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Culture Code: Creating A Lovable Company

by on Mar 20, 2013


An inside peek at how we work and what we believe at HubSpot.

An inside peek at how we work and what we believe at HubSpot.

This is part culture manifesto, part employee handbook and part diary of dreams.



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  • FeliciaBunkley Felicia Bunkley This deck is TOTALLY AWESOME! 1 day ago
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  • SandeepMShenoy Sandeep M Shenoy Many organizations are truly frozen in time. Technology or changing social (worker) expectations is perhaps a better axis to view it from. Most established and successful organizations rely on the past, their successful products, organization structures and work methods, business strategies and so on, because management is at comfort and know it has worked for them. A natural human tendency. They like a modified continuity, stability, linearity. It may indeed work for a time. The issue really is how adaptive these established static structures are in a highly complex and dynamic environment when driven by ever changing technology and social expectations and at a rate and magnitude that makes adaptation a non-trivial problem in a static context. There is also very commonly a causal loop at play in management psychology that precludes effective adaptation even when it is clear the past cannot be necessarily extended into the future. 6 days ago
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  • gerardodada Gerardo Dada, Head of Product Marketing at Rackspace Cloud Smart business leaders know a strong culture is a critical success factor for any organization. It is difficult, however, to make it real and to build a culture that goes beyond a set of values in a poster and HR training and becomes a set of guidelines that guide the behavior of every team member.

    In the end, culture is what people do and don't do, not what leaders wish it could be.

    This presentation provides a wonderful example that serves as a playbook for other companies to adapt and imitate.

    Thank you!
    1 month ago
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  • guiram Guillermo Ramos Gallo, R&D Project Manager at Fundacion CIDAUT Great reading. I couldn't agree more in most of the things you stated. 1 month ago
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  • samjack John Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer at Partners and Napier great reminder - business is personal. The best business is where everyone cares.
    well done
    2 months ago
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  • ZiaurRahman12 Ziaur Rahman very nice slides...thanks 2 months ago
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  • AaronDixon1 Aaron Dixon 'You cannot add simplicity in.
    You have to take complicity out' - should have been tweetable :)
    4 months ago
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  • garystockton Gary Stockton, Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing at Experian @SarahBillups You have to interact with the people who work for the organization to get it Sarah. We need more progressive Companies who challenge the status quo like this. Did you know Hubspot doesn't track vacation time, if you need time off you take it, but when you come back you get them 100% and you do work you care about. Seems your post really kind of wrote them off, and that' a shame because there is a lot going on at that Company to admire. 5 months ago
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  • DarrenHalford Darren Halford Nice Slides - Make sure culture doesn't become policy and it will work forever 5 months ago
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  • SarahBillups Sarah Billups I only looked at the first 50 or so slides, but they only made me more paranoid about applying for such a place. 'They operate as if money is what matters most...' (you expect people to think that you're different? This isn't a personal ad for 'come be my friend', it's a 'come work for us' ad. When you lie about that you completely defeat your espoused ideas of trust and 'transparency'.) 'We are maniacal about ... our metrics.' (Okay, that's both highly self-contradictory and too little, too late... you managed to hit yourselves with the worst of both extremes in the same ad, as if one neutralizes the other. Now you look manipulative and lose even more trust.)

    'It's part who we are and part who we want to be. (When something is aspirational (not yet true) we try to call it out.)'

    You try to call out.. when something that you're saying is not yet realized? Okay, the alternative is leaving it as an outright lie, so why do you feel the need to state this here? It's like saying 'we don't lie!'. Or maybe (though the grammar for this is unlikely and would make it even more ambiguous) you meant to say that you inform your employees of your future plans for them. Yeah, that would be a good thing, but you already lost too much credibility in statements like this, plus it's vague.

    Thanks for clarifying what 'aspire' means, now I don't have to look it up (sarcasm).

    'We constantly question the status quo.' (This one is incredibly vague; what status quo? question it or deviate from it or improve on it? obviously you can't work in an arbitrary 'opposite world', so what then do you mean by this? And if you meant these bullets to be titles of sections, you should indicate such.)

    It seems as if you're specifically trying to attract naive, hipster, imperceptive people that care more about whether something sounds nice than whether it is meaningful or makes sense. The ones that figure out how fake this part of the exterior is will be worse off than if they were in one of the companies you criticize, and the ones that don't probably won't be terribly competent coders. And if you expect to run on a tight knit, small creative coding team (which is undoubtedly ideal), this is not the kind of audience you should be targeting. This is the general message I got from what I saw.
    5 months ago
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Culture Code: Creating A Lovable Company Culture Code: Creating A Lovable Company Presentation Transcript