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Pregnancy seven

Pregnancy Seven

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Pregnancy seven

  1. 1. Seven
  2. 2. Welcome back to Herbal Medicine! Last time Flora gave birth to red headed Heather. She’s so cute the red hair was a bit of a surprise, since her father Nolan had brown hair. But hey I’m all for pleasant surprises. Arnica, Borage and Chamomile were shipped out to college, where they’re doing well and members of the Pokémon family’s Greek house. And I added a few baby daddies, maybe we’ll get to see them this chapter.
  3. 3. Flora cradled Heather in her arms, reluctant to put her to bed. Today was her first day of work. Her first day away from her children since the first three were born. Dill, exhausted from staying up all night, had volunteered to stay home from school so they wouldn’t have to hire a nanny. Flora would rather him go to school, but they really couldn’t afford a nanny.
  4. 4. “When will I be as big as you, Euca? It feels weird not being the same size.” Foxglove asked. “You’re impatient Foxy, your birthday is tomorrow.” Euca ruffled her sister’s hair. They had always been so close being only a few days apart. Euca dreaded going to college before her sister.
  5. 5. Flora returned with a feeling of triumph, she had been promoted to Blog Writer. She was thrilled, there was a few skills she needed brush up on to get promoted again. But early success filled her with hope.
  6. 6. Her boss Reias came home with her. It was nice to a conversation that didn’t lead up to creating a child. “So you live here by yourself?” Reias asked looking at the unfinished exterior. “Well, with my kids.” “I see, Ani-Mei was wondering who lived here. It’s nice to meet you Flora. I got to get home to my own kids.” “Thank for coming over.”
  7. 7. Ginger and Geranium brought Blastoise home with them. “I usually don’t play with girls.” Toise said looking around, “Don’t you have any brothers?” “Just Dill, but he’s so old.” Ginger said making a face, “Can’t you play with us just once?” “I guess so. Cops and Robbers?” “I get to be the robber!” Ginger agreed.
  8. 8. Flora helped Geranium with her homework. “Mom you should have a night out.” Euca said solving math problems in her head. “And leave you guys alone?” Flora blinked. “Yeah, Dill and I can handle the littles.” “I’m not little.” Geranium protested. “You’re smaller than me.” Euca said smugly. “I guess, I haven’t taken the ferry to Bluewater before.” Flora mused.
  9. 9. Flora decided to take Euca up on her offer, she hadn’t left the house in ages.
  10. 10. She took the ferry to Bluewater Village, it was her first time here so she stopped at the first shop she saw. A little clothing boutique. After picking out a few outfits she glanced around to see if she saw any of her former suitors. All but Nolan currently lived in Bluewater.
  11. 11. She didn’t spot any of them, but she did meet Ira, a charming young man. “Hello.” She smiled introducing herself. “Hello.” He smiled back, “I’ve seen you before, you have that house with all those kids.” “Yeah.” Flora replied cautiously. “I love kids, I don’t have any, but I would have a dog if my apartments would let me.” “A dog?” “Yeah, you can’t have a kid might as well have a dog right?” Ira laughed sheepishly, “Dogs and kids kinda go together don’t you think?” “Honestly, I’ve never thought of it, but that’s a great idea.”
  12. 12. Once at home and refresh from her brief outing, she saw a man standing in the snow outside her house. “Can I help you?” She asked. “Yes I’m afraid I’m lost, which way to the ferry from here?” He said looking puzzled.
  13. 13. Despite his confusion, Armando Hart was in no particular hurry to catch the ferry. Flora found herself chatting pleasantly with him. She had such a soft spot for older men.
  14. 14. As she kissed him goodbye her head reeled, now she had to pick one of these men to be the father of her next baby. They were both charming and nice, but how soon would that last once the babe was born. Derek was the only one that was regularly around. She had long given up on Ben, and Amin seemed to always be working. She didn’t even bother calling Nolan. She could only pray that others would be better.
  15. 15. While his mom was busy, Dill finish the last car he had time for. He would be going to college that night after Foxglove’s and Heather’s birthday. After painting he sold it. The proceeds immediately sent to his sisters’ accounts. Euca would probably be following him away soon.
  16. 16. Flora found herself unable to sleep. She was only a charisma point away from a promotion. So she spent the night brushing up on her speaking ability. One day, Reias would want to send her out in the field.
  17. 17. Soon it was time to wake the kids and bundle everyone off to school. Ginger had spent the previous with Blastoise and neglect her homework. Flora wasn’t about to let any of her kids fail.
  18. 18. Once the kids were gone she made a decision about the next baby daddy. She called up her friend Jay King over for a date.
  19. 19. He was all too willing to be father of her next child.
  20. 20. Of course Heather starting crying the nursery just as Flora fell asleep. Jay was sweet enough to relax with. She knew she was pregnant, her stomach was instantly upset.
  21. 21. A belly full of milk and Heather was easily soothed.
  22. 22. As soon as Dill and Euca got home, Flora rushed off to work, already being an hour late. Dill let Euca take care of their youngest sister. He didn’t know much about babies, despite his mother having so many. He was much better with cars.
  23. 23. Flora brought home a second promotion. Good start, she hoped she could keep up the good work.
  24. 24. “Momma!” Geranium rushed out to greet Flora, “Euca says we’re having cake for dinner!” “We are, we’re having a birthday party tonight.” “So cool!”
  25. 25. Flora called her oldest three home from college. Arnica brought Orion Starr with her. They had been dating and were now a firm couple.
  26. 26. “You ready Foxglove?” Flora asked jiggling Heather to keep her quiet. “I’ll finally be as big as Euca!” “Alright blow out your candles.”
  27. 27. Foxglove was so happy she could burst! She decided she wanted to be like her mother and have a huge family. Well, maybe not a hundred pregnancies, but ten would do.
  28. 28. Heather grew up adorable. With fire red hair. She looked most like her father, Nolan. Flora could barely see any of her in Heather at all.
  29. 29. Euca snatched Heather up as soon as Flora set her down. She gave the girl a make over. “There, you’ll get all the boys when you go to school.”
  30. 30. The party soon wound down, everyone had either school or work tomorrow. Dill said his goodbyes to his father. His older siblings were taking him with them on their way back to campus. “I’m very proud of you son.” Derek said hugging his boy tightly. “I love you Dad.”
  31. 31. The house was strangely quiet the next morning. Everyone tired from the party last night. Ginger took it upon herself to clean up all the plates lying around.
  32. 32. Flora spent the morning tossing her cookies. She had hoped for a reprieve from the morning sickness.
  33. 33. Thankfully she popped into her second trimester after cleaning the toilet.
  34. 34. “Hi Mom!” Foxglove waved “Oh good you guys are home, Euca’s in charge. I have to go to work.” Flora said. “’Kay.” Foxglove said absently.
  35. 35. “I wish Dill had finished these before he left.” Euca grumbled. “Come on, you know it’s fun spending time out here.” Foxglove pleaded. “I guess, it’s nice to get away from the littles.”
  36. 36. “What’s this? A card?” Flora stared in wonder, this wasn’t for her but for Foxglove. “Oh Wartortle Pokemon, I didn’t realize she was dating already.” She immediately felt guilty, she should be more involved in her children’s lives. She would have to do better.
  37. 37. A visitor stopped by the house. “Hmph, needs a new coat of paint.” Johann mused. A/N: It’s Johann Chun! One of the three baby daddies I put in. He’s from Miri Tries a Legacy by Miri on Boolprop. I downloaded him and his cousin Cello. Hopefully they’ll both get to be daddies.
  38. 38. “Can I help you?” Flora asked. “You must be Flora Solei.” Johann said. “And you are?” “Johann Chun. I was told I should come see you.” “Told? By who?” “Does it matter? Though I’m not sure why, unless you need help painting.”
  39. 39. “I heard ‘Toise had his birthday, he’ll be going to college soon.” Geranium said, “Aren’t you worried that he won’t be your friend anymore.” “He will be! We’ll be friends forever. He said I was the only girl he liked.” Ginger said blushing a little. “Toise and Ginger sittin’ in a tree!” Geranium giggled. “Stop it!” Ginger stomped blushing harder.
  40. 40. Foxglove was determined to finish the two cars Dill left behind. Mechanics wasn’t her thing, but it was a great way to help out her mom.
  41. 41. She couldn’t deny the rush she had when she finished the first one. This would add a nice bump to her college fund. With plenty left over to put towards the house.
  42. 42. After the older kids left for school Flora settled down for nap. It was easy to watch over Heather while napping on the couch.
  43. 43. She went upstairs briefly to use the bathroom when labor pains hit. She thought she heard the schooldbus drive up. “Euca! Fozglove!” She called.
  44. 44. “I think you’ll be Ignatius.” Flora said kissing the newest member of her family.
  45. 45. Ignatius was only her third boy, but like all her children he had her eyes. Though Jay must also dye his hair, as Ignatius had black hair.
  46. 46. That’s it for this chapter. Took long for Ignatius to be born right? Ignatius of course had to be a boy cause I had a girl’s name picked out. Ignatius is named after ignatius beans. Ignatius bean is gathered from the Strychnos ignatii plant. The bean is used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, some people use Ignatius bean to keep from fainting. It is also used as a bitter or tonic; and as an agent to invigorate, refresh, or restore body function.