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Partnership Opportunity- What NextNee is Offering


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NextBee, the leaders in marketing programs development, is offering a business partnership opportunity to agencies. Agencies that partner shall work together with NextBee in offering effective, ROI position marketing programs to small, medium and large businesses alike.

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Partnership Opportunity- What NextNee is Offering

  1. 1. Partnership Opportunity NextBee Media What NextBee is Offering
  2. 2. NextBee invites Agencies to partner with it in offering leading marketing programs to businesses
  3. 3. What NextBee is Offering Its Leading Engagement Platform that offers a range of web and mobile activity widgets with backbone of actionable analytics for user engagement, tracking, an d incentives
  4. 4. Programs Offered Customer Acquisition B2B Lead Generation Customer Reactivation Commission Sales Social Sweepstakes Loyalty Reward Programs Social Referral Programs Upselling Programs Gamification Advocacy Programs … and more
  5. 5. Want to be a NextBee partner? Contact us through any of the means below 1-800-547-1618
  6. 6. THANK YOU! NextBee Media