Everything You Need to Know About Enterprise IT in Three Slides


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Everything You Need to Know About...
...The History of Enterprise IT (1 slide)
...How Enterprise IT Buyers Are Changing (1 slide)
...How to Turn Information Chaos into Business Benefit (1 slide)

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Everything You Need to Know About Enterprise IT in Three Slides

  1. 1. Three Slides Everything You Need to Know in One Slide About… 1. The History of Enterprise IT. 2. How IT Buyer Needs are Changing. 3. How to Move from Information Chaos to Information Opportunity.
  2. 2. Systems of Engagement Era Mainframe Mini PC Internet Social and Cloud Systems of Record Years 1960-1975 1975-1992 1992-2001 2001-2009 2010-2015 Typical thing managed A batch trans A dept process A document A web page interactions Best known company IBM Digital Equipment Microsoft Google Facebook Content mgmt focus Microfilm Image Mgmt Document Mgmt Content Mgmt Social Business Systems
  3. 3. IT BUYERS ARE CHANGING – AND SO ARE THEIR NEEDS OLD WORLD • • • • Tech unaware, fear around technology Fear of lack-of-results, complexity Concerned with cost-saving Fewer projects, higher spend • • • Concerned with cost-savings, efficiencies, risk reduction, compliance Not initiating projects, but approving Budget was predefined (Capex) • • • • Technology focused Liked complexity (job security) Sought task-specific knowledge Business process focused • • • • Plumbing / backend Standardization Concerned with liability Individual not empowered NEW WORLD C-Suite • • • VP / LOB Process Owner Tech-aware Concerned with innovation, competition, growth Overall budget flat, so cut legacy spend & invest elsewhere • • • • More direct influence over IT Think in business use-case terms Strategy and value focused Higher awareness of content apps • • • Like simplicity Still seeking best practices Need information now more than ever Project Manager / Architect Ind Developers, RMs, DMs • • • • Supporting the business Vendor to business demands Independent, more resources Herding cats / free-for-all
  4. 4. Information Chaos Information Opportunity Business Benefit Systems of Engagement and Record misaligned. End to end process synchronization. Processes transparent to customers. Mobile means information leaking everywhere. Governance occurs regardless of device. Employees and customers work on their own device. Information coming faster than it can be digested. Analytics automatically categorizes and disposes. Static information now at rest put into motion. More silos than ever – and new ones in the cloud Governance occurs regardless of location. It doesn’t matter where information “lives.” The “business” circumvents IT. IT spend aligned with opportunities. A new business/IT alignment. We’re spending too much on technology. Cloud opportunities to save on legacy. IT shifts from a cost center to value creator.
  5. 5. We’ll be discussing all of these at #AIIM14… Click to get the free report. Click to get the free report. And if you are a VAR or Service Bureau or SI, the partner event -- #SPEF14 – is a must do. 4 Things You Need to Know about the Document and Content Channel