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Why the Future of PR Is Social Collaboration (and how it determines our success)


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Why the Future of PR Is Social Collaboration (and how it determines our success)

  1. 1. The Evolution of PR is Social Collaboration - and why it determines our success -Jennifer Gosse Sarah Evans(@jennifergosse) (@prsarahevans)Co-founder & CMO, Tracky Chief Evangelist, Tracky Social Media Correspondent, Sarahs Faves Owner, Sevans Strategy
  2. 2. Our goal today is to: •  Help you do what you already do, a little better •  Plan for the future of social collaboration •  Work better, not harder Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track: (Evolution doesn’t meanmore work)
  3. 3. Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track: Find tweetable moments in track:
  4. 4. The evolution of the pitch,press release and promotion. It s time for change
  5. 5. BackgroundJournalists,  bloggers  and  influencers  are:     •  Pitched more •  Expected to than ever produce more •  Require different with less resources & info •  Short form valued over long form
  6. 6. Change our frame of reference What do you want to accomplish?1.  Third party endorsement (blogger/influencer)2.  Personal share (self)3.  Unbiased, comprehensive coverage (journalist) Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  7. 7. The pitch (We re going to create your share a story resource)•  GO TO track:•  Content (not mass distribution)•  Vehicle –  Social Media Release –  Email –  Social Media –  Text•  Message•  Call-to-action Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  8. 8. The Social Pitch
  9. 9. Get Personal For your pitch list, keep tabs on your media with:•  Instagram•  Pinterest•  Google+•  Twitter•  Facebook•  Blog•  Tumblr Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  10. 10. A few tips to work better…•  To monitor Instagram, use (or Hootsuite) from your desktop. Create lists of bloggers, journalists and influencers.•  Get familiar with ifttt (@ifttt) ( Set up recipes to alert you via text message, phone call or email when media make a specific action (e.g. blog post)
  11. 11. The [Press] Release •  Get social visual, include a RSS feed of your social photos •  Write for your consumer and the media •  3-5 social sound bitesTip: Do NOT publish a SMR if you re pitching an exclusive.
  12. 12. The Promotion: Your story ran, so now what•  Determine priority•  Thank you to the writer in the comment•  Monitor comments (respond to positive & negative*)•  Socially share (include writer s Twitter handle)•  Inform appropriate stakeholders (e.g. investors)•  High visibility? Repurpose in: –  Email signature –  eNewsletter –  Website
  13. 13. PR is more than media…•  Community relations•  Customer service•  Public speaking•  Social media
  14. 14. That s a lot to do.How do we make it all come together? Social Collaboration.
  15. 15. How to collaborate with the media•  Relationship-building over time•  Making more authentic connections•  Storytelling: what makes your company/ cause/project unique, short-term benefits, long-term view•  Inviting them to observe or become part of your community•  Collaborating with them on future stories – share the evolution of what you re doing
  16. 16. Does social collaboration matter?•  Every 2 days, humankind creates more data than we did from the dawn of history until 2003.•  Social media enables us to initiate large quantities of connections.•  It can get pretty hectic managing all this data and all these connections.
  17. 17. So much noise• Email • Blog comments• Texts • Pinterest repins,• Tasks comments• Tweets, DMs • Contact inquiries• Facebook posts, • Google+likes, comments • 3rd party (media)
  18. 18. Social  Power  •  Ordinary  people  using  Facebook  and  Twi=er   knocked  down  dictators  in  Tunisia,  Egypt,  Libya   and  threatened  absolute  rule  in  Syria  •  Individuals  are  using  new  technology  to  harness   social  media  to  organize  themselves  •  Be=er  social  needs  are  needed  because  people   expect  the  same  easy  and  fun  tools  at  work  as   they  use  in  their  personal  life  •  Companies  are  trying  to  catch  up  and  leverage   the  efficiency  of  more  connected  networks  
  19. 19. Women dominate social media •  Women make up 56% of social media users, or 81 million women •  Women use social media more, with 18% updating FB status daily •  More likely to post comments on posts and photos, several times a day •  Facebook – 58% | Twitter – 64% | Pinterest – 82% | Zynga – 60% STUDY:  Reasons  for   following  brands  on   social  media  By Eric Sass, Social Graf blog, 7/6/12, Media Post
  20. 20. *| POLL |*Do  you  feel  that  you  are  able  to  respond  to   at  least  80%  of  incoming  communica9on?     SMS  1  or  2  to:  702-­‐800-­‐2623   1  –  Yeah,  baby!   2  –  Nooo…  
  21. 21. 80% Of Americans Work "After Hours," Equaling AnExtra Day Of Work Per Week From enterprise mobility company, Good Technology Half of them do so because they feelthey have no choice.Connectedness means customersdemand fast replies. There s no offswitch.Half of respondents check their emailin bed, starting at around 7:09 AM.68% check email before 8 AM.
  22. 22. *| POLL |*Do  you  feel  that  you  are  able  to  respond  to   at  least  80%  of  incoming  communica9on?     SMS  1  or  2  to:  702-­‐800-­‐2623   1  –  Yeah,  baby!   2  –  Nooo…  
  23. 23. A collaborative PR example•  Sarah shared the open social collaboration trend with fellow social PR expert, Lisa Buyer, CEO of The Buyer Group•  Lisa had an article deadline for SearchEngineWatch•  Sarah and Jennifer fed Lisa the latest collaboration research in a shared track•  Lisa used the research & likes Tracky. She then set up a group for Search Engine Strategies conference in August, in San Francisco•  Sarah and Lisa are on a PubCon Las Vegas panel together this fall•  …more stories to come•  The result? Collaborating is mutually beneficial. Journalists get more concisely delivered, interesting and deep stories. You get the long-term connections and exposure that you need.
  24. 24. Meaningful connections & productive collaboration•  Here s the secret à The 4 C s –  Connect –  Collaborate –  Condense –  Communicate Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  25. 25. What s old is new again The move back to personal. Photo  illustraWon  by  Carey  Rose,  KlipSun  magazine  
  26. 26. The New Yorker, WhyAre So Many Americans •  But most of the peopleSingle? he introduces seem Living alone neither especiallyprovides restorative restored nor vigorouslysolitude ; connected;It may be exactly •  They are insecure,what we need to proud of their freedomsreconnect. but hungry for contact, anxious, frisky, smug,–Eric Klinenberg, Going Solo: The Extraordinaryand Surprising Appeal of Living Alone occasionally scared.
  27. 27. Back to Personal: Craig Kannally (@ckanal) Senior Editor, HuffPo•  Posted his Google Voice number via social networks•  Talked about careers, personal lives, relationships, faith•  The stats: –  118 texts in three hours –  7 phone calls –  ½ male, ½ female –  6 states, 3 countries
  28. 28. The Postcard Project Sarah + @Postagram•  Opt in (•  Every Tuesday•  122 cards sent in 2 months•  5 people sent cards back•  On average: –  2 tweets per recipient + photo –  1 Instagram post –  ¼ Facebook post –  ½ email
  29. 29. Now what?Move beyond the connection.
  30. 30. Death to comments! Photo Credit:
  31. 31. Case Study - Radio•  Current: Jerry Doyle – current site is shallow, non- participatory –  It s a one-way conversation•  Goal: stimulate productive projects, engage his listeners & gain new online fans and doers
  32. 32. Case Study - Radio•  New site – designed & powered by Tracky – community engagement•  Top stories are pins – curated content from around the web•  These are no ordinary comments – they feed back into Tracky•  Why death to comments? They seem to elude to community but it s still ONE-WAY for the most part.•  The next evolution: extend the value of comments to create community•  Engage two key places: –  At the site, in comments –  In Tracky, where you can identify the doers and the influencers and curate them into private goal- oriented groups
  33. 33. Engage, Engage, Engage•  End goal: new consolidated website for forward-thinking talk radio personalities•  Each host s audience can interact with the host and other like- minded people
  34. 34. Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  35. 35. Say hello to our little friend, Tracky.
  36. 36. Collaboration = work smarterIts not always about what you need to get done, but what others need you to get done. There s a track for that.
  37. 37. The work flow•  Create a track –  Change its group if needed –  Add/invite others –  Add a due date –  Add tags•  Catalogue your ideas•  When you re ready to share… –  Publish the content (blog, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) –  Change the track visibility to public. Copy the link and embed it in your published post for extra juice. –  Tweet, Facebook, G+ it
  38. 38. #DO: Create your track
  39. 39. #DO: Give it a deadline
  40. 40. #DO: Add some tags (organizing)
  41. 41. #DO: Add people
  42. 42. #DO: Collaborate!
  43. 43. #PUBLISH: Quickly publish your track
  44. 44. People becomeauthoritative by sharing what they re getting done.
  45. 45. We can make the choice to do something meaningful with thetechnology at our fingertips and the connections within our reach.
  46. 46. What will your digital reach say about you? About me? About us?