Apps for enterprise


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Apps for enterprise

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Apps for enterprise

  1. 1. ENTERPRISEWe’ll help you enable - manage – facilitate - empower and socialize – The Enterprise.. APPS FOR THE ENTERPRISE
  2. 2. SERVICE2MEDIAFOR THE ENTERPRISEService2Media is in the business of Advanced App Solutions for smartphones, tablets and an unbounded range of emerging touch devices. We help our clients and partners design, deliver and evolve Apps that matter to their customers that are the core and critical business Apps that drive their businesses and make them successful. Access to these business solutions and the core services used by your staff is rapidly moving from the static managed environment of the old workplace to both the use of consumerised access devices in the office and multiple mobile platforms. By partnering with Service2Media you can realize the potential of new opportunities to extend your business reach and enhance the working environment of your staff and partners with rich, secure Apps that are avail- able enterprise wide. We’ll help you enable - manage – facilitate - empower and socialize – the enterprise.
  3. 3. ENABLEYour employees and clientsIncreasingly there are links between multiple services and systemsorchestrated by ever smarter Apps offering focussed task managementsupported by wizards that guide people to undertake quite sophisticatedtasks.• Field Service and Fleet Management:– apps that offer joined up access and control over a diverse set of managed devices and applications.• Human Resources: – services that link with, and are enhanced by, social media.• Self-service:– Let customers and partners keep you up to date on their preferences, needs and contacts so that you are always up-to-date and accurate. Give them access to core processes that previously were only available in a closed community over a VPN.What’s most valued by our clients?Service2Media is expert in the area of ‘Orchestration Apps’ that not onlyextend the reach of existing internal services but combine them toaugment and enhance the capabilities and deliver higher levels of service.MANAGEYour assetsMobile devices whether designed specifically for the task or mass consumerstyle devices like iPads and smartphones are increasingly being used tomanage and report on the state of goods and assets on your premises or atremote locations.• Enterprise asset management:– to control, manage and report on the access and use of valuable business assets wherever they are being used.• Warehouse Management:– Apps that orchestrate warehouse management and link into your main ERP systemWhat’s most valued by our clients?We offer enterprise class Apps that deliver core functionality on a widevariety of devices. We also link highly efficiently and securely into yourmain ERP and Asset Management systems, enhancing your ability toremotely manage your assets.
  4. 4. FACILITATEBusiness growthMobile devices can offer on-the-go access to key decisionmakers to enable them to action events and improve work-flow and thus increase business throughput. By mininginformation available generally, in social media, or within theEnterprise and presenting it in well structure visual form for amobile device, new business opportunities can be judged andacted upon.• Mobile commerce:– handling financial transactions within the enterprise and partners.• Business Intelligence:- rich engaging Apps that provide a joined up visualization of the critical information needed to enable decision making at all levels in the organization.What’s most valued by our clients?Service2Media lets you build Apps that support securefinancial services and that tap into the available intelligenceto help you grow your business. Most importantly weprovide a low TCO when building App portfolios andfuture proof your investment as well as ensuring that yourApps can evolve over time.We are also expert at presenting complex informationonto smartphones and tablets. We provide insight toresearch, live streamed data and complex visuals usingour highly efficient communication and back-end serversupport.
  5. 5. EMPOWERThe sales teamSales-teams need immediacy, accuracy and additionalinformation to help them strategise and execute their salesplans. They also need infrastructure support and tools sothat they can keep track of their actions and report progresswithout needing to spend hours typing or researching.• Sales Force Automation: – apps that enhance and optimise the productive time of your sales teams.• Augmented Reality: - Point your phone at a building and see the organisational and published financials. Maybe even find out who works there and who is in the office today and look them up on Linkedin.• Push Alerts:- offer new information that’s critical by pushing alerts to your sales team to notify them of important updates that they should review.What’s most valued by our clients?Our multi-platform deployment means that you canoffer these services on a wide variety of devices and ourback-end integration means that you can link the salesteam to your main sales database easily. Our push technologyis free to use and does not require SMS messaging.
  6. 6. SOCIALIZEYour enterpriseService2Media offers the opportunity to reach-out to communities bothwithin and external to your own organisation offering a full portfolioof enterprise class Apps that dramatically enhances the quality of yourrelationship management.• Social Apps:- Deliver Apps that integrate your own services with those of social media to provide the opportunity for communities to grow within the boundaries of your own social network. Let them discuss your solutions and service, make suggestions and interact with customer services• Linking with Social Media:- Provide access for your customers through the use of external social media so that they can tell you what they want and what they think of you and your services.• Capture what others are saying:- about you, your company and the services you offer by searching social media channels and ensuring that you can respond when you should to opportunities of criticism.What’s most valued by our clients?Service2Media has established close partnerships with Enterprises thatare delivering a full range of Enterprise Apps in a social fashion to existingclients and customers. Giving control and information access to thepeople that they suport.
  7. 7. ENTERPRISE APPS REQUIRE HIGH LEVELSOF SERVICE AND SUPPORTTo date many organisations have created Apps in a piecemealfashion, building them for specific often short-term needs or forspecific well understood markets. As the App Internet makesEnterprise Class Apps the norm and Apps drive the App Economyoffering core and critical capabilities in all areas these organisationsrequire a serious, well managed strategy and supporting servicesto deliver and evolve these Apps. This will include server basedback-end integration services as well as the full range of testing anddeployment options. As Service2Media offers the full range ofsupport services to help with strategy, choice of targeted envi-ronments and the full lifecycle of build and maintenance we feelwe are particularly well suited to partner those looking to developportfolios of Enterprise Apps.OUR PROPOSITION FOR THE ENTERPRISEWhether you are looking for a sustainable competitive advantageor aiming to improve efficiencies. Service2Media can help you tofuture-proof your company with innovative application solutions.Let us partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach basedon our outstanding platform and full lifecycle of support that offersultimate flexibility and dramatically lowers the total cost of ownershipof your full suite of Apps whist managing their evolution and safe-guarding their future.
  8. 8. ABOUT SERVICE2MEDIA Since our inception we have challenged the status quo, creating Apps that matter and empower people’s daily lives. Our App Lifecycle Platform enables our clients and partners to build future proofed portfolios of Apps with effective reuse of components and the ability to maintain and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycles. Our core strength lies in our App Lifecycle Platform that lets us create both our own and partners’ AppCenters to deliver Core and Critical App Portfolios. •The App Lifecycle Platform – our technology that enables the full lifecycle support of Apps on multiple targeted environments. • AppCenters – where enterprise grade App portfolios are designed, deployed and evolved. THE SERVICE2MEDIA APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM The Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform supports the full lifecycle – from conceptual design through to performance analytics, our platform delivers a rich and compelling user-experience across all your targeted environments. Our App lifecycle philosophy is simple but powerful. DESIGN Apps Once DEPLOY Apps on Multiple Devices EVOLVE Apps throughout their LivesOffices and ContactsFor general information: Postal address: Dubai San FranciscoTel: +31 88 010 29 00 P.O.Box 767 Dubai Internet City 1024 Iron Point RoadFax: +31 88 010 29 01 7500 AT Enschede DIC Building 03 Folsom, California 95630 The Netherlands Dubai - United Arab Emirates United StatesThe NetherlandsService2Media Barcelona New YorkArnhemseweg 2 Edifici Neàpolis 215 Park Avenue South, Suite 20053817 CH Amersfoort Rambla Exposició 59-69 New York, NY 10003The Netherlands London 08800 – Vilanova i la Geltrú United States 83 Baker Street – Westminster SpainLangestraat 37 W1U 6AG – London7511 HB Enschede United KingdomThe Netherlands