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Maximize your content


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Maximize your content

  1. 1. Maximize Your Content<br />OPTION 1<br /><ul><li>Create personal distribution list
  2. 2. Write personal message
  3. 3. Send</li></ul>1. Who else wants to know?<br />OPTION 2<br /><ul><li>Use opt-in message platform (e.g. Mailchimp)
  4. 4. Write personal message
  5. 5. Send</li></ul>2. Syndicate via social networks<br />On average it takes five (5) separate tactics to drive viewers to blog or site. You can choose to syndicate content and share it the exact same way on every network or tweak it based on the audience:<br /><ul><li>Add commentary instead of just the headline
  6. 6. Pull a sound bite or quote that makes your information attractive
  7. 7. Tag or mention others you think might be interested in reading</li></ul>3. Pitch as part of trend story<br />Notice a lot of comments or posts about your blog? Become the producer and watch for a larger story opportunity. Pitch the concept to:<br /><ul><li>A larger blog
  8. 8. Mainstream media (local, national)
  9. 9. Other writers in your industry</li></ul>4. Monitor and respond to comments<br />Engage with the people taking time to read your content. If they like it enough they’ll share it with their networks.<br />