Reasons You Should Focus on Customer Retention for Your Business


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We bring to you some good, genuine reasons why you should retain your business' customers. We try to bring create awareness so that your business can benefit with our suggestions and customer engagement programs. Please share the presentation with others so that others may benefit and make profits from their business.

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Reasons You Should Focus on Customer Retention for Your Business

  1. 1. Reasons Why You Should Focus on Customer Retention NextBee Media
  2. 2. Are your customers leaving you in droves? Obvious Questions
  3. 3. Are your old customers switching on to other brands even when your business is receiving new customers? Obvious Questions
  4. 4. Is Your Sales Graph Declining? Obvious Questions
  5. 5. Want to regularize sale from existing customers?
  6. 6. Want loyal customers who would stick to your brand to purchase?
  7. 7. If your response to any of the questions asked is - YES You are seeking Customer Retention
  8. 8. Reasons Why Your Business Needs Customer Retention
  9. 9. Retaining Customers Costs Less than Acquiring New Customers Acquiring new customers can usually cost your business 5x more than retaining your old customers No cost of ads Low efforts in spreading awareness Less targeting Every effort you make towards retaining customers by offering them attention and better services, develops in them an affinity for your brand.
  10. 10. Easier to Upsell & Cross-sell to Existing Customers Selling becomes easier with old customers Old customers are already familiar with you They have a certain level of trust in your brand You already have the customer information, so it becomes easy for you to pitch the right product or service through the right medium New customers will generally be hesitant to trying new products. You may expect to waste a lot of energy and time trying new products. Profits margins decrease as you spend more on marketing.
  11. 11. Retained, Loyal Customers are Your Best Word-of-Mouth Promotion Tools Real people cast more influence than ads Customers who stick with you are happy customers They can be motivated to share their positive experience with friends & family You can also choose to reward your existing customers when they bring new customers to your business- this will motivate them to refer you more Retained, Loyal Customers establish trust within new customers
  12. 12. Keeps You Over Competition Loyal customers come with an advantage They can be resistant to your competitors’ offers: Customers stay with a brand for more than price discounts & offers Often, it’s a bond between the brand and its customers Customer service influences customers a lot How important you consider your customers and how special you make them feel can keep your customers insulated from market competition MARKET COMPETITION Brand loyalty makes your customers somewhat immune to price slashes by others
  13. 13. Like Us? Share This Information with Your Network
  14. 14. THANK YOU! NextBee Media