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Apps for healthcare

  1. 1. HEALTHCAREService2Media will help you overcome the many challenges faced by thosedeveloping apps for Healthcare Solutions APPS FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRIES
  2. 2. SERVICE2MEDIAIN HEALTHCAREService2Media is in the business of Advanced App Solutions for smartphones, tablets and an unbounded range of emerging touch devicesthat today includes mobile and tablets but tomorrow embraces TV,home, office and shared public devices. Health is a rapidly evolving market for apps of all kinds. With smart devices and sensors that add capabilities to smartphones and other mobile devices to offer advanced services and diagnostic capabilities at a fraction of the cost of specialized devices. We partner with our clients to design, deliver and support some of the most innovative healthcare apps on offer.
  3. 3. Service2Media will help you overcome the many challenges faced by those developing apps for HealthcareSolutions• We eliminate the issue of multiple operating systems and fragmented and evolving devices.• We offer the highest level of consistent rich user experience regardless of device.• We future-proof your investment delivering the full lifecycle of design, development, deployment support and app evolution. If the device options change your apps will upgrade seamlessly.• We connect our apps with your healthcare critical back end support applications and offer high levels of scalability, robustness and security.• With our best in breed, cost and time efficient platform enabling quick to market solutions, you can design once and instantly deploy them on multiple devices.With Service2Media you can take advantage of the many opportunities to extend the value of existinghealthcare service and innovative new devices. The healthcare industry is rapidly waking up to the reducedcost and exciting opportunities made possible with mobile healthcare apps.We will help you deliver Apps to Educate - Scan – Diagnose– Manage – Assist – and Optimize
  4. 4. EDUCATEWith apps that provide insight and knowledge into health risks and options.• Calorie intake calculator and nutrition information - to help people lose weight.• Lung condition visualizer - to discourage smokers from smoking.- Employs augmented reality through your camera.- Factors in daily smoked cigarettes and number of years a person smoked- Create ‘rehab’ apps that mentor people - through the recovery of specific sports and other injuriesSCANAdd sensors that turn mobile phones into health monitors.• Add blood pressure sensors - to smartphones to enable regular monitoring.• Create heart monitors - to check for abnormalities in rhythm and pulse.• Use ultrasound - to give reassurance to pregnant women on the health of their babies.DIAGNOSEFeed sensor information into diagnosticsengines for immediate diagnosis.• Use portable ultrasound devices - to diagnosewounded soldiers in the field• Use nuclear magnetic resonance devices - for cancer diagnosis to mimics the massive MRI machine. The tiniest of samples from the smallest of needles can instantly be tested and the results calculated by an app on the doctor’s smartphone.• Apps for physicians - to view CT, MRI, and PET images on their mobile devices and diagnose on the move.
  5. 5. MANAGEWith apps that help people manage their illnesses• Apps that Remind people - to take medicines• Health tracker - to track your health online by taking notes regularly- Record your symptoms, treatment and comments - for each day.- Maintain an online health journal.- Generate a report every few days to track your progress.• Use a Workout Coach App - to monitor and record your regular gym sessions and suggest routines for youASSISTIn emergencies by initiating actions or orchestrating the best response• Alert appropriate people automatically - if a sensor spots a condition that will need external action• Apps that send data - for analysis automatically• Visual interactive Apps - offering First Aid adviceOPTIMIZECosts with apps that monitor and help control spending• Pharmacy bid manager - that gets the pharmacies to offer a price for your medicines• Family healthcare cost manager - to track family spending on healthcare
  6. 6. OUR PROPOSITION TO SUPPORT THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRYWhether you are looking for reducing the costs of advanced healthcare, seeking to enable access to existingcapabilities or creating new innovative portable devices Service2Media can help you to future-proof yourcompany with innovative advanced App solutions.Let us partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach based on our outstanding platform and fulllifecycle of support that offers ultimate flexibility and dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership of yourfull suite of apps whist managing their evolution and safeguarding their future.
  7. 7. ABOUT SERVICE2MEDIA Since our inception we have challenged the status quo, creating Apps that matter and empower people’s daily lives. Our App Lifecycle Platform enables our clients and partners to build future proofed portfolios of Apps with effective reuse of components and the ability to maintain and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycles. Our core strength lies in our App Lifecycle Platform that lets us create both our own and partners’ AppCenters to deliver Core and Critical App Portfolios. •The App Lifecycle Platform – our technology that enables the full lifecycle support of Apps on multiple targeted environments. • AppCenters – where enterprise grade App portfolios are designed, deployed and evolved. THE SERVICE2MEDIA APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM The Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform supports the full lifecycle – from conceptual design through to performance analytics, our platform delivers a rich and compelling user-experience across all your targeted environments. Our App lifecycle philosophy is simple but powerful. DESIGN Apps Once DEPLOY Apps on Multiple Devices EVOLVE Apps throughout their LivesOffices and ContactsFor general information: Postal address: Dubai San FranciscoTel: +31 88 010 29 00 P.O.Box 767 Dubai Internet City 1024 Iron Point RoadFax: +31 88 010 29 01 7500 AT Enschede DIC Building 03 Folsom, California 95630 The Netherlands Dubai - United Arab Emirates United StatesThe NetherlandsService2Media Barcelona New YorkArnhemseweg 2 Edifici Neàpolis 215 Park Avenue South, Suite 20053817 CH Amersfoort Rambla Exposició 59-69 New York, NY 10003The Netherlands London 08800 – Vilanova i la Geltrú United States 83 Baker Street – Westminster SpainLangestraat 37 W1U 6AG – London7511 HB Enschede United KingdomThe Netherlands