How not to be all a flutter about Twitter


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  •  Writing/updating: We update usually a couple of times a week. Sometimes more when we have a lot of events that week, or if there’s a big event and we have a few angles to promote it from. (For ex., we may ask an intriguing question and give the link; then announce the event directly; then tweet about an article in the local paper about our event, with a link to the article instead of to our own page.) Also, we sometimes tweet the same thing again just to catch people who are paying attention at different times of day. Scanning: a couple/3x daily. The ability to do that in so little time depends on locale, though. Twitter traffic for Portland, for example, couldn’t be monitored the way I’m doing Eugene.
  • How not to be all a flutter about Twitter

    1. 1. How to not be all a-flutter about in your library OLA Tech Petting Zoo November2009 Tualatin, OR Margaret Hazel, Technology Manager Eugene Public Library
    2. 2. The skinny• Twitter is a “microblogging” tool, limited to 140 characters• Can be accessed on the web and on cell phones• “Follow” – to subscribe to get someone’s tweets• “Hash-tag” – Use a # to create a searchable keyword in your tweet that will associate your tweet with the subject• “RT” – re-tweeting is copying an interesting tweet and sending it to all of your own followers ; include commentary for added value• “@username” - used at the beginning of a tweet to send a message publically to another user• “DM – Direct message someone, privately
    3. 3. Eugene Public Library’s page
    4. 4. Other OR libraries on Twitter• MultCoLib• TualatinLibrary• WCCLS• ?
    5. 5. libraryfuture Become a Mobile Library: Join us @ Lakeville Public Lib 1/14 full day tech prgrm abt mobile libs RT @semlsabout 3 hours ago from Tweetie
    6. 6. What goals does this tech meet?• Institutionally: – EPL uses mainly to market events – Reference: Google, Microsoft have announced will start including tweets in search results – Add a hashtag widget to your webpage keep patrons abreast of current hot topics – To get feedback, solicited and un- – To connect with additional groups of users, such as teens• Professionally: – Networking with peers in a specialized field, including many links to relevant articles – Enhanced conference experience – LinkedIn just announced a partnership
    7. 7. wcclsNew in large-print: Shop class as soulcraft : an inquiry into thevalue of work by Matthew Crawford - 3 hours ago from TweetDeck Reply
    8. 8. General Social Media considerations:• Social media policy - for staff and for the public policies/• What is the“Voice” of your library?• Single institution acct or individuals; formal/informal• Use a “character” as a persona? Sports teams, etc.• Legal implications: archiving, union rules• How interactive will you be?• Respond to critical/hostile comments?• Respond to inaccurate comments?
    9. 9. Additional Twitter considerations:• Will you RT (reTweet, or forward a message you have seen to your own followers)• Who will you “follow”? Following others is both useful and important, as Twitter might think you are trying to sell something, if you don’t use it as an interactive medium.• Will you block some folks from following you? I’d recommend not accepting all followers blindly. Porn and spam are here, too.• Will you track local and hashtag mentions?• Proactive interaction, or mainly passive ?• Twitter interface or other 3rd party app?
    10. 10. gretchenhams awesome site 2 teach PreKs letters & keyboard @ the same time!
    11. 11. Eugene’s use• Posting - about 15-20 minutes each week, 2-3 posts a week of events for which we’ve already written press releases, etc.• Scanning for local tweets relating to us – a couple of times a day, while on hold on the phone, while something is printing, etc.• Future – exploring more interaction with our followers
    12. 12. hclib RT @ExperienceLife Three cheers for @hclib. Librarians are an invaluable resource, especially when your deadline is looming!
    13. 13. Many Additional Tools, such as…• Twitterific (Mac)• Google Gadget• PocketTweets for iPhone/iPods• for Blackberry• Itweet, for Android OS• Tweed and TweeFree for Palm Pre• TwitPic to share pictures on Twitter• Various tools to update several sites, such as Facebook, at the same time – Disgsby =vid&utm_content=vid – Tweetdeck, – Seesmic
    14. 14. Visible Tweets for public display
    15. 15. “Check out the Canadian library”
    16. 16. from our blog: Making Content Shine
    17. 17. Analytics• Tweetstats (mashup)• TwitterAnalyzer
    18. 18. Archiving• Twapperkeeper• Tweetscan enterprise level archiving solutions also expanding to cover Twitter
    19. 19. MVPublicLibrary "Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the library. The only entrance requirement is interest." Lady Bird Johnson
    20. 20. “a central real-time hub that serves to enhance every other content platform on the web... a central place where people can post or link to any and all content of their choosing…” – Soren Gordhamer
    21. 21.