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Get more done in less time, #workhacks for your busy life


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Get more done in less time, #workhacks for your busy life

  1. 1. HOW TO: 
 Get more done in less time" Sarah Evans I (@PRsarahevans) I #workhacks
  2. 2. #workhacks
  3. 3. THIS isn’t working. #workhacks
  4. 4. Enter open social 
 collaboration platforms and work hacks." #workhacks
  5. 5. What are #workhacks?" Creating effective solutions to a work problem. #workhacks
  6. 6. Today’s #workhacks:" •  Running your social editorial calendar (and without a spreadsheet) •  Monitoring online news for story opps •  Emailing (better) •  Make a cinch of social sharing •  Create a robust resource of media queries •  Updating your clients and team(s) •  Social publishing #workhacks
  7. 7. Think about your open social collaboration platform like your website or blog. It’s a central hub where everything lives. You constantly drive everything to it." #workhacks
  8. 8. This single habit will transform the way you work, your ability to get more things done and reduce your email consumption and creation dramatically." #workhacks
  9. 9. If you’re starting here, then you’re missing out. #workhacks
  10. 10. •  Media queries •  Task updates for superiors •  Volunteer activities •  Editorial calendar •  Blog/content creation •  Social publishing #workhacks
  11. 11. I got out of email and 
 into collaboration." #workhacks
  12. 12. Monitoring news, competitors & more
 (IFTTT, mobile, social, lists, Google Alerts)" #workhacks
  13. 13. We use this content for…" •  Social sharing •  Story starters •  Daily e-blast •  Weekly #journchat •  Case studies •  Media/pitches •  Research •  Product enhancements #workhacks
  14. 14. 3 tiers of monitoring:" #workhacks
  15. 15. Copy & paste #workhacks
  16. 16. In the hopper for any other applicable Twitter accounts (e.g. clients) + hashtag(s). Rewritten for other social networks and added to the hopper. {Link}" #workhacks J
  17. 17. Get industry news faster than 99% of your peers. #workhacks
  18. 18. And, if it’s a story starter…
 (We do 1 of 5 things)" Blog post, Media pitch, Social media release; Guest post; or Archive for later #workhacks
  19. 19. Social Editorial Calendar #workhacks
  20. 20. #workhacks
  21. 21. How we create content: STEP 1: Go to the PR Group. #workhacks
  22. 22. STEP 2: Assign team members, set a due date and share notes. #workhacks
  23. 23. STEP 3: Create a Google Doc within the track. Everyone is notified, saves an email and keeps everything in one document. #workhacks
  24. 24. STEP 4: We have an “official” blog template so that anyone writing for our site can stay consistent with our branding. I have it starred so that it’s always available when working. #workhacks
  25. 25. How we share content: Create a tactical arsenal (lives in the “umbrella” over all tasks) and determine priority levels for your messages. 1. Post to Twitter from all possible accounts and, when appropriate, 1) mention (@) company name, co-founders, co-workers, investors and/or advisors (depending on the post); 2) include essential hashtags (if there are a lot of associated hashtags focus on most important first, then include others in future posts); 3) DM people who might like to share with a request to RT; 4) Share post 2-3 times over 2 weeks, then once a month for 3 months, then once every other month (from company account and co-founders accounts) 2. Post to Linkedin company and personal profiles and, when appropriate, tag (@) company name, co-founders, co-workers, investors and/or advisors (depending on the post). ESSENTIAL: Write a helpful, informative message to people with a certain job title or certain industry. Build an email list based on this within LinkedIn. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE OPTION TO HIDE ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES before sending. You can only do 50 people at a time, so block off at least an hour to send. For example, tactics 1-5 are for every post, 1-15 are for medium priority and 1-26 are for highest priority.   #workhacks
  26. 26. K.I.S.S." •  Identify your “key times” (Tweriod) •  Schedule posts to go out at times you’re most likely to reach your community (Buffer) •  Automate your sharing ( •  Schedule for G+ (DoShare) •  Reminders to share evergreen content every few weeks or months. (Tracky) #workhacks
  27. 27. •  Plan out 5 to 7 days in advance. •  Keep a social sharing track where this information lives so you can repurpose it. •  Check it daily to remove content or check it. #workhacks
  28. 28. Where do you find content? " •  Alltop ( •  Reddit •  Feedly or Flipboard (on iOS) •  Google Reader •  RSS •  Twitter lists •  Facebook lists •  Tumblr •  icanhascheezburger #workhacks
  29. 29. Bonus Tip! Allow your research to double as content, real-time" h"ps://   #workhacks
  30. 30. Track success of content" #workhacks
  31. 31. The secret to reducing email… #workhacks
  32. 32. Group. Everything." People you frequently email Projects you’re working on All of your clients Research and media lists Public groups Partnerships with other businesses Recipes, crafts and other hobbies #workhacks
  33. 33. Make your own list. Here’s mine:" Email" Social collaboration" Initial project overview, including links to tracks. X Quick hello, introduction (initial comm.) X Interviews, questions, surveys X X Urgent, important update (with link to track) X X Scheduling meetings, lunch X Pitch, media reply X X All company/corporate message X Marketing material creation X Content creation (e.g. blog posts) X #workhacks
  34. 34. Make your inbox work for you" #workhacks
  35. 35. Use quick response email templates on your smartphone
 (and if you’re on iOS, there’s a hack for that)" •  Identify an app or built in feature that can be accessed on your computer, smartphone and tablet. •  Type them once and use at your discretion. #workhacks
  36. 36. Power incoming communication with the same platform." #workhacks
  37. 37. EXAMPLE: Customer service and requests #workhacks
  38. 38. Manage media relations
 (and, gasp, without a spreadsheet)" #workhacks
  39. 39. Media queries" What’s your current process? Email upon email upon email? #workhacks
  40. 40. All pitches are archived, tagged and searchable. #workhacks
  41. 41. #workhacks
  42. 42. Label, tag, set a deadline and assign appropriately. #workhacks
  43. 43. Keep client(s), peers, vendors as informed as possible and help your staff keep you informed, too." #workhacks
  44. 44. Keep everyone in the loop #workhacks
  45. 45. Use for clients, vendors and staff. Update real-time with important tasks and accomplishments. Amazing archive and opportunity for interaction. #workhacks
  46. 46. Publish to your social community site" #workhacks
  47. 47. All told, these #workhacks and integration of open social collaboration has personally:
 " •  Increased ability to produce content by 110% (from 2 blog posts on one blog per week to 4-6 posts on two-three blogs per week) •  Reduced outgoing email by 25% (from 3,600 to 2,700 over three months) •  Reduced incoming email by 5% (from 9,000 to 8,550 over three months – and still dropping) •  Increase in content sharing on social sites (from 5 to 7 shares on one social account to 5-8 shares across 12 social accounts) •  Drive views to Tracky website by 500% •  Create additional communities to engage (Launched the Google+ PR Community with more than 1,600 active members) •  Increased online engagement for multiple brands (on average, 100 to 1.2K clicks on each article shared) #workhacks
  48. 48. #workhacks
  49. 49. For a list of all resources mentioned today, visit: #workhacks
  50. 50. #workhacks
  51. 51. Congratulations! " You are the 1%. Of “doers,” that is. Instead of talking about what you want to do, you actually do it. That’s a rare gift and you, my friend, have it. Be proud of your gift and tell the world that you’re part of an elite group of doers! #workhacks