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Research and planning draft 3 part 2 b

Research and planning draft 3 part 2 b






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    Research and planning draft 3 part 2 b Research and planning draft 3 part 2 b Presentation Transcript

    • Part P
    • Consideration of Evaluation Questions• 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Our media product uses forms and conventionsof real media product by having a presenter andvoiceovers, we also use statistics. We develop byhaving the presenter’s voice as the voice of God.We challenge the forms and conventions byusing re-enactments as archival footage to showthe past.
    • Consideration of Evaluation Questions• 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our documentary is an up to date topic and isfun and interesting as well as informing
    • Consideration of Evaluation Questions• 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?• We used our camera phones to film our target audience responses as well as PowerPoint and the internet for research. Media platforms such as YouTube helped us with our added research on the topic for example finding adverts.
    • Part Q
    • LOCATION WHY WE ARE USING IT? TESCO To film material for our voiceovers MARKS AND Show products and the company SPENCER SHAHNA’S To film the set up/ case study KITCHEN CJM To get information from sociologist and food tech teachers OXFORD Public opinionSTREET/CARNABY STREETTIARA’S HOUSE Case studyTIARA RIANNA NKECHI SHAHNA
    • PRESENTER WHY WE ARE FILMING THEM THERE? MARKS AND To show the products bought for the experiment, SPENCER establishing shots – when talking about fast foodOXFORD STREET Show her asking the public question SHAHNA’S To film the cooking part of the task, introducing what KITCHEN exactly is going on. CJM To interview teachers RIANNA
    • PUBLIC INTERVIEWS: WHERE AND WHY?Oxford street• To get the publics opinion on marks and spencer.• How they view the adverts. Hopefully just coming out of M&S will present extreme views• It is a tourist spot so we will get different people and different opinions. RIANNA
    • Case studies, Statistics & ExpertsUsing case studies; Tiaras family as they are on a special diet and Shahna’s family as not including her they are a conventional family.Statistics on the marks and spencer’s advert This relates to the topic as it will help add weight to the argument when talking about the consumption of food.Statistics on the store itself This relates to the topic as it will help ascertain why people don’t go about cooking their own food RIANNA
    • Case studies, Statistics & ExpertsStatistics on the cost of both fast and organic food This relates to the topic because it could help answer the question we are asking in the episodeExperts: The first port of call for experts we are using are is sociology teachers and food tech teachers WHY? Because they would have relevant information to help our studyExperts: I have spoken to my friend Nicole who is getting in touch with a chef who studies GASTRONOMY and works in a large Pizza Express This is useful because he could tell us the pros and cons and help evaluate what will be better as he studies this. RIANNA
    • ASSUMED ACTORSNot planned characters but real life. Male adult. Female adult. Assumed AGE: 18-45 AGE: 18-45 children/teens. FROM: London (living or FROM: London (living or AGE: 5-17 working in the city) working in the city) FROM: London (living FOUND: high street, FOUND: high street, or learning in the city) outside relevant shops, outside relevant shops, shopping centres shopping centres FOUND: in a home or school environment. RIANNA
    • Interviewees• People we want to interview & why. – Women with children or child carers – fit the stereotype of women doing a lot of cooking for children & so would have a solid opinion on good and bad food. – University students – fit the stereotype of having poor diets so it would be good to see an opinion from people like this. – Children – good to see whether they understand that there is good and bad food and which they prefer & why – Men – to see if the stereotypical attitude that their partners or mothers cook for them effect their choices on food. RIANNA
    • Interviewees FOR EXPERTS• Chefs – Have a developed trained understanding of food• Cooking apprentices – Learning on the job of things going on current in the food world, most hands on & up-to-date• People who study food technology (in school and higher education) – Have, or will gain a credited knowledge in the food field so they must know a lot.• People who teach food technology – Similar to above, they are teachers and so their opinion is always trust worthy and developed. RIANNA
    • Part R
    • Color: neutral colors Body Language: stood striaght , presenting detailed ‘political’ infromation. Setting: various settings relevant to whats being said. Face expression: smiling when necessary, when factual information os being presented , more relaxed and serious. Lighting: always seen in a natural high key lighting , as presenter is helping thePicture of Shahna. consumer not saying anything to harm.(Presenter) Costume: black and white and speaking directly to audiencem, when with interviees jeans & boots (neutral)- less formal.
    • Part S
    • Costumes & Props • The Presenter (Shahna) will be wearing:• Black Trousers• White Top• Black shoes• Black Jacket• Props: Milkshake This is because it is a neutral outfit and will not take away the attention from the documentary. The costume will also add to the serious tone of the documentary as we feel it is on-going debate.