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Photo Contests to Grow Your Customer Base


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Photos are viral by nature. You can leverage the virality of user generated photos to gain new audience and closely engage your existing customers. Here is your guide to a running a successful photo contest.

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Photo Contests to Grow Your Customer Base

  1. 1. NextBee Media Widen Your Customer Base With a Photo Contest
  2. 2. What a Photo Contest is A contest that requires users to participate and post creative images or original photographs that they have clicked More the engagement that a photograph drives Greater its chances of winning
  3. 3. Why use Photo Contest Photos are a quick way to stimulate activity on social media Gets attention from social media users Increases traffic considerably Increases brand recognition Your Brand
  4. 4. Taking Advantage of Photo Contests Your How-to Guide
  5. 5. Reach More with the New Facebook Algorithm 83%Photos get more engagement than Text updates Newsfeed shows link and updates shared by users and their friends more than those shared by pages Newsfeed Preference Focus on encouraging your users to share & like images. The more they do so, greater your chances of spreading virally.
  6. 6. Provide Links along with Images In the image caption include a link to your social media page or your website Why How Photos offer higher click-through rate than text updates Participants ensure they promote their uploaded photos within their network. With a link pointing to your website, you stand great chances of getting high traffic volume. Clickable Link
  7. 7. Like us to stay ahead of others Provide a Call-to-Action Image For example: Direct social media users to take action & join your page
  8. 8. Like-gate the Contests Make it mandatory for social media users to Like or Follow your social page or profile to participate more likely to make deals with users who have liked their page Businesses are results from the opportunities to follow, converse and engage timely
  9. 9. NextBee Media