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Brand Advocacy: More Talk. More Action


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Leo Rayman, Strategic Planning Director of Weber Shandwick, reviews the latest Advocacy and Word of Mouth research before presenting practical ways for brands to create Advocacy.

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Brand Advocacy: More Talk. More Action

  1. Brand Advocacy: More talk. More action. Leo Rayman, 31-Mar-09
  2. Agenda What is Advocacy, why is it important and why now?  Advocacy + Influence  Case Study 1: Connected TV  Advocacy: The new brand mantra  Case Study 2: The Watchmen  Advocacy : a practical approach  Conclusions 
  3. What is Advocacy?
  4. Advocacy (n): the act of pleading for,  supporting, or recommending a brand, cause or idea by a trusted third party
  5. Advocacy sits easily with PR Journalist Lobbyist
  6. Advertising: Remarkable Creativity “Have you seen that Dog / Robot / Gorilla?”
  7. Direct Marketing: Remarkable Propositions “Free Sky+ When You Recommend A Friend”
  8. PR: Remarkable stories
  9. Why is Advocacy important?
  10. Advocacy predicts revenue growth Source: Dr Paul Marsden, LSE.
  11. Advocacy research 4000 interviews online 4 European markets 5 categories
  12. Europe* All 37.3% Categories More than 1/3rd of European 24.7% TV consumers are influenced by another consumer’s 32.1% Mobile recommendation 31.0% PC 48.1% Auto 46.4% Alcohol Source: Weber Shandwick European Advocacy Research
  13. Europe* All 55.1% Categories 50.1% TV More often than not, the recommendation leads to a sale 55.6% Mobile 53.1% PC 42.7% Auto 71.8% Alcohol Source: Weber Shandwick European Advocacy Research
  14. Think roaming bands of Otaku
  15. Advocates participate more 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 Take part in market research Pass on samples Submit feedback on brand's website Post a review online Advise the brand on product /… Attend a brand event Download podcasts or videos to get… Post videos on Youtube Source: Weber Shandwick UK research October 2008
  16. T-Mobile Flashmob, Liverpool Street Station, London
  17. Herd Theory: People like to fit in.
  18. People buy famous brands Source: Les Binet, IPA Datamine
  19. The exponential growth of Twitter
  20. Why is Advocacy important now?
  21. Recession drives reliance on WOM Q. ARE YOU MORE LIKELY TO REFER TO A FRIEND WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE Much more likely 15% Somewhat more likely 30% Neither more nor less likely 52% Somewhat more likely 2% Much less likely 2% Source: Weber Shandwick UK research October 2008
  22. Advocacy + Influence
  23. Trusted sources Brands Family Friends Media Authorities Commercial 59% 19% 12% 7% 2%
  24. Influence Profile Manufacturer Websites Advocates 8% 23% Retailers 10% TV/Radio Progs 11% Online communities Advertising 19% 11% Press 18% Source: Weber Shandwick Online Consumer Technology Survey November 2009
  25. What influences purchase decisions? 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 Word of Mouth (someone you 8.40 know) Word of Mouth (from Internet 6.80 supported by others) News Story 6.40 Word of Mouth (from 5.80 Internet, in isolation) Advertising 4.60 Source: Jon Leach, Pattern Recognition
  26. The question you must be asking…
  27. Yes, yes... But how do you get people talking?
  28. Case Study 1
  29. Windows Media Center
  30. Microsoft Confidential
  31. “TV on Your PC challenge” Microsoft Confidential
  32. Connecting people more deeply to their passions and interests News Microsoft Confidential
  33. A common motivation: News Junkies Microsoft Confidential
  34. MSNBC News beta Microsoft Confidential
  35. Browse, search, and watch Microsoft Confidential
  36. How the programme works 1. Identify Targets 4. Expand 2. Recruit 3. Ignite Microsoft Confidential
  37. How does it spread? Microsoft Confidential
  38. What did they say about it? Microsoft Confidential
  39. Google Search Volumes Microsoft Confidential
  40. Advocacy: The new brand mantra
  41. How it used to be (…still is?)
  42. Nice Entertain Useful New brand mantra Connect Educate
  43. Nice
  44. Entertain
  45. Useful
  46. Educate
  47. Connect
  48. Case Study 2: The Watchmen
  49. Traditional film trailer and website
  50. Brand experience gimmick
  51. Sharable content, badging and community
  52. Widget
  53. Wallpapers and Screensavers
  54. Mobile Application
  55. Playstation® Home: virtual Q&A
  56. Social Network Profile Pics
  57. Super-rich back story
  58. Super-rich back story
  59. Super-rich back story
  60. Friendfeed content aggregation
  61. Advocacy: Some practicalities
  62. Audience Insights Brand Positioning Cultural Trends Your Story
  63. Weber Shandwick’s Inline Campaign Builder
  64. Advocacy Ethics 1.Thou shalt be Honest 2.Thou shalt be Relevant 3.Thou shalt be
  65. Tack så mycket Slides available on Twitter: leorayman