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  • An Enterprise Wide Mobile First Social App Strategy Enterprise Suite – Enterprise engagement Apps INTRODUCTION OTTO Work Force has established an International job agency that finds people in Eastern European countries and takes care of housing in the Netherlands for them, and contracts them to work for large companies in the Netherlands. OTTO Work Force supports about 8,000 people who work in this way. BACKGROUND The whole area of social media in this context is a difficult one that offers opportunities and issues. In a market where some smaller companies undertake poor practices the reputation of contracting companies can be easily tarnished. Social media is often the channel by which people complain about everything from working practices and pay to the quality and cost of their accommodation. OTTO Work Force management were initially concerned that encouraging social media amongst their workforce might damage their reputation. The more the CEO Frank van Gool discussed the opportunity with Service2Media the more he realized that if his company was genuine in the way that it supported its contractors then the transparency and openness of a pro-active social media program could be very positive. OTTO Work Force would be at the center of the discussion and could react to and support the contractors rather than being on the periphery where they would have little opportunity to correct misunderstanding or respond to suggestions. THE STRATEGY OTTO Work Force has up to this point been a fast growing company that had until last year used mainly paper based processes to manage its contract staff. In 2011 it started the process of going digital for it’s back-end support infrastructure. Frank told us that “I want to embrace the contractor community offering them a network for finding and suggesting job opportunities as well as offering education and providing all the enterprise support capabilities required”. Managing the remote workforce that had previously required manual form-filling and submission. “As a company we have nothing to hide. In fact we're enabling them to discuss whatever worries they have and whatever good experiences they have had with each other and with OTTO Work Force in the community.” Now the question of course you might ask is, "Why don't you simply say, 'Go to Facebook, we've created a page for you there and do your thing.'" But what OTTO Work Force is doing is of far greater benefit. What they are saying is “this community will be fully integrated with their core business processes. So you can ask a question about a job opportunity in the community, then if you're interested you can apply for that job opportunity and go directly to their backend. You can request leave, you can see your salary slips and retrieve them, and go to the archives, etc. So the core processes will be integrated in the community and that's where it becomes a business community” OTTO Work Force has developed this bold digital strategy that embraces both enterprise as well as fully integrating social media, and they have decided to make this a Mobile First initiative rather than Web first. This allows OTTO Work Force contractors to use the community everywhere, even when a PC is not available. The strategy is backed up by the distribution of free iPhones to OTTO Work Force contractors as an incentive for attending classes in the OTTO Work Force Academy. This is a ground-breaking strategy which is why we regard the App portfolio being built as a new class of Enterprise Social Apps. THE FIRST APPS Otto started with Apps that enable contractors to contact and talk with each other as a first step and that don’t link to the OTTO Work Force back-end servers. But the delivery schedule is rapid and a series of Apps will be produced that have more complexity and back-end integration over the coming weeks and months. The first App was released at the end of 2011 and the release schedule is to bring out new Apps every four weeks to build a comprehensive Enterprise Social App Portfolio. Otto is now delivering anew App or upgraded App every month, starting with the iPhone and adding both Android and web support after that. The social media App is now in place and some of the ERP functionality such as the opportunity top request leave and see payment details are available. The social things are start group, post messages and reply, and create and subscribe to groups. A SHARED FUTURE Otto’s aim is to build a powerful portfolio of Apps that delivers a new class of secure, well managed social and enterprise interaction it's in the intersection of ERP and social media where they think they can excel. We would be unwise to suggest that we could offer more social features than a Facebook or a Yammer or surpass the enterprise features of SAP but we can offer something that’s truly valuable. The continuum Otto offers is a transition between the services that will be provided by the main back-end solutions that OTTO Work Force runs with a move to presenting it and making it available to a community. So they're using social media to so ease it out, change the boundaries of the organization from within the tight knit community of head office and gradually exposing it in a seamless way. OTTO Work Force will gradually be adding services and more capabilities, with more and more open and transparent features for the workforce. So it really is a very honest and open approach being extremely transparent with their community. Service2Media believes that the more they do that the more benefit they will get. It is a very interesting example of an opportunity because not many companies, in fact almost no companies, do this currently.
  • Webinar SAP connected mobile apps with the app lifecycle platform

    1. 1. Peter Broekroelofs CTO Service2Media Daan van der Lugt Alliances Director Service2Media John M. Wargo Mobile Solution Manager SAP SAP-CONNECTED MOBILE APPS WITH THE APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM™ WEBINAR JANUARY 24, 2013
    2. 2. Advanced app solutions | 2 • Introduction on partnership -Daan van der Lugt • SAP Mobile Platform -John M. Wargo • Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform – M2Active • Joint references -Peter Broekroelofs •Q&A This webinar will be recorded Please submit your questions through the chat box in Webex AGENDA
    3. 3. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3 Today’s Mobile Development Options Mobile Development Native Mobile Web Hybrid (native & HTML5) Platform (MADP)
    4. 4. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4 Enterprise Challenges Technical Expertise Application Types Rapid Evolution Landscape Diversity Solution: Open platform Support for SAP and/or 3rd Party Development Tools Platform Services Common App Services W/Reusable Extensions Common device architecture Device Agnostic, Rapid and Agile Platform Updates Open Standards Open and Industry Standard Protocols
    5. 5. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5 Making mobility enterprise grade Define Build Deploy Provision Administrate Monitor Update Decommission Protect Connect Optimize Mash-up
    6. 6. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6 Mobile application development for the modern enterprise  Business application integration  Offline access and synchronization  Authentication  Data security – at rest and during transmission  Administration  Application versioning and lifecycle management  Push notifications  Proxy  Reporting and analytics Infrastructure Platform Services 80% Application Development 20%
    7. 7. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7 Custom native applications Hybrid container applications 3rd party tools and frameworks Adaptable Mobile Platform Create Connect Heterogeneous data sources Consume Heterogeneous mobile devices Control Device and server management and security Mobile Business Objects OData Proxy Authentication and Security Dev Tooling SAP Mobile Platform Cache and Synchronization Online Proxy Push Notifications Application Provisioning Packaged applications (SAP and others) Databases Web services Management Console
    8. 8. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8 Enabling M2Active Best of both worlds OData SDK HTML5/JS Hybrid Apps Object API HTTP API Connectivity Supportability and Configuration Notifications Local Persistence and Cache Mobile Business Objects Synchronization Security
    9. 9. APPS LINK PEOPLE & SERVICES User-Centric Enterprise Apps | 9
    11. 11. OS and device fragmentation Shortage of native developers Manageability and security of mobile initiatives 11 CHALLENGES AND M2ACTIVE OBJECTIVES Standardization and lifecycle management Train existing developers Good user experience Predictable cost levels Productivity tools for multi OS app development
    14. 14. ARCHITECTURE MODEL M2ACTIVE-SMP Advanced app solutions | 14
    15. 15. ACHMEA APP FACTORY Advanced app solutions | 15 • Multi-platform development • User experience • Lifecycle management • Back-end data integration • Security • SAP Mobile Platform (SUP) integration & compatibility • Financial services company • HQ in The Netherlands • 20+ billion Euro revenue • 22.000 employees across Europe • 13 brands • Need: strategic choice to develop and manage B2C and B2E app portfolio and roadmap &
    16. 16. ACHMEA APP REFERENCES Advanced app solutions | 16 A selection of examples • B2E - Expense claims approval app(s) • B2E - Risk analysis app(s) • B2C - Pension overview and news app(s) • B2C - Damage claims processing app(s) • Roadmap
    17. 17. OTTO WORKFORCE ENTERPRISE APPS OF ENGAGEMENT • International job agency • 50+ offices and 10.000+ contractors • Until last year used mainly paper based processes to manage its contract staff • SAP back-end integration • Now: • Manage your profile with ‘my OTTO’ • Access to payslips, apply for leave • Day/month planning and travel time • Communicate with colleagues, on-site employees, account management App Life Platform | 17 CEO Frank van Gool : “I want to embrace the contractor community offering them a network for finding and suggesting job opportunities as well as offering education and providing all the enterprise support capabilities required”.
    18. 18. WHAT’S NEXT • Download the M2Active Connector for SAP leaflet • http://www.service2media.com/wp- content/uploads/2012/12/M2Active-OData- Connector-for-SAP.pdf • Presentation and demonstration • Call: +31 88 010 29 00 • Mail: daan.vanderlugt@service2media.com Advanced app solutions | 18
    19. 19. Peter Broekroelofs CTO Service2Media Daan van der Lugt Alliances Director Service2Media John M. Wargo Mobile Solution Manager SAP SAP-CONNECTED MOBILE APPS WITH THE APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM™ Q&A THANK YOU VERY MUCH!