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Research and planning draft 2 part 2 a


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Research and planning draft 2 part 2 a

  2. 2. PART I
  3. 3. Age: Gender8 87 76 65 54 43 Number: Gender 32 21 10 11 Years-16 17 Years-22 23 Years-28 29 Years & Over 0 Years Years Years Male Female Would you like to be informed about Would you watch a documentary healthy and unhealthy food? about food?6 8 75 64 53 4 Would you watch a2 3 documentary about food? 21 10 0 Yes No Yes No
  4. 4. Target audience• Mostly female• Of a young age• Interested in food/cooking• Want to know about un/healthy food• From north west London• The varying cultural backgrounds means we can reach a wider audience
  5. 5. Potential target audiences• The target audience which we had an idea of having was mainly females from the ages of 16 onwards.• This was because women are considered more image conscious than men and there are more health magazines for women than men. For example Now magazine have health and diet sections.• Time Out magazine which is a listing magazine’s target audience is both men and women.• Their hobbies and interests would mainly be going to the gym, cleaning, school, listening to music ect.• Women are most likely doing domestic jobs and may not be able to eat as healthy as they would like and some may have just had babies or teenage children so having a documentary which informs them about food is great.
  6. 6. Target Audience Questionnaire• 1. How old are you? •5. What area are you from?• 11-16 •North• 17-22 •North West• 23-28 •North East• 29 and over •East •South• 2. Are you male or female? •South East• Male •South West• Female •West•• 3. Would you watch a documentary about food? •6. What magazines do you usually read? •• Yes •Gossip• No •Listing Magazines •Lifestyle Magazines• 4. Would you like to be informed about healthy or non-healthy • food? •7. What TV channels do you usually watch?• Yes •BBC 1• No •BBC 2• •BBC 3 •SKY •ITV •Channel 4 •Channel 5 •8. What cooking shows do you usually watch if any? • •
  7. 7. • We had a video but the sound went funny, will be on our blogs soon 
  8. 8. PART J
  9. 9. • Out of the 5 terrestrial channels Channel 4 puts on the most about food• Come Dine With Me• Celebrate British cooking and chefs – Heston Blumental, Gordan Ramsay, Jamie Oliver• Our documentary will fit in because of this• Show things about healthy food or improvements to food e.g ‘Hells Kitchen USA’
  10. 10. PART K
  11. 11. This titlewould be“TheTitle” e.g“Food”madeout ofdifferentproducts
  12. 12. These type of images I would have like to use for thecredits
  13. 13. Fonts and titles• I thought of using the same fonts as many of the famous fast food or super markets.• This made the topic easy to understand for the audience and catch their attention if we also used this for our ancillaries. Bodega Sans Friz Quadrata Bold“This Berthold Barmeno” tTheFont/forum/case/213077
  14. 14. PART L
  15. 15. Music• The music which I thought to use was songs which included food in them.• This would again match with our topic and amuse the audience.• Songs which we currently thought of are:• Food Glorious Food – Oliver• The Workout Plan – Kanye West• I’m Lovin’ It – Justin Timberlake• The fast food song• Also we could use some music from adverts which the supermarkets use for example their slogans at the end. We will also create our own copyright free music.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. PART M
  18. 18. Listing Magazines• One of the listings magazine we looked at was Time Out.• We would use this to put our double page spread in as it targets the same target audience as us.• Inspirational double page spreads and newspaper adverts which I have seen have not been ones for food however adverts for channel 4 documentaries such as Dispatches.
  19. 19. Ancillaries