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Build Trust in the Market with a Brand Advocacy Program


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Published in: Marketing
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Build Trust in the Market with a Brand Advocacy Program

  1. 1. NextBee Media Build Trust in the Market with a Powerful Brand Advocacy Program
  2. 2. Why use a Brand Advocacy Program Turn your loyal customers into brand advocates and retain them for long Gain new customers and spread trust in the market through your most valuable asset- loyal customers Motivate advocates and social influencers to perform better every time through rewards and incentives Increase your reputation Stabilize your growth
  3. 3. Advocacy’s Lifetime Value Increase Customer Involvement through constant engagement that rewards and motivates to drive actions. Measurably Increased Engagement Develop user-directed advocacy Expand your customer base Observe a pattern in customer activity to see what you users respond to. Offer incentives accordingly. Demonstrate program leadership by delegating to your users. Create an adaptive program. Be present on all social platforms to propel customers activity everywhere.
  4. 4. Accelerate Your Entire Eco-system Involve everyone connected to your business. Spread benefits to employees, vendors, suppliers, and create more awareness. Create Advocate Teams Offer Exclusive Rewards to Top Performers Affiliate with Sites that Matter Develop multiple customer and employee teams to motivate actions. Create competitions. Offer exciting rewards. Develop a list of top performers. Increase their prestige by giving them VIP access & the ability to offer others the same. Know what sites your advocates visit regularly. Partner with those sites and encourage them to submit guest posts.
  5. 5. Focus on Your Power Users Encourage more activity by surveying brand advocates and identifying actions that promise success. Propel your power users to add more value to your business to your business Generate Wider Public Support by celebrating the success of your top advocates. Mention their performance in press releases Directly contact Early Achievers and obtain vital information on their favorite activities. Reward them for early action.
  6. 6. Completing the Remarketing Fragmented Picture Recruit Social Influencers Know how to follow Encourage a sense of competition Identify potential customers who would need product remarketing & would share their purchases on social media for a discount. Closely monitor your program’s engagement level to know what & how to present products to customers effectively Keep a running tally of how often product has been purchased and shared on social media
  7. 7. The Channel in their Pocket Presence on multiple platforms Push Motivational updates Innovative features Make your customers’ companion- smartphones – your gateway to 24x7 engagement Send automatic updates when customers like and share on social media so that their contacts can follow their activity Promote activity by updating advocates on changes in leader-board positions Increase footfalls with geo-targeting related activities and games
  8. 8. Sow the Seeds for Your Success Be Humorous Boost Customer Ego Be Useful Flirt with Controversy Keep the environment light by adding humor to your comments and statements while interacting Assure your customers that they have made a wise decision. Give them the credit. Post information that centers invites diverse opinions. Give them something to discuss on. Offer information that your customers can implement in their daily life
  9. 9. THANK YOU! NextBee Media