Increase Customer Engagement with a Cause Marketing Program


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Businesses can drive customers and increase customer engagement with a cause marketing program. The presentation also shows how businesses can retain customers and increase their purchase frequency.

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Increase Customer Engagement with a Cause Marketing Program

  1. 1. NextBee Media Increase Customer Engagement with a Cause Marketing Program
  2. 2. What Cause Marketing is Associating with a non-profit organization, helping your business gain a positive image & more revenue, along with spreading awareness on social or environmental concerns Your Business Non-profit Organization
  3. 3. Increases sales when customers perceive their spending as a contribution to the society’s welfare Lends a social perspective to your marketing efforts Why Cause Marketing Drives greater engagement by bringing people together for a bigger cause Customers show special interest in businesses that lay emphasis on making the world a better place
  4. 4. The 4-Fold Purpose Generates Engagement Make people aware of a Social Cause Spread Awareness on Products and Services Higher Customer Engagement Increase your company Revenue
  5. 5. Taking Advantage of Cause Marketing Your How-to Guide
  6. 6. Generate massive support on Social Media Use Social Widgets for Faster, Greater Influence Create a Facebook page and Twitter profile for the cause Interact with followers Encourage sharing of Viral memes Make followers aware of the cause & how every sale will have a positive influence on the society
  7. 7. Gain Monumental Reach Build Bonds that Don’t Weaken Motivated Repeat Customers Propel Brand Further Sharing Becomes a Phenomena Customers respond to cause directives and offer valuable feedback Take the opportunity to converse with customers A social cause fosters brand loyalty Inspires users to send referrals Encourage to Like, Follow & Share for the noble cause Enable notifications of donations made on purchase on social media through mobile apps
  8. 8. Uninterrupted Engagement Raise your image manifolds by displaying your socially responsible side ‘Like-gate’ your Facebook page & ‘follow-gate’ your Twitter profile - Push your updates directly into their social feed Prolong Customer Relations Let Customers Decide the Charity Donor Offer the flexibility to direct their charity Enhance their buying experience Spark social activity on your brand’s page as users gather, discuss and support your cause
  9. 9. NextBee Media