give Julien the dogs.
  9. 9. Again Julien refuses. You have enough money you jerk. Maybe he's worried about the twins...Oh I just realized Komei and Sandy are friends. Maybe giving her the dogs at the house rather than the business would work.
  10. 10. The rest of the day is spent Spring cleaning, Amber replants the garden with more tomatoes. She can do strawberries now, but I don't want her to be that much into gardening.
  11. 11. Day One ends with Komei breaking the sink. Way to go Komei.
  12. 12. Day Two is Sammie's first day of school and the first time in awhile the parents have the whole day to themselves.
  13. 13. Amber's Tales is booming, only a handful of stars away from being a level 10 business.
  14. 14. They didn't quite make level 10 by the end of the day, but got close enough. Hopefully I'll be able to expand the store soon, I want the interior to be more like Barnes and Nobles, with couches and tables for reading, I'll probable throw in a toddler table too just for looks.
  15. 15. I rewallpapered the back room. The Vega are actually doing pretty well now and not having to struggle for everything. I hope to open them another business soon.
  16. 16. Back home Komei called Sandy to invite her over. I know everybody loves the phone shots.
  17. 17. Sandy came over and still claimed she didn't have enough money for the dogs, grrr. Oh well maybe next rotation.
  18. 18. Bane wakes up from his nap and promptly grows old. I'm sad Bane's one of my favorite dogs ever.
  19. 19. Abby came home with an A+, which is good because it's one of her last days as a kid, I just got the two day birthday message. Woot! Arbor Watch is going to have it's first teen.
  20. 20. I set Komei to digging, I want him to open up a clothing store, but he need's 4,800 cash to buy the lot. They're about a fourth of the way there.
  21. 21. He doesn't pick up much, but enough to put him about to his goal.
  22. 22. Turns out, Komei had this little surprise in his inventory. Some of Julien's crepes, yum.
  23. 23. After the family goes to bed, I bought a sewing table for Komei. He already has a bronze badge so it shouldn't take him too long to get to gold.
  24. 24. Day three rolls around and Komei sets about to teach Sammie to do her homework.
  25. 25. The girls have just enough to grab breakfast before school. Of course having a food fight is a natural part of a balanced meal.
  26. 26. As soon as the girls are off to school, Amber and Komei head up to work. Julien makes one of his first appearances at the store. I see how it Julien, you have enough money to buy books, but not Fierce, you jerk.
  27. 27. Marylena gives Amber's Tales it's level 10 star. Sweet, I opened the first spot in a career. As a reward I use the point in the money reward colomn, giving the Vegas $20,000 to play with.
  28. 28. Komei promptly calls and buy the community lot beside the bookstore, and Komei's Klothes is born.
  29. 29. Back home the kids bring some friends home with them. Gabrielle Newson and Orlando Bertino. More Gabrielle, her face looks almost skeletal and she's covered in make-up.
  30. 30. Sammie manages to get and A+ on her second day of school.
  31. 31. The extra kids head home and it's time for Abby's birthday.
  32. 32. Abby rolls fortune, her turns ons stink and some hair color and she's turned off by cologne. She ended up kind've pretty, her eyes are a bit too small, but a little make-up evens it out a bit. Her clothing choice aren't too horrible either. At least she didn't get stuck with that jumpsuit.
  33. 33. Day Four, Abby helps out with Sammie's homework before school. Poor Sammie, her fun bar is nearly always run and she doesn't end up with a lot of time to finish her homework. But hey look someone actually playing with Cleo.
  34. 34. At the bookstore, I finally finish up the break room, not that they really need it. It's nice to have when someone gets a bit hungry. It didn't turn out quite the way I expected it to, but it'll do for now.
  35. 35. Amber and Komei spend a few hours at the bookstore and then head over to the new store. I know this is a crappy shot of the store and I was more worried about how much it cost to build it than taking pictures. I promise better pictures of it next rotation.
  36. 36. Simply building the basics of Komei's Klothes ate up the remaining half of the twenty grand. So I banished Amber and Komei to digging.
  37. 37. By nightfall they were able to scrape up enough to buy the little clothing rack thing, I think it's a bit silly that the cheapest one is $2,400.
  38. 38. Jan Tellerman is their first customer to actually buy something, but I forgot to make Amber suggest clothes for Jan. So I have no idea what she bought. Now I want to marry her in and see.
  39. 39. Because they had spent all day digging, I took pity on Amber and Komei. They had a quick date to boost them into platinum and took turns using Amber's Energizer. I try not to use it a whole lot, but it comes in handy sometimes, and besides they earned it. And then we'll pretend that sentence has good grammar.
  40. 40. Refreshed Komei spent the rest of the day working on his sewing badge. He's only making teddy bears right now, because they're quicker to make than curtains are.
  41. 41. Not much happens the rest of Day Four which brings us to Day Five. RENO DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Bane likes reno day too.
  42. 42. This is actually a picture I took when Amber's Tales became level 10. But it works for filler too. Amber and Komei spent some time at Amber's Tales and then skipped off to Komei's Klothes. I was going to try to go to both business everyday, but it looks to be too much hassle. I'll just alternate them.
  43. 43. It was night before they made it over the other store. I haven't put lights in yet so everything is super dark.
  44. 44. Anthony Beana is the first victim to be suggested clothes for. Poor guy running around in a track suit.
  45. 45. Here he is after, I'm not too impressed, but it looks better than the track suit, and I'm not ready to CC up Arbor Watch.
  46. 46. Joe Carr is the last customer of the day and the second victim. Amber dazzles him up while Komei closes the store.
  47. 47. Okay that doesn't look as good as I expected it to, I should've gone with red. Oh well, too late now.
  48. 48. Oh look I found my better picture of the store. I'm mimicking snuffalopagus' building style a little bit,but you can't beat Snuff's awesome building skills.
  49. 49. Back at home, I remodeled the house. Now everybody isn't crammed into one bedroom and eventually there will be two bathrooms. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with the halfwall, but we'll see how it does. The Vegas are left with $9 after the remodel, can't have that now.
  50. 50. Back to treasure hunting, I don't want them going back into poverty when they just got out.
  51. 51. When Abby comes home from school I put her to work too.
  52. 52. With all three digging they managed to find about $2,000 worth of stuff. Which means I can finish flooring the new rooms.
  53. 53. I have Abby start learning how to make dinner, I'm kind've hoping for a fire. Is that too evil perhaps?
  54. 54. Her LTW want finally appeared and she wants to top the entertainment career which isn't too hard to open up, all she has to do is maxed charisma by her birthday.
  55. 55. And that's a rap for the Vegas, they were a lot of fun to play this week and I'm a bit reluctant to leave. Especially since Julien has twins and all. I kind of like not having to worry about babies. Anyway toodles!
  56. 56. Rotation: Spring 2 Households: 1 of 2 Playable Sims: 8 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 8 Community Lots: 3 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 16 CAS Available: 2/3 University Funds: $849 # of Fires: 1 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 9 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 2 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega - 1 Careers: Business - 1/1 *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~ ~Stats~
  57. 57. HAPPY SIMMING!