Fedobe Culture Code - Creating Experts Over Executives


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A set of shared beliefs and values we practice as a family.

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Fedobe Culture Code - Creating Experts Over Executives

  1. CULTURE CODE Creating Experts Over Executives
  2. WHAT‘S CULTURE FOR FEDOBE? A set of shared beliefs and values we practice as a family.
  4. A Great Culture Helps Great People.
  5. Culture is to Recruiting as Product is to Marketing. Customers are more easily attracted with a great product. Amazing people are more easily attracted with a great culture.
  6. A Great Culture Helps People Deliver Their Best Work.
  7. CULTURE HAPPENS. Whether we plan it or not, Culture will happen. Why not create a culture we love?
  8. We are
  9. People have DRMATICALLY Changed How They LIVE & How They WORK.
  10. AND Although People have DRAMTICALLY Changed…
  11. They Operate as if Money is What matters Most…
  12. …as if the Internet hadn’t been Invented
  13. …and as if amazing people are just happy to have a job.
  14. We are Different.
  15. We’re creating a company we Love.
  16. This document is part manifesto and part employee handbook. It’s part who we are and part Who We Want To be.
  17. FEDOBE CULTURE CODE 1. we focus on creating experts over executives. 2. we are a perpetual work in progress. 3. we believe in work + life , not work vs. life. 4. we speak the truth and face the facts. 5. we believe in uncompromising quality. 6. we defend great ideas & help people take bold steps. 7. we believe in innovation to move ahead. 8. we help our people be fearless. 9. we personally connect to everything we create.
  18. " OUR MISSION is to Make the WEB a better space.
  19. We Thrive to Create Something That has the Power to Change Lives.
  20. WE BELIVE THAT OURS IS A NOBLE CAUSE. As we help business get more customers.
  21. Our commitment to our mission has earned Us the love of many. Our commitment to our metrics has earned us the resources to further our mission. We are passionate about both.
  22. Balancing this dual personality of mission & metrics is challenging. But it’s also what makes us DIFFERENT.
  23. We Believe in Enjoying life and Enjoying work.
  24. We work Immensely hard Its not for everyone, But its part of who we are. “
  25. We are never done • Never done Iterating. • Never done Learning. • Never done Growing.
  26. We focus on the long game, team over self. “
  27. “ About work process: • we pull out Unused features. • we remove Unnecessary rules. • we stop generating Useless reports. • we cancel Unproductive meetings.
  28. INSPIRED BY • Hubspot • The valve employee Handbook • PlaygroundInc & countless others on web...
  29. Life is Too Short To Work At A Boring Company. Build Yourself. COME WORK WITH US. fedobe.com/career
  30. THANK YOU! We would love your Feedback and Discussion.