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Angela Higgins - How Customer Advocacy Can Take Your Online Reviews from Second-Rate to First-Class


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Presentation from the B2B Customer Engagement Leadership Series - Atlanta.

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Angela Higgins - How Customer Advocacy Can Take Your Online Reviews from Second-Rate to First-Class

  1. 1. How Customer Advocacy Can Take Your Online Reviews from Second-Rate to First-Class Beyond Expectations
  2. 2. Business is always personal.
  3. 3. A lifetime of memories…
  4. 4. …continuing a tradition.
  5. 5. Even big business is personal. • Human experiences are what sets companies apart • Engagement/advocacy goes beyond the brand relationship • Companies can overcome the cold “virtual” relationship • Engagement and advocacy can help you cut through the noise
  6. 6. Who is Code42? • Founded in 2001, HQ in Minneapolis, MN • 430+ employees • Global, enterprise SaaS company • Protect data on employee laptops and desktops • More than 37,000 business customers, including HBO, Adobe, Salesforce, MIT, Stanford University, National Geographic, etc. • Poised for engagement/advocacy success
  7. 7. The dark ages Resulted in: • Slow, manual process with many disparate spreadsheets • Unenthusiastic sales people • Customers without an avenue for advocacy • Lackluster case studies • Frequent fliers Securing customer references for sales and marketing activities was a struggle.
  8. 8. Reviews, please The B2B tech buyer: • Skeptical • Suspicious of marketing, trusts peers • Likes to share opinions and expertise • Often cannot publicly endorse a product 60% of tech buyers look for reviews during the buying process. Reviews allow customers to be honest Reviews help companies overcome the testimonial problem
  9. 9. Customer Validation • Case studies/testimonials/logo usage • Customer bylines/PR placements • TechValidate—customer data points, identify potential evangelists Customer Engagement • Code42 AdvocateHub (Influitive platform) • Code42 global user groups • Customer Advisory Council • Communications—newsletter, release/maintenance notifications, nurturing programs Launching our engagement/advocacy program To highlight the quality and breadth of Code42 customer base To keep current customers connected and engaged with Code42
  10. 10. Who are the Code42 advocates?
  11. 11. Who are the Code42 advocates? • IT manager, sys admin, desktop manager • Enterprise or mid-market account • Technical contact at organization • Happy CrashPlan user • Participated, or has shown interest in, engagement activities with Code42
  12. 12. Want reviews? Just ask! Implemented a customer engagement platform to create a community engaged advocates • Allow us to use gamification to make it fun and to keep them coming back • Issued challenges to advocates, pointing them to review opportunities online • Gave them points for their reviews, which they could redeem for gift cards, Code42 swag, etc. • Keep the ask simple – don’t lead advocates or tell them what to say
  13. 13. Spiceworks: 69 reviews G2 Crowd: 47 reviews IT Central Station: 20 reviews Glowing reviews for days
  14. 14. Engagement/advocacy program results AdvocateHub stats after 1 year: • 262 advocates from 178 companies • Over 10,000 challenges completed • 136 online reviews completed • 443 referrals submitted • 2,291 tweets sharing Code42 content • Customer contributions to blog posts, presentations, news releases, bylines, etc.
  15. 15. Engagement/advocacy program results Tech Validate • Three surveys completed, 2,439 respondents • 522 reference volunteers identified • 244 TechFacts, 19 charts, 354 case studies, 12 portals created
  16. 16. Beyond the numbers Benefits we didn’t expect: • Increased visibility in our organization • Content/testimonials/challenges from our engagement programs have been used in executive presentations, highlighted to the entire company and featured online • An army to mobilize to combat online trolling or genuine questions • Additional headcount for the advocacy/engagement team • Personal career growth!
  17. 17. “It’s possibly the best example I’ve seen of a company engagement with its customers in a way that is informative, fun and rewarding for all parties involved.” – Jim, Code42 Advocate
  18. 18. Beyond expectations