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Evaluation final


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Evaluation final

  1. 1. Tiara MorrisNkechi Chukwumah Rianna Johnson Shahna Pinnock
  2. 2. Food Inc.Sex education showBig fat gypsy weddingDispatches: supermarket secrets
  3. 3. Draft 1 Real Media TextUsed Locations – tinsel Locations - to town establish where they are.Developed 1) Using a prop which was a milkshake and did not show which restaurant we was inChallenged No establishing shots for the audience as it was obvious where we were
  4. 4. Draft 3Used Public opinionsDeveloped 1) Got a variety of To show the effects people from of special k adverts women to men on both men and women and whether they think it promotes confidence or an ideal for women.Challenged No one of a young age
  5. 5. Final DocumentaryUsed Expert StatisticsDeveloped 1) Expert in This was done so sociology field that we could get a instead of a chef social view as to or nutritionist or why this was someone who happening and works in the where it came from media. 2) Using animated This was so that the women and men audience will know instead of food of how many people we asked said what.Challenged
  6. 6. Documentary Use Develop ChallengeFood Inc. Re-enactments Use the narrators inside scoop from voice within a different people breakdown of text and there views on the screen to and opinions slow down narrative.Sex education show Presenter
  7. 7. Documentary Use Develop ChallengeBig Fat Gypsy Wedding They focus on one There is a voiceover topic at a time and throughout. then show people that relate to them.Dispatches: Supermarket They use They There was no presenter, public undercover/hidden only a voiceover Secrets opinions. cameras
  9. 9. Examples of Channel4 adverts.
  10. 10. Typical Conventions The picture dominates theTypical format of the whole advert. date Channel4 uses.It is usually placed at The title of the programmethe bottom just above is in a simple format. The the edge. text is spread across the advert on top of the picture.
  11. 11. We attempted to recreate the logo. And put it at the edge like channel4 adverts do. The picture dominated the page ad gave an insight into what the series was about. We used the format of the date and where the title should be. We noticed they usually hadwhite borders behind the words so we incorporated that in. We also put it In the bottomcorner just above the edge like a conventional Channel4 advert would.
  12. 12. Shahna Pinnock
  13. 13.  For the final draft our documentary and ancillaries combine together well as the advert had a girl holding Special K and a bikini to show that she wants to eat Special K to try and fit into it, which links into our documentary question of whether Special K promotes confidence or an ideal image. The image shows that the girl wants to get the ideal image which is being able to fit into it. The image of Rianna eating money for our double page spread is effective as it shows that we are eating our money away linking into capitalism and the deals behind her show companys easy and manipulative way of getting money.
  14. 14.  What we have written in the double page spread was also explained in our documentary so the audience doesn’t get confused as it is clear. Our target audience will read both the metro and Time Out. We selected these newspapers and adverts as they are accessible to a variety of people.
  15. 15.  Our ident connects our ancillaries together as they are from channel 4, our ident on our documentary is taken from channel 4 and we also included the logo on our advert and said which channel it was on in our double page spread. For our advert we had to edit the transparent channel 4 logo by making the black background white in order for it to be noticeable.
  16. 16.  We branded the whole package by having channel 4 included in them. We considered the size of the logo on our advert to make people remember which channel it was being shown on. How much does it cost? –Time out for double page spread (£8,400) and Metro for advert cost around ….. Metro advertising number – 02079383838 Time Out advertising number – 02078136000
  17. 17.  The size of the advert was 15cm width and 21cm height. This was because I looked at an advert in the metro and liked the size of it as it wasn’t too big or too small. This size is perfect for the image.