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CERTA Push Messaging - Product Launch


Published on

CERTA Secure and High Performance Push Messaging. …

CERTA Secure and High Performance Push Messaging.

This presentation tells you more about the CERTA Push and how it compares to push messaging alternatives.

CERTA Push is unique for it's push messaging performance, security and reliability.

CERTA can be integrated in your app within only 2 hours.

Please go to to learn more or send a CERTA Push Message!

Published in: Software, Technology
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  • 1. 1 1
  • 2. Contents 2 Push for business - Peter Broekroelofs Push and IT - Harry ten Berge Push and legal - Derk Tegeler
  • 3. Push mobile engagement to the next level Consumers adopt push notifications but want to be in control Push notifications enable better engagement The challenge is to integrate push notifications into a direct marketing strategy 3 3
  • 4. 4 Consumers adopt push notifications •  Consumers opting in offer you a unique privilige •  76% of European mobile app users receive push notifications •  26% receiving them several times a day •  Perceived extremely intrusive if not relevant or timely (bad push) •  Consumers want to be in control 4 Forrester, Oct 2013
  • 5. 5 Bad push results in opt-out and app removal Relevant in gender Try the new waterproof mascara Relevant in age Discount on new ultra running shoes Relevant in Time/Location Ajax scores! 5
  • 6. 6 Know when to send and to whom •  Customer segmentation •  Customer preferences •  Up to individual level
  • 7. Push notifications improve engagement 8 | Technology KL Air now" We have 6 chairs with extra legroom available on your flight to Rome It’s possible for you to upgrade now" slide to view! KL Air now Buy extra award miles this week and earn up to 50% bonus miles!" slide to view!! We have 6 chairs with extra legroom available on your flight to Rome It’s possible for you to upgrade now! Deliver additional benefits
  • 8. 8 Push engagement to support your business Acquisition Retention Efficiency 8
  • 9. Relevancy and context Push integration points: Backend and app App on the deviceEnterprise backend Device registration, Message handlers Message composition Business rules Push server Notification networks
  • 10. GPS Location Beacon proximity Time, schedule, zones Phone sensors •  Camera •  G-sensors Wifi proximity Other sensors •  Security cameras •  Babyphone •  Water leakage •  Burglar alarms •  In-car sensors •  Broken devices Other push messages Combining technologies for context Push App actions Backend business logic ERP/CRM/etc
  • 11. 11 Pops  up  your  boarding  pass   Get  a  free  drink  at  ‘Nacho  Hippo’   “Please  switch  off  your  phone”   Example: BLE Beacon center radius
  • 12. Example: Home automation CERTA Secure Push All  lights  and  hea-ng   are  switched  off.  
  • 13. Example: Home automation CERTA Secure Push Alert:  Your  burglar   alarm  is  ac-vated.  Do   you  want  to  view   your  webcam?  
  • 14. Example: Local news CERTA Secure Push Dam-­‐tot-­‐damloop   veroorzaakt  grote   verkeerschaos.  
  • 15. 15 Integrate push into your CRM and Marketing strategy Mobile Email Web 15 Push will be key in mobile messaging: more engaging, in-depth measurement, detailed targeting, inexpensive    
  • 16. Desktop push 16
  • 17. Soon on other devices, like wearables
  • 18. 18 CUSTOMER  CASES  
  • 19. Push case NOS 19
  • 20. NOS case: Core part of the product experience "Push notifications enable NOS to instantly inform a vast amount of customers on big news and sports stories. This is vital for NOS to fulfill its mission. By helping us reaching these customers with notifications on platforms as Android, iOS, Windows Phone but also on the web, CERTA helps us focus on what we're good at: telling you about news and sports.” Tom van den Broek NOS Mobile Product Manager 20
  • 21. Push effect: optimizing app usage +25% 21
  • 22. 25% Increase of App Traffic Volume 2.5% Of app visitors convert to a product or paid service € 625,000 Intent Guide’s 3 Key Benefits € 1,875,000 per year Additional revenue per year (€ 156,250 *12) Is the percentage of additional product and service sales Estimated value per transaction € 25 Is the commercial monthly value 25% = 1,000,000 App opens per month 25% Increase of App Traffic Volume! Hypothetical retail case: 22
  • 23. Push case Emesa One-to-one dialog 23
  • 24. 24 •  20,000 messages per day •  50% of all app opens are a direct triggers from a push notification Business Case: Creating Engagement by Relevancy an Context Vakantieveilingen now Je bent overboden! slide to view! Vakantieveilingen now Je hebt een veiling gewonnen!! slide to view!
  • 25. 25 80% Increased App retention after using push notification services Push effect Vakantieveilingen now Je hebt een veiling gewonnen!! slide to view!
  • 26. 26 Good Push: Personal and in Context Service Retention New Business Emesa now Bied vandaag mee op Robin! Thicke kaarten en maak kans op een VIP arrangement!! schuif om te bekijken ! Emesa now De veiling, 2 overnachtingen voor 2 personen in hartje Amsterdam loopt bijna af. ! schuif om te bekijken ! Emesa now Hi Marc, jouw favoriete veiling! Is weer online. Bekijk hem in de app. schuif om te bekijken !
  • 27. 27 Good Push: Personal and in Context •  Involvement •  Location Based Emesa now Hoi Marc, vanavond is het zover!! De toppers in concert. Vergeet niet jouw geprinte e-ticket mee te nemen. Veel plezier!! slide to view! Emesa now Welkom in de Arena.! wenst je veel plezier bij de Toppers!! slide to view!
  • 28. 28 Push case MyOrder Thomas Brinkman, Founder and CCO: By using Push, Geo location and BigData we make sure we are relevant in the right context for our users. Push is the perfect way to facilitate this interaction.
  • 29. 29 Make push integrated part of your app strategy Get deeper customer behavioral understanding Measure customer journey   Capture user preferences   Test your customer behavior   29
  • 30. 30 PUSH  AND  IT   Harry  ten  Berge  
  • 31. 31 Client implementation •  Native SDK (iOS, Android, WP8) •  Cordova Plugin for HTML5 apps •  So…. How difficult is this actually?
  • 32. 32 Client implementation 1.  Make an account on 2.  Download the SDK 3.  Follow the documentation 4.  And send your first push! 5.  We can help!
  • 33. 33 Designed for high volumes of notifications •  High performance •  Fault tolerant •  Scalable 33
  • 34. 34 Push Manager Interface REST HTTPS, IP filtering App Backend or Portal App Push Interface REST HTTPS Push networks – Apple, Android, etc… CERTA Push Push Manager webservice Push webservice Registertoken Registerpreference Register/deregister (Certificate, preferences) Wipe (Tokens, preferences) Query (preferences, token) Push DB Tokens preferences CERTA architecture
  • 35. 35 How can you connect to the back-end? •  REST API •  SSL •  IP filtering 35
  • 36. Push networks fragmentation Apple APNS Google CGM Google C2DM Microsoft MPS Microsoft WNS BlackBerry Push YOUR ENTERPRISE BACK END
  • 37. Push networks fragmentation Apple APNS Google CGM Google C2DM Microsoft MPS Microsoft WNS BlackBerry Push CERTA YOUR ENTERPRISE BACK END
  • 38. portal
  • 39. portal
  • 40. 40 Filter profiles consist of logical expressions, e.g.: !(Airport == "AMS")! ! !(Category == “Delay”)! ! !(Flight == “KL0845”! ! !((AIRPORT == "AMS") && (Category == “Delay”))! CERTA Push unique filtering
  • 41. 41 “Rich” push CLIENT   CLIENT   SERVER   SERVER   BACKEND   BACKEND   registerService()   You  are  registered  OK   registerPreference(“customerid=1234”)   OK   RichPush(“customerid=1234”,     “richpushid=“56”,  “your  bill  is  ready”)   Message  sent  OK   RichPush(“your  bill  is  ready”,  “richpushid=56”)   process  msg   RetrieveRichPush(“id=56”)   StoreRichPush(“id=56”,  RICH_PUSH_CONTENT)   RichPushContent(“id=56”,  RICH_PUSH_CONTENT)  
  • 42. 42 Performance thoughts Over 1.5 million recipients in 2.5 minutes!
  • 43. 43 Silent push
  • 44. 44 PUSH  AND  LEGAL   Derk  Tegeler  
  • 45. Because conversation between you and your customer is private
  • 46. Contents 46 •  Where is your data and is that allowed? •  Security & Privacy leaks and threats •  Certa Push and Private Data •  Push, secured.
  • 47. Expectations… 47 •  I’m going to drag you through the ‘legaleze’ •  I’m going to depress you •  I’ll reassure you •  … bear with me
  • 48. Legal… 48 •  Shift from ‘owner’ to ‘custodian’ •  Increased responsibilities •  Increased penalties
  • 49. 49 Push  Data?  
  • 50. Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (WBP) 50 •  Dutch Data Protection Act •  Protect against data abuse. •  European Economic Area (EEA) •  Protect personal data •  Opt-in
  • 51. Patriot Act & Consorts 51 •  Validity, purpose and scope •  Designed as an anti-terrorism weapon (sect 201), in reality very broad –  computer fraud, abuse offenses, sect 202 –  foreign intelligence information, sect 218 •  Impact in NL •  Other countries •  Data confidentiality and integrity are under threat. •  Microsoft, Skype, Google and others have reported such occurrences and are now in the public domain.
  • 52. Legal Basis for Push 52 •  The WBP and Patriot Act are incompatible •  Personal data must remain in the EEA •  Relevance of data collection •  Data protection measures
  • 53. Future 53 European law and directives tend towards:   •  Increasingly make use of multichannel authentication •  Criminalise enterprises responsible for data leaks •  Oblige enterprises to divulge data leaks •  Penalise enterprises with fines up to 2-5% of yearly turnover •  Personal data belongs to the individual, not the holder or processor, meaning that enterprises holding or processing personal data are custodians, like banks are for money.
  • 54. The role of Telecom Operators 54 •  ACM* + CIOT •  Telco’s Technical means for ‘Lawful Data Interception’ Daily reports to the CIOT containing comprehensive metadata *ex-OPTA
  • 55. Sources 55 •  Agentschap Telecom ( •  Autoriteit Consument & Markt ( •  Rijksoverheid ( •  ‘Zin en onzin over PRISM, Patriot Act en de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens’, Allen & Overy and Schuberg Philis, feb 2014
  • 56. 56 EU  Partner  
  • 57. EU Partner 57 •  Conforms to European Data Protection Acts •  You know the location of the data you are responsible for •  You know who handles your messages •  You have a contract and an SLA
  • 58. 58 Leaks  &  Threats  
  • 59. Push security is … 59 … A leap of faith, not a chain of trust •  Third-parties with no SLA or other legal relationship •  Message confidentiality and integrity •  90% of messages transit through 2 organisations
  • 60. Push security risks 60 •  Insecure network traffic Whilst posting the message •  Insecure network traffic Whilst delivering the message •  Credentials
  • 61. 61 Push  data  confidenEality  
  • 62. CERTA Push security 62 •  Secure login •  IP filtering •  ISO 27001 like processes and procedures for data access (databases and infrastructure) •  We only hold: –  Your credentials –  Your push certificates –  Push tokens ID’s –  Optionally, ‘expressions’
  • 63. CERTA Push confidentiality 63 •  No personal data •  Unique ID’s –  App instance ID (CERTA ID) –  User ID •  Anonymous data
  • 64. 64 Filter profiles consist of logical expressions, e.g.: •  One to many ! (Airport == "AMS")! ! (Category == “Delay”)! ! (Flight == “KL0845”! ! ((AIRPORT == "AMS") && (Category == “Delay”))! ! ! •  One to one ! (UID == “0x0cb77b161b283d95a7e4343922c8cd19dc1131face7a2efe08caae19e42ac78b”)! Push unique filtering
  • 65. 65 Push,  secured.  
  • 66. Push, secured. 66 •  Why? –  Confidentiality (may be a legal requirement) –  Integrity (anti-fraud, etc.) •  2 Options –  Encrypted messages –  Use push as a trigger to retrieve encrypted messages (ie. Secure Rich Push)
  • 67. Push, secured. 67 What is it?
  • 68. Push, secured. 68 Encrypted  messages   Secure  Rich  Push   Single  transmission   Triggered  retrieval   Only  small  messages  <160  bytes   No  size  limita-ons   No  outgoing  connec-on  or  message  store   required   Message  store  is  separate  from  the  Certa  Push   server,  meaning  that  the  message  delivery  path   is  different,  and,  much  closer   Decryp-on  key  must  be  shared  before  receiving   the  message   Decryp-on  key  must  be  shared  before  receiving   the  message   Encrypted  messages  pass  through  foreign  third   par-es,  that  may  try  decryp-ng  messages  or   demand/obtain  decryp-on  keys     The  only  way  to  keep  your  data  in  your  country  
  • 69. App Enrolment 69 Decryption key must be shared before receiving the message •  App Enrolment binds –  the user to the app instance, –  the app instance to your back end infrastructure, –  register with CERTA Push. •  App enrolment creates –  encryption/decryption keys, –  Optionally create tech prerequisites for •  Secure transmissions, •  Secure storage, •  Non-Repudiation.
  • 70. Push, secured. 70 We have dealt with •  your legal risks and obligations, •  your role in the design of the solution, •  the technical security risks. è Push with CERTA ç with today’s and tomorrow’s risks under wraps.
  • 71. 71 Closing  remarks   +   QuesEons