Research and planning draft 2 part 1


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Research and planning draft 2 part 1

  1. 1. RESEARCH AND PLANNING DRAFT 2 PART 1 Shahna Pinnock = Green Rianna Johnson = Purple Nkechi Chukawamah = Pink Tiara Morris = Blue
  2. 2. PART B
  3. 3. 3 IdeasMusic And Behaviour – How music affects Good News, Bad News – where doespeoples behaviour when listened to. Is this the news come from? Is all news bad?a mental or just physical thing? Is it used to create just moral panics?• WWW- the idea overall, research on • WWW- idea, subtopics and different genres of music and how I episodes. would film the documentary and overcome obstacles. • EBI- more detailed research, explained what they• EBI- I had more in-detail research, a each are and more statistics. better title and more specific behaviours. Religion and The Media – is the media atheist? How do religious people feel about the media? • WWW- subtopics, idea and research • EBI- more research, explained which religions and included a mini video.
  4. 4. Idea 1 Idea 2 Idea 3Food Raising kids SmokingExploring the ideas Does TV (technology) raise increase in teens smoking ,between organic products our kids or are we raising different types of cigarettes.and ‘normal’ products the our kids? Explore the Looking at branding – popularincrease and decrease in different media platforms and does anything on theboth products and why? and do a experiment packet mean anything “smoking kills”. WWW: original ideas, food- not many of these documentaries EBI: more developed , explain how to film raising kids
  5. 5. Rianna’s three ideasFood Beauty Education • is food • what makes • are the us pretty? that is Skin demands advertised tone, teeth, e for young as healthy yes, lips. adults too really that Exploring high healthy patterns in beauty WWW • Clearly presented, original EBI • More developed, better structure
  6. 6. Nkechi’s Three IdeasRiots Reliance on Youth Parliament Technology • Youths • How to get • In the society perspective young people where on the more involved technology is London Riots in youth taken for parliament? granted , “Are we ruining our future generations? WWW • Youth Parliament is a unique idea, Good to hear youth’s perspective EBI • More images to back up, youth parliament idea was developed
  7. 7. Tiara’s strongest ideaIt is a topic that is Provokes debatecurrent because about thepeople can relate evolution ofto it because its childrenhappening now TV raising our children This idea is very strong because in society today we have Ceebeeies and such channels that can educate our children for us so we could focus on this
  8. 8. Rianna’s strongest ideaInteresting to girls Relatable to aso it creates a wide moderntarget audience so audience.lots of people willwatch it Beauty idea Beauty is an upcoming discussion therefore it is relevant conversation
  9. 9. Nkechi’s strongest ideaYouth are the future This is a strongso therefore this will idea because itmake their ideas shines a light onaccountable on a a somewhatpublic forum ignored youth Youth parliament who try to do good. The idea is informative which is good
  10. 10. Shahna’s ideaThis is good to tryand explore how How the mediathe media affects our portrayaloverlook certain of the outside worldnews and why News It seems that in society we only look at the bad things happening so we could get a different perspective
  11. 11. PART C
  12. 12. Ideas we developed Food Technology Music Video• before they • We developed this • We developed were two idea by using Shahna’s idea Nkechi’s reliance separate on technology as a by combining it ideas, to starting point and with Rianna’s change this we using Tiara’s does idea of beauty put Tiara and TV raise our to try and see Rianna’s idea children as a topic what is for the episode. together. beautiful is pop culture videos
  13. 13. Idea we are taking forward: FoodWe have a lot of We have good Food is sensationalised in thebasic knowledge scope for locations media e.g. cancerabout food which around us to relate preventing/provoking foodwill make the work to what we arebetter quality doing.We all feel we cancontribute ourviews and opinionsWe are taking this The topic gives us an insight asidea forward to what the media make us feelbecause as a group is healthy and unhealthythis is the idea wefeel we can do bestin