How Viral Coupons Drive Customers to Your Business


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Viral coupons are an effective tool in promoting your products and services. Here are the reasons why they prove a good marketing tool to make business through social media

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How Viral Coupons Drive Customers to Your Business

  1. 1. NextBee Media How Viral Coupons Drive Customers to Your Business
  2. 2. To market their soft drink to consumers in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.) Origin of Viral Coupon Marketing Result - by Coca Cola & Asa ChandlerIn 1988 Huge Success
  3. 3. Here’s how Viral Coupons increase your business
  4. 4. Creates Urgency to Purchase You can assign a deadline for coupon usage Make your deals limited period offerings Making your deals available for a limited period of time increases their Perceived Value How Inspires customers to redeem coupons and avail the deal before the offer expires
  5. 5. Harnesses the Social Media Potential Online coupon redemption reduces time & effort your customers put in to redeem it Use social widgets to facilitate referrals on social media Tip Social media is used by 24% of 7.1 billion people in the world Deals availed show up in your customers’ contacts’ feed, making numerous potential customers aware of your coupon offer Social media offers virality - Just what your coupons need to spread like fire in the jungle
  6. 6. Taps an Active Customer Segment through Mobile Offers Target mobile phone users 24x7, whenever and wherever they are These coupons can be redeemed instantly at brick and mortar stores by merely showing the coupon code or the coupon code message at the counter Push notifications notify your customers of deals available, making them easily accessible Customers can easily access your exclusive discount coupons through mobile apps Approx 74% mobile users in US use smartphones
  7. 7. Generates Unlimited Leads Online coupons are not restricted by geographic boundaries You can target the global market You capture customer information when customers redeem coupons They drive surplus traffic to your social media profile or page & website Build a Chain Each VIP customer gets 5 extra coupons that he can share with his friends or family Each referee that redeems the coupon gets 5 coupons in turn that he can send to others
  8. 8. Makes Target Customers Easier & Accurate Coupons reach targeted customers through ads on social media websites Target customer on the basis of their age, sex, location and/or interests Reach out to customers that are highly likely to show interest in your offerings Segment your customers effectively before your send out coupons
  9. 9. NextBee Media