The best tools for social marketers: SOCIAL FRESH EAST 2014

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All of my slides and tools presented during Social Fresh 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Share your fave tools on Twitter and use hashtag #socialfresh.

All of my slides and tools presented during Social Fresh 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Share your fave tools on Twitter and use hashtag #socialfresh.

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  • 1. Text A for hard “G” (gif) Text B for soft “G” (jif) 660-358-8526
  • 2. SARAH EVANS I @PRsarahevans I 224.789.8314
  • 3. •  People remember it! •  Involves an emotional connection! •  Relatable! •  Written, visual and audio! Share,  care  or  swear!     GREAT CONTENT
  • 5. CONTENT IDENTIFICATION & CREATION Share  your  favorite  tools  during  this  talk,  use  #socialfresh.  
  • 6. STORIES, TRENDS & CONTENT •  POPurls  (URL  trends  from  all  over   the  web)  (hFp://   •  Websta  (Trending  on  Instagram)   hFp://   •  Rebloggy  (Trending  on  Tumblr)   hFp://     •  Viral  Video  Chart   hFp:// all   •  PinAlerts  (Pinterest  alerts)   (       •  Facebook  trends  (Facebook  home   page)   •  Google  Top  Searches   hFp:// hoFrends)   •  Trending  on  YouTube hFps:// trendsdashboard   •  Boardreader  (forum  search  engine)   (   •  #tagboard:  search  any  hashtag  across   most  social  networks  ( hFp://     Sarah Evans – Sevans Strategy © 2014
  • 7. •  SlideShare     •  Reddit   •  Feedly  (iOS  and  Android)   •  RSS  feeds   •  IFTTT  and/or  Zapier   •  Flipboard   •  Google  Trends  or  Hot   Searches   STORIES, TRENDS & CONTENT Sarah Evans – Sevans Strategy © 2014
  • 8. Social EdCal Tools •  ProducRvity  and   collaboraRon  tools,   like  Asana  or  BaseCamp   where  you  can  assign   deadlines;   •  Plugins,  like  Edit  Flow   and  CoSchedule  ($10   month)  for  Wordpress   that  sync  with  iCal  and   Google  Calendar;   •  High  output  products,  like   DivvyHQ  that  are  pla[orm   agnosc,  create  mulple   calendars;   •  Good,  old-­‐fashioned   spreadsheets,  like  Word  or   Google  Spreadsheets;  or   •  Workhack:  Evernote,  Google   Drive,  Google  Calendar  
  • 9. BUT, WHAT ABOUT PHOTOS? •  Latergramme (browser and iOS): for Instagram •  Viralwoot or ViralTag (browser) for Pinterest •  DoShare (Chrome plug-in): for Google+ •  Evernote (browser, mobile) •  Buffer (browser and mobile): Facebook, Linkedin Have  a  beTer  way  to  manage  photos?  Share  now:  #socialfresh.  
  • 10. AUTOMATE THE WEB Zapier     •  Integrates  with  services,  like   Gmail,  Mailchimp,  Salesforce   •  More  “business”  and   enterprise  in  nature   •  Example:  Add  a  MailChimp   subscriber  to  a  list  from   Wufoo  form   •  Freemium  (100  tasks  per   month,  5  zaps)   IFTTT   •  More  free  services  and   social  (e.g.  TwiFer,   Facebook,  Etsy,  Google)   •  Limited  to  certain  types  of   tasks   •  Limited  to  a  certain  number   of  acons   •  Completely  free  
  • 11. View my public IFTTT recipes at:
  • 12. 3RD PARTY INVOLVEMENT •  Twibble  (   publish  content  from  any   RSS  feed  to  TwiFer  (with   imagery)   •  Triberr:  find  other   bloggers  to  share  your   stuff  (2.5  out  of  4  stars)   •  RoundTeam   (  ($):   Connect  your  TwiFer   account  and  let  others   contribute  
  • 13. As a digital correspondent, I have to be able to create and share content on the fly…
  • 14. MY TOP 10, CAN’T-LIVE-WITHOUT LIST, THAT WON’T COST YOU A DIME 1.  Buffer 2.  IFTTT 3.  RebelMouse 4.  SocialMention 5.  Wedgies 6. Evernote 7. Rafflecopter 8. Twitter mobile notifications 9. Over 10. 8mm
  • 15. TABLET TO: CAPTURE, EDIT & SHARE •  iOgrapher  ($65)   •  Wide  angle  lens   ($20-­‐30)   •  Shotgun  mic   ($200-­‐300)   •  Tripod  ($30-­‐70)   •  LED  light  ($50-­‐100)   I  have  the  case  with  me  if  you  want  to  see  it.  
  • 16. ADDITIONAL CONTENT CREATION TOOLS •  Screenr  (web-­‐based  screen  recorder)     •  Canva  (Facebook  covers,  invites,  blog   content)   •  SoundCloud  (audio)   •  Timetoast  (shareable,  embeddable   melines)   •  Givver  (donate  via  tweets)   •  ThingLink  (make  images  interacve)   (   •  Piktochart  (infographic  creator)   Share  your  favorite  tools  during  this  talk,  use  #socialfresh.  
  • 17. THE PINTRISTIFICATION & INSTAGRAMIZATION OF CONTENT If  you  like  it,  then  you  should  have  put  a  filter  on  it.   EVERY SINGLE POST NEEDS A PIN-WORTHY PHOTO
  • 18. PRO TIP: Use Google Reverse Image Search to find proper attribution for any photo you or your brand does not own.!
  • 19. 9 APPS FOR CREATING GREAT VISUALS FROM YOUR PHONE •  Phonto (iOS & Android) •  Over (iOS only) •  PicFrame (iOS & Android) •  Phoster (iOS only) •  VSCOcam (iOS & Android) •  Screenshot (iOS & Android) •  GifBoom (iOS & Android) •  A Beautiful Mess (iOS & Android) •  PhotoRepost (iOS & Android) Add to this list with #socialfresh and tag me @PRsarahevans!
  • 20. •  iMovie (iOS) •  8mm (iOS & Android) •  ChatterPix (iOS only) •  Directr (iOS only) •  YouTube Capture (iOS & Android) 10 APPS FOR CREATING GREAT VIDEOS FROM YOUR PHONE •  WeVideo (Android only) •  Lapse It (iOS & Android) •  Animoto (browser, iOS & Android) •  Explain Everything (iOS & Android) •  ABCYa Animate (stop-motion animation) (iOS) Want tips for Instagram and Vine videos? Later. ;)
  • 21. DESKTOP: CHAMPAGNE TASTE, BEER BUDGET? •  PicMonkey:  give  every  photo   the  “Instagram”  look  and   dimensions   •  Canva:  quickly  create   presentaons  Facebook   covers,  blog  graphics,  book   covers,  etc…   •  LICEcap:  record  your  screen   and  save  as  an  animated  GIF   (    
  • 22. 4 TOOLS TO MANAGE INSTAGRAM à web-based Instagram manager with analytics, lets you create a Facebook tab. Repost à mobile app where you can browse community content and repost it with attribution (Android + iOS) Latergramme (free) and Postso (paid) à web and mobile-based photo scheduling tools Twtrlnd à desktop tool to analyze your competitor and/or customer social accounts.
  • 23. 4 TOOLS TO MANAGE TWITTER •  Hootsuite:    (any  size  business,  even  for   enterprise)  comprehensive  social  media   dashboard:  monitor,  respond,  track,  assign   tasks  to  team  members,  integrate  with   your  short  URL   •  Tweetdeck:  (perfect  for  small  businesses,   entrepreneurs  and  startups):  owned  by   TwiFer  and  only  monitors  TwiFer   •  Sharedby:  add  a  custom  engagement  bar   to  every  link  you  share     •  TwiTer  Ads  (nave):  run  ads  on  browser   and  mobile  version,  now  complete  with   conversaon  tracking  for  mobile  and  more   robust  analycs
  • 24. PRO FACEBOOK TOOL: Swayy •  Suggests  custom  content   for  any  Facebook  page   you  connect   •  Also  works  with  TwiFer   and  Linkedin   •  Shows  trending  topics  in   your  community  and   circles   •  Share  now  or  later
  • 25. REAL-TIME & LIVE SHARING •  Livefyre  (with  Storify):  power   blog  comments  (free),  Sidenotes   (paid)  and  LiveBlog,  LiveChat  and   LiveReviews   •  ScribbleLive  (just  acquired   CoverItLive):  real-­‐me  website   updates,  live  coverage  (used  by   CNN,  AP,  Mashable,  etc…)   •  RebelMouse:  power  a  website  or   blog  and  update  real-­‐me,   visualize  live  conversaons,   moderate  contributors    
  • 26. SOCIAL POLLING •  Voting links visible •  Real-time results •  SMS option (great for live events!) •  Only polling platform integrated with Tumblr (front end and dashboard)
  • 27. DISTRIBUTION: WHERE DO YOU SHARE ALL THE THINGS? •  Website •  Blog (RebelMouse, Tumblr, Wordpress, MoPro) •  Social •  Email •  Mobile •  Traditional Create your arsenal, or add to content checklist
  • 28. SYNDICATION & DISTRIBUTION •  AtContent: 8694879586578442R.textproject/ •  Taboola ($2,000 per month) or $525 per week •  Sign up for scribal •  Sign up for simplereach •  Set up •  Linkedin ad •  Viral Content Buzz •  Submit to Yahoo Contributor Network •  Submit to CNN iReport •  If it's a compelling image, share via IMGUR •  Share via •  Post to glipho •  Link your post to an answer in Quora •  Link your post to an answer in Yahoo Questions and Answers qid=20090113091544AAepYhS •  Create slides of your content and send to Slideshare •  If you're a journalist, add to your MuckRack portfolio •  IF THIS IS A MEME or VIRAL IMAGE, submit to Know Your Meme photos/trending •  Google News hl=en&ts=2394225&page=ts.cs&from=191208
  • 30. A FEW I KNOW & LOVE… •  Hubspot:  email  markeng,  customer   engagement,  pipeline,  social  ads  (small  to   large  business)   •  Moz:  Inbound  markeng  Rankings,  links,   social,  SEO  opps,  customer  repots,   research  tools  (small  to  large  business,   entrepreneurs,  anyone,  really!)   •  Marketo:  email  and  campaign   management,  budget  and  markeng   calendar,  social  sharing   •  Eloqua/Oracle:  web  conferencing,  content   markeng  apps,  CRM,  Facebook  Insight   Management,  Twilio  SMS  &  Pic  messaging,   event  check-­‐in,  predicve  lead  scoring   (large,  enterprise,  franchise)  
  • 32. WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU? •  socialmenRon:  quick,  free  social  media  search,  shows   current  social  trending  topics,  segment  by  type  of  social   (e.g.  microblogs,  images,  videos,  etc…)   •  UberVU  (owned  by  Hootsuite):  brand  insights,   monitoring,  social  replies,  analycs,  smart  reports   (small  and  medium  size  businesses  with  acMve  social   networks)   •  BrandWatch:  Fully  comprehensive  and  sophiscated   social/web  landscape  (medium,  large  and  enterprise   •  Radian6/Salesforce:  listen,  publish  (Buddy  Media)  and   adverse  (  –  TwiFer  Cerfied  and  Facebook   Strategic  Preferred  Markeng  Partner,  integrated  CRM,   service  cloud  (large,  enterprise  and  great  for  customer   service)   PRO  TIP:  Bitly  or  (just  acquired  by  Unified)  
  • 33. LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGING OPPORTUNITIES? •  MyBlogGuest   •  GuestBlogIt   •  BloggerLinkUp   •  BlogSynergy   •  Guest  Blog  Genius   •  Guestr   •  BlogDash   •  PostJoint   •  Copy  for  Bylines   •  Guest  Blogging  Websites   •  Fizz  Niche   •  Technora's  directory  of   blogs   •  Alltop   •  Google  Blogsearch   •  Best  of  the  Web  Blogs   •  On  Top  List  blog  directory     BONUS!
  • 34. FAVE ANIMATED GIF SEARCH ENGINES ü ü ü ü main.php ü ü ü
  • 35. MORE? Email or tweet @Prsarahevans me. "