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Apps for media

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Apps for media

  1. 1. MEDIA NEWSTogether we can develop Apps designed to promote your content, productsand services to expand audience relationships, embrace new platforms andincrease brand value and affinity APPS FOR MEDIA NEWS AND DISTRIBUTION
  2. 2. SERVICE2MEDIAFOR MEDIA NEWSAND DISTRIBUTIONService2Media is in the business of Advanced App Solutions for smart phones,tablets and an unbounded range of emerging touch devices. We help our clients and partners design, deliver and support some of the most exciting, innovative and effective media, news and distribution apps ever deployed. From precise data driven apps to sleek feature magazines, location-based social networking and B2B our experience is extensive and second to none. With the need to exploit multiple consumption-touch points growing, Service2Media helps clients create and enhance apps for a widening range of multi-channel opportunities throughout their evolution supported by a combination of services and our advanced app lifecycle platform. By partnering with Service2Media you can realize the potential of new audiences, enhanced consumer engagement and audience in- sight; all aligning to increase revenues refine your product roadmap and expand your business. We’ll help our client partners Grow – Reach – Understand – and Earn
  3. 3. GROW YOUR BUSINESSWith Service2media App Solutions, media publishers & distributorscan reach audiences on any device, anywhere, anytime. We can helpdrive the reach and revenue for your core business, whether it’s liveTV broadcasting, cable/operator channel catch-up & services, printsubscriptions, online publishing or an innovation you have yet to launch.Together we can develop Apps designed to promote your content,products and services to expand audience relationships, embrace newplatforms and increase brand value and affinityDrive your core business:• Boost TV viewership :- with a branded Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that offers ‘Tune-In Push Alerts’ for TV viewing reminders• Offer a stand-alone Comedy specials :- that feature the best-of clips/shows on your channel• Access subscription content ‘on the go’ :- by providing an App for cable and operator subscribers• Allow the mobile device to be the remote control :- for the TV cable and operator content channel service• Peak print subscription numbers :- with special-editions on multi-devices• Increase online use :- with mobile to web polling results, leader boards and exclusives• Develop informational, educational or entertainment apps and games :- that present benefits for a multi-platform participation and loyalty• Offer personal use of content: mash-ups ,- bookmarking, follow, share• Scale up quickly :- by using a template solution for your many genres, channels, shows• Boost customer satisfaction and uptake of cable and operator content subscriptions :- with a multi-device offerings that include the very latest devices• Offer exclusive content :- on mobile/tablets for print publishers• Give Online Publishers Locked educational Apps or Games :- that are unlocked with codes on your websiteWhat do our clients most value?Integration with business services: UPC Broadband / Liberty Mobile are providing an app to server toset-top-box control for TV program recording. This is a great example of offering new services that increasecontent views. Technically it’s an advanced app because it requires significant back-end integration as well asneeding to be available on a wide range of smart-phones.
  4. 4. REACH NEW AUDIENCESJoin the conversation to grow your audiencesWith S2M App Solutions, Media Publishers & Distributors can find new audiences for their core businessesby developing Apps that include social and sharing functionalities to harness the power of recommendationand community.They can additionally benefit from simply expanding their offering to new platforms and the brand/channelor service may see an uptake in adoption of the content because of the proposition on an alternative plat-forms. Brands can develop an augmented reality experience to use on billboard advertising to preview newshows or create a virtual location instance to map a news story.Engage your audience:• Integrate your apps :- with popular social networks• Create new and participate in ‘communities’ :- to extend your reach• Present shared ‘real-time’ experiences :- with friends & family cross-platform with instant messaging, comments and recommendations, peer to peer sharing can create viral engagement of your content• Attract new fans with the wow factor :- augmented reality, barcode reader and speech to text functionality• Offer multiple-language capabilities :- to embrace new audiencesWhat do our clients most value?Optimized on any device: De Telegraaf need to make content available on the widest range of devices andplatforms and to deliver new content and services rapidly. The format and content of information providedis highly variable and new requirements need to be adopted rapidly.Service2Media’s ability to offer agile andfast development is fundamental to De Telegraaf ’s success.
  5. 5. UNDERSTAND consumer behavior,attitudes and interestsTo improve your services and better satisfy youraudiencesWith S2M App Solutions, Media Publishers & Distributorscan closely monitor consumer consumption and dynamicallyoffer content in an App according to interests. Apps can includefunctionality for immediate feedback whether it’s posting acomment, polling, voting or collecting detailed consumerinformation such as email and mobile number for special offersor interaction.Gain customer and market insight:• Monitor consumer behavior :- to serve a more personalized content experience• Track consumption :- to serve relevant marketing and advertising content• Solicit feedback :- to get your customers more closely involved in idea development and evaluation of new products, services or initiatives• Collect, Enable & Display :- UGC combined with location-based identity and use.What do our clients most value?Multilevel integration: Dutch railways can monitor the demandfor information on train times from its travelling customers andgain feedback to optimize services and use positioning informationto track the location of customers using the solution. Service2Mediawere able to deliver this advanced app through the integration ofDutch Rail’s back end systems, GPS data to position the customerand the rendering of real-time train data onto a wide range ofdevices.
  6. 6. EARN MORE BY CREATING NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIESEnhancing your business growth and generating interest from potential newadvertisers and partnersWith S2M App Solutions, Media Publishers & Distributors can increase their revenue streams with new Appsthat result in new ad inventory as well as the option for paid subscription access. There may also beopportunities for you to create Apps with your brand’s identity that are pure advertising sponsorship revenuedeals. For example, Coke might want to sponsor a live rock concert series that as a Cable Operator you coulddistribute across all of your channels to market including new mobile/tablet Apps that feature recordedversions of the concerts and functionality to upload images if you were at the concerts to the Cable Operatorswebsite – all resulting in a compelling and engaged user experience.• Offer subscription models to access your content :- free, free-mium (upsell), paid• Create exclusive content experiences on multiple devices :- for unique sponsorship opportunities• Utilize personal devices :- for dynamic advertising opportunities• Exploit location-based appropriate content :- for local ad spend and relevant sponsorshipsWhat do our clients most value?Community: for Marco Borsato’s newcommunity platform offering a completelynew concept to activate the fan base withvideo, rich social media and downloads.OUR PROPOSITION TO THE MEDIA NEWS AND DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRYWhether you are looking for a sustainable competitive advantage or aiming to improve efficiencies. Service-2Media can help you to future-proof your company with innovative application solutions.Let us partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach based on our outstanding platform and fulllifecycle of support that offers ultimate flexibility and dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership of yourfull suite of Apps whist managing their evolution and safeguarding their future.
  7. 7. ABOUT SERVICE2MEDIA Since our inception we have challenged the status quo, creating Apps that matter and empower people’s daily lives. Our App Lifecycle Platform enables our clients and partners to build future proofed portfolios of Apps with effective reuse of components and the ability to maintain and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycles. Our core strength lies in our App Lifecycle Platform that lets us create both our own and partners’ AppCenters to deliver Core and Critical App Portfolios. •The App Lifecycle Platform – our technology that enables the full lifecycle support of Apps on multiple targeted environments. • AppCenters – where enterprise grade App portfolios are designed, deployed and evolved. THE SERVICE2MEDIA APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM The Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform supports the full lifecycle – from conceptual design through to performance analytics, our platform delivers a rich and compelling user-experience across all your targeted environments. Our App lifecycle philosophy is simple but powerful. DESIGN Apps Once DEPLOY Apps on Multiple Devices EVOLVE Apps throughout their LivesOffices and ContactsFor general information: Postal address: Dubai San FranciscoTel: +31 88 010 29 00 P.O.Box 767 Dubai Internet City 1024 Iron Point RoadFax: +31 88 010 29 01 7500 AT Enschede DIC Building 03 Folsom, California 95630 The Netherlands Dubai - United Arab Emirates United StatesThe NetherlandsService2Media Barcelona New YorkArnhemseweg 2 Edifici Neàpolis 215 Park Avenue South, Suite 20053817 CH Amersfoort Rambla Exposició 59-69 New York, NY 10003The Netherlands London 08800 – Vilanova i la Geltrú United States 83 Baker Street – Westminster SpainLangestraat 37 W1U 6AG – London7511 HB Enschede United KingdomThe Netherlands