Fall 2 cooke


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Fall 2 cooke

  1. 1. ~The Seventh Season~ ~Cooke~By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Babies and baking how every goodmorning should start. Poor Sandy all she gets to do is take care of kids.
  3. 3. Julien pulls out some leftovers for the family, the ones that could eat leftovers anyways.
  4. 4. The nice thing about having all the dogs around is that the kids are always entertained. Plus they act cute.
  5. 5. Should they allow kids to use hedge trimmers that big> I swear I can see all sorts of bad things happening. But look apples!
  6. 6. After the kids were dutifully sent off to school, Sandy spent the next morning digging for treasure, I’m starting to get tired of everyone being so poor.
  7. 7. I guess Sandy’s tired of being poor too as she managed to dig up a chest.
  8. 8. The day began to wound down, Sandy made dinnerthough she burnt it. I love how this family always ends up eating together.
  9. 9. After dinner, it was birthday for Thomas. Yay no more babies for a while.
  10. 10. Yep, should’ve rolled poor Thomas is a clone of Jay. Ohwell life goes on doesn’t it. His personality is 7/6/9/4/1.
  11. 11. Despite Thomas being a clone of Jay, he’s still cute. Ihave almost a dozen pictures of him just sitting in his crib while the rest of the house sleeps. I think he’s missing the point of picking his nose through.
  12. 12. Day Two begins with fun, since going toschool always drains the kids. I really can’t wait for private school.
  13. 13. Soon the older kids were off to school and the house pleasantly calm with Thomas soundasleep. He stayed up all night picking his nose.
  14. 14. Pet beds are awesome.
  15. 15. Julien eats a quick lunch and heads to work. I’mstill working on his LTW so he’s extra chatting to all the customers. I love his expressions.
  16. 16. Back home it’s birthday time for the twins, finally.
  17. 17. Yay, maybe now with teenagers I can get More ThanFood to be more than a bakery. Julian rolled popularity and wants to be a Celebrity Chef. Amanda rolledFortune and wants to own five top level business, which will probably happen.
  18. 18. Of course Julian and Amanda christen their teenhoodwith a game of red hands in the middle of the night.They still have to share a bed…I really should fix that.
  19. 19. Day Two ticked over to Day Three with puppies!
  20. 20. Two were born a boy and a girl,Thumper and Briar Rose. Though I don’t remember which is which.
  21. 21. With everybody growing there’s more teens thanever in the neighborhood. You can by Marsha being all grown up that I’m growing up the townie kidstoo. Eventually Marsha’s gonna be married in cause I like her.
  22. 22. I do feel a little bad. I’ve been neglecting Sandy, andtormenting her on some scale. Making the poor Romance sim into a stay at home mom. But she does wonderfully and loves all her kids.
  23. 23. Poor Amanda never seems to do well inschool. I need to get that hack that stops school from draining fun.
  24. 24. Abby Vega joins the kids home from school, Abby’s definitely one of my favorite sims ever.
  25. 25. Jay finds that finishing his sister’s homework pays off and brings home an A+.
  26. 26. Aww, Fierce remembers Abby and has to go beg for pets.
  27. 27. Oh wow I haven’t seen this in forever. Komeiwalks by with Hannah leading the way. So cute. Arbor Watch doesn’t have any leash laws yet.
  28. 28. Nice Amanda. I sent Amanda to Komei’s Klothes to pick up a new outfit. As cool as she looked in the poodle skirt, I can’t take it anymore.
  29. 29. Of course I forgot to take a picture of Amanda’snew clothes so here’s a pic of Julien eating a TV dinner.
  30. 30. The family still only has one toilet and it getsclogged a lot. Thankfully Sandy is super mom andtakes care of everything. Even if it’s three a.m. on Day Four in the morning.
  31. 31. Day Four finds the kids catching a chance to play. Jaymanages to talk Amanda into a game of catch in the yard.
  32. 32. Really Julien! Another fire brings us up to five.
  33. 33. This fire was larger than most, but lucky they got it out before anybody got hurt.
  34. 34. Red hands is still the most favored game in the house.
  35. 35. Sammie’s turn to come home with Amanda. The kids are finally getting to get to know each other better.Sam’s about the same age as Amanda and Julian, but poor Abby’s considerably older.
  36. 36. Julien takes the two older kids up to More ThanFood to start them on their badges. I just realizethat Komei and Julian are wearing basically the same outfit.
  37. 37. Back home Sandy whips up a quick family dinner.
  38. 38. Then it’s birthday time again woot!
  39. 39. Way to go Thomas, from infant to child all in one chapter.
  40. 40. Day Five makes the Cookes the first family to own a car.
  41. 41. With all the kids in school Julien and Sandy get a rarequiet moment together.
  42. 42. Let’s just say they act advantage of the new car. Sandy has needs after all.
  43. 43. Day Five is Reno Day.Yippee! I redid the twins room and added a couple of things to the living room.
  44. 44. I swear Amanda’s the fortune sim, but she bringshome friends like she’s popularity. Gordon Nottsconvinces her into a game of rock, paper, scissors instead of red hands.
  45. 45. Julien drags Julian to work. Julian is the heir and will take over More Than Food eventually.
  46. 46. Julian also has to work hard to get his cooking skills up. And that’s it for the chapter finally done.
  47. 47. Rotation: Fall 2 CAS Available: 3/5 Businesses: Households: 2 of 3 Ambers Tales - Amber Playable Sims: 14 University Funds: Vega - 10 # Of Total $1623 More than Food - Julien Residents(PS + Cooke – 5 Gravestones): 14 # of Fires: 5 Komeis Klothes – # of Burglaries: 0 Komei Vega – 3 Community Lots: 5 # of Electrocutions: 0 Smithes Underground – Business Districts: 0 # of Graves: 0 Ethan Smithe – 2 Universities: 0 The Toy Chest- Ethan Downtown: No Smithe- 0 Careers: SM: 3 Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 1/1 Population: 42 Slacker 1/1*Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211