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Code as Craft: Building a Strong Engineering Culture at Etsy


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Talk at Web 2.0 Expo NYC, October 2011:

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Code as Craft: Building a Strong Engineering Culture at Etsy

  1. Code as Craft:Building a Strong Engineering Culture Chad Dickerson CEO, Etsy / @chaddickerson
  2. Culture strategy at most companies:
  3. We’re growing but we to us Culture is important still act hereaatstartup! like ACME!
  4. “culture isn’t just one aspect of the game — . . . it is the game.”
  5. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” -- Peter Drucker
  6. “the major problems of our work are not somuch technological as sociological in nature”
  7. A strong culture can overcome almost any set of poor technical decisions.
  8. A weak culture can’t be savedby using the best technology.
  9. Culture is also what brings people to your company
  10. It beats everything else
  11. Have a clear vision for the culture you want
  12. make culture a visible priority
  13. (it’s a lot of work)
  14. accept that culture is anongoing, organic activity
  15. Cultivating the Etsy culture** **buy me: ($18)
  16. buy me:$10)
  17. Make getting things done your cultural norm
  18. On the basis of more than a decade of research. . . . the authorsclarify the matter once and for all: What motivates people on a day- to-day basis is the sense that they are making progress.
  19. Invest in tools toreinforce your culture
  22. Make a statement
  23. engineers arecreative people
  24. “At Etsy, our mission is to enable people to makea living making things. The engineers who makeEtsy make our living making something we love:software. We think of our code as craft.”
  25. Actively open source the culture
  27. Take it on the road
  28. SXSW miniconference
  29. Bring your heroes into the fold
  30. Douglas Crockford
  31. Fred Brooks
  32. Fred Wilson
  33. (open source your software, too) (and more!)
  34. Spread the love
  35. Be a little silly
  36. (12,000 views to date)
  37. A strong culture is a fun culture
  38. Building strong cultures and open sourcing them. . . .
  39. . . .makes the world a better place
  40. Thank you! Questions? My email: