Fall 1 cooke


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Fall 1 cooke

  1. 1. The Third Season: Fall Cooke By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC
  2. 2. Coming to you this fall, a brand spanking new household for Arbor Watch!!! According the rules Julien Cooke joins the Vegas in Arbor Watch. I started playing around with premades in my legacy hood and decide to share the love here.
  3. 3. According to his bio, Julien moved because someone stole his recipe. Well in this 'verse, Julien parked his evil looking butt across the street from Amber and Komei. He's a popularity sim with the LTW of having twenty best friends. Girf. He's a Aries that loves someon who like to workout and cook. He dislikes vampires, mainly because they can't really enjoy normal food anymore.
  4. 4. A little unfairly, Julien had more money than most to start out with, some $23,500ish. After buying the plot of land. But I was able to build him a cozy little home.
  5. 5. I'm not entirely sure I like the bathroom the way it is, but the rest turn out great. I used an general Ikea theme because it suits the bachelor look.
  6. 6. The things first, I reset the season to fall. I add to cheat a little so he could the weather thingy, but I was careful not to go overboard. Now there will a weather thingy to pass along the families so I might not have to cheat so much again.
  7. 7. Julien ended up being about a grand short to buy his café, More than Food. I don't nearly want to resort to digging just yet. Luckily Julien comes with his own hobby membership.
  8. 8. To Sue's Secret Kitchen, were strangely the hobby person is not named Sue. Bummer.
  9. 9. It's never too early to start hunting for a spouse. Julien chats up Camryn, she looks a lot like Marylena Hamilton at least until you look at her face structure.
  10. 10. Only one bolt so Cam is on the back burner for now, I'd really prefer two if not three.
  11. 11. I let Julien dork around with the candy maker, but he's horrible at making sweets. He got chocolate everywhere.
  12. 12. Time for a food contest, stupid hobbyist making baked Alaska. There's no way Julien's crepes are gonna compare. Aw Joe made hot dogs, poor guy.
  13. 13. Needless to say the hobbyist won. Though he does look humble about his win.
  14. 14. Back to sweets. Julien is actually successful this time around. He makes $40 before I get bored and send him home.
  15. 15. I love this face!
  16. 16. Back at home, the welcome wagon is arriving, Komei and two of the aparment townies loiter around. Oh and there's Pepper, she ate Julien's couch.
  17. 17. Julien had the urge to make more crepes. Thankfully he didn't light his butt on fire doing this. Though fires are actually a good thing in this challenge.
  18. 18. Somehow Sandi Bruty ended up at the house. I'm blaming Komei she's friends with him. Anyhow, Julien has two bolts for her. TWO! I still want the magical three, but it definitely puts Sandi top of the pack. Aye yi yi, Arbor Watch is destined to have questionable genetics.
  19. 19. I have Julien flirt with her. You know what Sandi need love too, and I can get use to her face. I got used to Komei's. And my legacy heir isn't that great looking. I can do this. Now I just have to deal with her romantic aspirations.
  20. 20. Anywho, Day One ended with the flirt and Day two began with Julien filling Pepper's hole. I'm gonna hurt that dog. Just wait until Julien gets Fierce.
  21. 21. I send Julien back up to Sue's, he still needs about a thousand to buy More Than Food. I'm hoping he can win a few cooking contests.
  22. 22. Of course the chef and his fancy lobster are better than Julien's pork chops.
  23. 23. Ah well there's always chocolate. Julien makes $102 before heading home.
  24. 24. Julien went home and headed to bed early. I hate it when my sims sleep cycles get all out of wack, but what can you do.
  25. 25. He woke up shortly before 11 and planted some late season tomatoes. They might make it through the winter, but ah well gives him something to do.
  26. 26. I had him do a little digging too, waiting for winning at the cooking contest was draining his funds.
  27. 27. He ends loitering around the house until noonish. I finally decide he needs to go to Sue's and try again at the cooking contest.
  28. 28. This time, Julien is able to make a turkey. Hopefully the chef won't pull more lobster or baked Alaska out of nowhere.
  29. 29. Julien chatted up to Amber while the others presented their foods, Chef brought cheesecake, I more the food judge isn't pregnant.
  30. 30. Julien won with turkey!!!! He won, he won, he won. $500 in his pocket, that puts him a few hundred dollars shy of his goal of $4800.
  31. 31. I have him make candies to make the last few hundred. Yay More than Food is now his.
  32. 32. Back home, Julien purchases More than Food, which will eventually be a little dinner that sells a few baked goods.
  33. 33. Julien troops up to More than Food for the first time, like the Vegas he's now poorer than dirt with only $29 in his pocket. I have him a dig a bit to find enough purchase a cash register and the counter.
  34. 34. I was going to make him dig until until he had the $800 extra to buy the food thingy, but then I figured out you could put the food on the ground. So on the ground it goes and no more diging. Julien only had a little bit in his inventory but a little is enough.
  35. 35. He manages to sell all his food in a hour, and come home with $555 in the bank.
  36. 36. Once home, Julien takes another short nap and chats up Sandy Bruty.
  37. 37. Day Four rolls around and Julien earns his bronze gardening badge.
  38. 38. Julien whips up a couple more desserts to sell before heading to works.
  39. 39. This is where I start to get a little impatientish. No one wants to buy anything, they all give Julien that negative reactions towards sales. I guess no one wants to buy food off the ground.
  40. 40. I have Julien make another turkey to see if he can win again.
  41. 41. No luck Nicole Thomson beats him with a dish of grilled fish. Girf.
  42. 42. Poor Julien couldn't handle the loss and went into aspiration faliure.
  43. 43. Day Five begins with bug spray, I swear this apple tree is trying to turn him into a plantsim, which isn't a bad idea.
  44. 44. I felt bad that I had let Julien falls into aspiration failure, so I had him invite Sandy over as a reward. Some how they only ended up with two bolts, but I'll fix that later.
  45. 45. Julien asks her on a date, a quick easy way to get platinum.
  46. 46. Day five ended as quickly as it had begun. Julien got a dreamdate with Sandy, though I still think he may have gotten the raw end of the deal.
  47. 47. Anyways that's all for this rotations, up next are the Vegas and Bane's puppies finally grow up!
  48. 48. Rotation: Fall 1 Households: 1 of 2 Playable Sims: 4 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 4 Community Lots: 2 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 8 CAS Available: 0/1 University Funds: $295 # of Fires: 0 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 7 More than Food - Julien Cooke - 0 Careers: None *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~ ~Stats~ ~Stats~
  49. 49. Happy Simming!